Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

We received these lovely Easter Eggs containing the famous sisters Zoey & Maggy from Zoolatry. Oh, how we wish we could do beautiful graphics such as this one. But we can't, so we'll share theirs with you. If you haven't already, we hope you will visit Zoolatry to enjoy the great diversity of graphics, ideas and humor.

Again, we intended to do something for Easter, but Jan spent the day on her feet at a benefit for the local Humane Society and then walked us woofies when she returned. Boy, did we have to go!

She is so exhausted she can't even tolerate the sound of Percy typing for us. So we're going to post this very quickly and then tiptoe around the house for the evening.

Happy Easter, from all of us. We hope it will be a day of great joy for all of you!

And now, shhhhhhhhhhhh. No running or yelling around JFF for a day or two.


  1. We love Zoolatry graphics. Happy Easter to all of you!

  2. Them's nice graphics. We hope Ms. Jan gets lot's of rest this evening and sleeps well tonight. We want y'all should make sure that she gets up out of bed in time to see the Easter morning sunrise. We plotted out the position of your house and see the sunrise will probably occur to the east of your house so look to the west and then turn around to see it. It'll probably be dark before the sunrise cuz it's always darkness just before dawn. No matter, just make sure Jan is up as early as possible and don't bother to give us credit for the idea, you can let her think that it is all yours idea. Have a happy Easter. We hope that you get lots of goodies from the Easter Chicken.
    - TBH

  3. Happy Easter to everyone at Jan's Funny Farm! I hope you all take good care of Jan.

  4. Happy Easter to all of you too!

  5. Maybe all of woo should take special khare of Jan!

    After all, we know how easy it is to tire out the hoomans!



  6. Hello Zoolatry and Happy Easter! Thank you for the pretty Easter picture - it stands to reason that if cats came in eggs they would be very ornate and jewelled eggs!

    love Charlie

  7. Whoops - I just realised that I had two windows open and wrote Maggie's message on your comment box! If you could see under my fur, my cheeks would be red! Hope you are all having a Happy Easter and getting lots of puppy and kitty treats!


  8. Jan worked very hard, as usual, so we know you will all be sweet an not bug her too much!

    Happy Easter!

  9. Easter Smoochies to you!

  10. Zoolatry sure does have the most beautiful photos ever, they have certainly master the art of this.
    Wishing you all the best at your place this Easter Day! Love all of you bunches!!

  11. U Jan dud goodz tangz wiff da Humane So-ci-iet-ee. OK?

    Happiez Easser 2 U all, 2!!!!!!! OK?

  12. we will whisper our Happy Easter - tell Jan to rest up today!

  13. Wishing ALL of you a most blessed Easter!
    Tail wags,

  14. Dear Funny Farmers, That Jan. Well you don't know whether to be disgusted with her for spending the day without you or whether to give her Two Paws UP! for spending the day at the Humane Societies.

    On the whole sintz LoLLy is a rescue we are going to have to go with the Two Paws UP! which in ur case due to there being so meny of you, namely at lesat 264 from what we can tell, that would make about negative 865 paws up altogether! So that is very imprestive and YAY FOR JAN!!

    We love Jan's Funnies Farm, and also thx for visiting us and making our days! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  15. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. FAZ

  16. Happy Easter to the JFF gang. We hopes Jan can get some rest. Our beans ran off and left us. They are back now but Mommy keeps mubling things like I have to take care of these plants the Grandparents gave me they have to be put in pots or planted, I have to do laundry, I have to do.....blah, blah and not paying attention to us or letting us blog. So we will see you again as soon as we can. ~S,S,C & F

  17. To do stuff for the local Humane Society is the very best way to spend Easter!!!
    A very happy Easter to you!
    The Cat Realm

  18. happee easter to u all ...
    an, wid regard to da biden'z noo d-o-g ... i prefer shelterz an parkin lotz ... but peta went over da top!

  19. sweet graphic meeeee lov it!!! happy easter guys!!

  20. Good for you, Jan, at a benefit for furries.
    Happy Easter to you all!

  21. Happy Easter to all of you!

    My mom says one day she is going to learn how to do all those creative graphics like Mom Ann at Zoolatry.

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  23. Happy Easter. Our storm was Friday night, very short and fast and mean.

    love & wags,

  24. wonderful photo.

    happy easter to you all.

  25. Happy - belated - Easter! You guys rock.


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