Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Were You Thinking

To the heartless human who dumped two Chihuahuas up the street sometime Sunday --

We here at Jan's Funny Farm are struggling to figure out why you did this terrible thing. Was it a husband who wanted to "punish" his wife by abandoning her dogs and driving away? Was it a woman who lost her job and could no longer afford to keep these ex-members of your household? Or was it a cold-hearted hyena's butt that thought it was funny? There are any number of guesses to be made but no facts except one. Some human dumped them.

Sunday when Buddy, Merci & Sam took Jan for her evening walk, the Chihuahuas were by one of the mill gates, a frequent dumping area for unwanted dogs and cats. The mouthy chocolate one with the spindly legs tried to approach us dogs -- one of his own kind -- but we barked back at him to keep his distance. We don't allow other dogs near Jan during our walks. That is poor canine etiquette. We'll gladly let Jan help them, but they must come to the front door like other guests.

We continued our walk and ran into a couple of others out walking who saw the dogs and wanted to help, but they wanted to avoid humans. The chocolate one barked and ran around like a hyper whirlwind. The tan and white one just lay by the gate without a sound. Was it sick, injured, exhausted from spending hours in the hot sun without water (example, our heat index today is 116 degrees F), or depressed after waiting hours for the heartless human to return for them?

Jan took us home and returned with food and water for the dogs, but, although the chocolate one barked at her from a distance, they both disappeared under the gate and onto padlocked private mill property before she reached them. Monday evening a neighbor excitedly knocked on our door to say she and her husband had seen the tan & white dog going up the steps and entering a building through a broken glass door. They left diet dog food and water. Jan went up and added some of our dog food, but evidently the dogs never found it.

Tuesday morning we were passing the area when Buddy's keen hound sense of smell caught the tan & white dog's scent. It was under a bush, so well hidden that until we reached the fence and the dog raised its head, Jan couldn't see it. It just stared at us. Again, it didn't make any sound. Jan raced us home, grabbed food, water, a camera and a leash (just in case), but as fast as she moved, it was gone when she got back. (Buddy: Well, Jan moved fast, but, sorry furries, when a guy's gotta poop, he's just gotta poop! So she was delayed a few minutes.)

Neither dog has been seen since. Even though the mill crew is not working in that area, they supposedly are keeping an eye out for the dogs. They had one sighting of the tan and white dog but nothing yesterday. Did the chocolate one move on and leave his companion behind. Or ..... Will either dog be found alive? They don't have much of a chance unless they can find a clean water source somewhere. And they need nourishment.

The property is large, with numerous buildings. Between the work crews and vandals, there are any number of ways for them to get inside buildings, where either or both could fall into a pit, break bones or just be unable to climb out, and die or ... And there are many bushes around the buildings. These dogs are so small, they can easily hide.

We assume, heartless human, you figured you were doing the dogs a favor. Aw, they're so cute, someone will rescue them right away. Well, guess again. They're scared and hiding, so no one has been able to rescue them. We hope you can't sleep at night for wondering and worrying. But we figure you are probably sleeping very well and feeling very proud of yourself for "humanely" resolving the problem of what to do with two little Chihuahuas you didn't want, for whatever reason. There was nothing humane about abandoning them .... anywhere!

So, tell us, heartless human, what were you thinking? And how could you do this to two little Chihuahuas?

Or any other animal!

(s) JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam


  1. That is so heartbreaking to abandon tiny dogs with no survival skills to fend for themselves.-

  2. I keep trying to leave a comment, but I can't...I can't do it without HBO words and I am not allowed to bark those. If you find them and if you need any help in finding them a decent loving human, let us know, okay.

  3. w00fs, it really amazes me how heartless some hoomans r...sure hope the pups will allow hoomans wanting to help them, help them..

    b safe,

  4. I am at a loss for words, words that are not on my bad word list...

  5. That is really so cruel to do that to any animal! Some humans can be so thoughtless!

  6. We hopes they will allow someone to rescue them soon. ~S,S,C & F

  7. Oh that is such a touching and sad tale. I hope that they are found. Some people make me so mad!

  8. Oh gosh we hope they can be found (and caught) before tragedy strikes. Poor babies. Sure, a shelter isn't "ideal" and maybe they ask questions when you bring them in but to make them suffer and experience fear like that. Damn, we hate people like that.

  9. Oh, humans can be really mean and unkind sometimes...I think it is because they think that they are better than all other animals and can do what they like...they forget that they share the Earth with us and should be kind to all of us, even if we don't speak English or ride in machines!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. makes me sick to know that this happens so often everywhere. some people in singapore found a crippled dog in a plastic bag beside a rubbish bin! is there no human decency?

  11. That is so sad, it's breaking my heart. How can anyone abandon animals like that?

    Your Mama is so kind for trying to feed them, I could just kiss her! I sure hope those poor little dogs are OK; that someoe has found them and taken them home to love. Let us kow if you hear anything further.


  12. How sad for those poor dogs. Hopefully someone will be able to rescue them soon. We are purring & purraying for them.

  13. I am hoping against hope that the disappearance of the dogs means that someone was able to catch and rescue them. I really hope that they can find a real forever home. How can people be so cruel to animals?

  14. WELL SAID.....THIS IS SO HEARTLESS!!! God Bless Jan and everyone else who is trying to help these pups! Mommy is very sad about this! She says if you do find them, she will help find them a home!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  15. You should try putting some canned food out. Maybe they will come to that! :) We are very sad by all of this, it's terrible! what a horrible thing to do.

    Stupid beans.

  16. Oh that's so sad. We hope they are found and rescued soon...

    Purrs and hugs for those poor pups,
    The Kitty Krew

  17. Oh man, what a terrible story Jan. I bet you feel so helpless now, not knowing what became of them or not being able to really help. You get an A for effort though, as do the rest of the people who tried.

    I cant imagine what those poor dogs have been through. Just remember: KARMA WILL COME FOR THE PERSON WHO DUMPED THEM. What goes around comes around TIMES TEN.


  18. That is terrible to abandon those poor puppies. There are lots of shelters out there that would have taken them. We sure hope they got picked up by a loving family..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  19. Some hard core swearing might just about express my opinion on the people who dumped those wee dogs.

    I hope they can be found and helped.

    Whicky Wuudler

  20. This post hurts. I think you're exactly right, Jan: These humans were counting on the cuteness of their former pets to bring them to safety. I'm glad you posted how that was not the case so other people can see the effect their actions have on both their abandoned pets and the people who then struggle to help them.

    I hope you find them both soon, and I hope you show pictures. I know someone who wouldn't mind a chocolate chihuahua.

  21. Jan....any luck on finding these little babies???

    Thank you for coming to our party!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  22. Some humans are idiots covered in nothing but ignorance. Tommy is so mad and prays their hearts open--I being, a mancat prefer to scatch them and their eyes out.



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