Saturday, April 18, 2009

Investing Wisely

Unlike Jan, we are investing our day -- spending it wisely. She is on a cleaning kick. Vacuuming. Yuck! She even washed the doggy beds. Here we are breaking them back in again.

Sam: But do you notice anything wrong with these pictures? Buddy is hogging two beds, Merci is only using the middle of one way too big for her, and I don't even have a bed. Jaaaaaaan! Hellllllp!

Crystal is captured licking the crumbs off his nose after a late lunch.

Cotton is napping in one of our cat-sized winter beds.

And Cyndi is napping on one of our Gizzy quilts on the back of the swivel rocker. It's one of our favorite napping spots.

The rest of us were too quick for Jan to capture with a camera today. But we're spending our time just as wisely as the others at JFF.

Be sure to stop by Cory Cat's blog tomorrow. It's Sock Sunday and Crystal is participating. We can't wait to see what Zoolatry had done with Crystal's sock picture.


  1. 'wise'ly?

    That's ME!

    I hope woo get your stuff bakhk to the great khondition woo had it in!


  2. Pawed beings just know how to invest their time and energy properly! Thank you for the birthday howls, I enjoyed them!
    Purrs, Siena

  3. You all look hard at work breaking your beds back in. It's hard to get things just right isn't it.

  4. Sam, that is just not right that they are hogging the beds. Do what I do when I want the bed Flynn is in. Flop down on top of them. When they think they are sufferkating they will move.

  5. Dearest Miss Jan,
    This is Maxi speaking. Dr Tweety's brother. I am the gladest cat, because you came to help purr for me.
    I was so sick, that I even gave up a little. And still, the doc couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.
    You and your cats and dogs stood by my side and purred and woofed until finally, I gave in and ate my crunchies.
    Mommy thought that it was curtains, but you know, I still have at least 7 lives.. and isn't 7 a really lucky number?
    Your support made it possible for my Mommy to get through this week without a nervous breakdown.
    You were there every step of the way, and right now, Mommy has leaky eyes thinking about it.
    I have lost a lot of weight, so I think I will come over and help myself to some of your delectable foods!
    I'm sure you have extra for me????

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh naps ~ the best way to spend the day!

  7. OMG! Everyone seems so tired and so sleepy ><

    Jas & Gi

  8. We know why you are all sleeping, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH -
    Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party! It just wouldn't have been that much fun without you. We hope you had a really good time too and not too much of a 'nipover'!
    The Cat Realm

  9. Youse guys must be almost as rich as us Bumpasses (Bumpi?) Ya see, Boru is the best investor ever. He invests wisely too and he can invest anyplace, anytime. The rest of us are excellent to very good investors but Boru is prime investor of the world.
    - TBH

  10. Hmmmm napping... that's what cats seem to do best :)
    Big licks to you

  11. You guys all look very 'wise' - hee! hee!

    I hate it too when my human takes out the vacuum monster...I always bark at it and try to attack it!

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. Our beans are on a gardening kick. This time it is vegetables. We are investing our time wisely like the JFF gang. ~S,S,C & F

  13. I know what mean about the cleaning kick! We spend HOURS getting our beds "just so" and then the human comes along and throws them into the wash! The nerve!

    And don't worry about a thing, I never thought you guys were rude. I know that you meant the name was long and your memory short! Hehehehe! Our human is the same way.


  14. I hope it doesn't take you woofies too long to get your doggie beds broken in again. Crystal, I like to carry crumbs around on my nose for a while, so I have a little snack for later.

  15. I much prefer the way you all spend a day to how your person is spending it.

  16. That looked like my house yesterday, too. Except we had humans taking naps all over the house, myself included.

  17. It does look like the woofies need to get that napping situation under control.
    Aren't moms exasperating when they get on that cleaning kick?

  18. Mom is threatening to begin the spring cleaning around here. I think I'll store up all of my floof until she finishes and then release it again.

  19. Jan, I betsya you r un hot water fer doin ze beds.

    Us here at Kc's House..
    [ Gentleannie2] try to keep her away from things like that, but she picks us up and pulls the things away, but we have "Claws"
    and hang on- aww, dont worry tomorrow things will be back to nornal, and Jan will be Soooo tired
    she cant do more damage

    we Wub you " hang in there gang"
    Annie,Gyp,and Mollie

  20. Cleaning must drive you all crazy. You get your beds just the way you like them, then Jan washes them again. Samwise, I hope you get your turn on one of the beds soon.

  21. You guys all look so comfy-cozy!

  22. Cleaning(yuck)napping is so much better.

  23. Hi guys!
    Sorry for not visiting sooner...your days sure looked invested wisely! *wink* I would do the same thing too...cuddling and being all cozy like that is always the best! *grins*

    Hope you have a great week ahead!


  24. What a perfect day! Except for the vacuuming, of course!

  25. Well it seems like all the pets in the place are having nice lazy days while Jan is it should be!

    We love all the pictures guys! Keep em comin'!

    Purrs and Wags,
    The ThoughtsFurPaws furkids

  26. Why do the humans waste their time cleaning - we just have to work extra hard to get it back to the smells we like.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  27. Hi kids!! It is maddening getting those beds back the way they were isn't it?? We are sooo sorry we have not been around but when PL2 went to the Dashboard on Blogger she goofed things way up! But you are back( along with many others that were floating in space!!! Love and ksises A+A

  28. w00f's, me thinks it wood b fun to play musical beds sumtimes..its sure nice to b able to leave comments on all the blogs now...

    b safe,

  29. Any place where da sucky machine is we isn't. Yuck!

  30. All you guys look so puretty and cozy. Hope you had a great weekend, and are doing great now as well. Purrs and hugs :)

  31. Why do humans find cleaning necessary? Hope it won't take you long to break in the beds again. We love the pictures.

  32. What wonderful pictures!!!! We missed blogging with you!!!!

  33. We think you guys are much wiser about your time than Jan (and our Mommy too) - all that cleaning and all you have to do is get the beds all nice and smelly again!

  34. For sure you all are smarter than Jan. You all were resting and she was the only one working, nice job of raising her!

  35. Boy am I glad that I'm a only cat!
    I got lots of beds all to mineself.
    Sharing looks like a pain.

  36. Looks like a nice relaxing day that you all had whilst Jan was busy cleaning..hehe

    Holly & Zac...XX


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