Saturday, April 25, 2009

Charlie and Miss Peach

Oh, dear, this is not the way to begin our computer time today. Even though we knew this was coming, as soon as we saw the emails, all with "Charlie" as the subject, we knew her time had arrived. Yes, our friend Charlie has passed. As her human wrote, she has crossed the lake.

Whatever you believe about animals in the afterlife, we doubt you can read through either of her human's last two posts without tears, as she prepared herself for Charlie's passing. She's been doing this for some time. But no matter how hard you try to be prepared, the reality is painful. We hope you will stop by Charlie's Dog Blog to read "Crossing the Lake" and Thursday's "Post by Human." They are beautifully written by someone who loved Charlie very much. And while you're there, say hello. Anyone who has lost a furry companion knows how much a word of compassion is valued.

Charlie lived a long, happy life and will be missed by her many blogging animal friends and their humans.

And if this isn't enough bad news for one day, Miss Peach's lapdaddy is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Miss Peach is recovering from infected stitches after recent surgery. We hope, whether you know Miss Peach and her humans or not, you will stop by Miss Peach's Meowz and leave them a message of encouragement.

At least Charlie Cat continues to improve, although Big Charley (human) has the flu. We hope both Charlie and Charley get better quickly.

And after all that sad news, we need to go meditate and recover. You see, our day actually began with Jan trying to kill us. Well, some of us. She says it was an accident, that she just picked up the wrong spray bottle and gave us woofies a light spray of ---- believe it or not, Spic N Span mixed with water. But we haven't seen her move so quickly in a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time! We were outside getting baths in no time flat! Now we all smell good and that is really depressing! Yep, definitely not a happy day.


  1. We have just decided to purr for everyone all the time! Otherwise you think you can nap because things are going well and you need to start your motor!

  2. We know Charlie's mom will appreciate your kind words. Like you we are very sad for her mom. Fortunately, the cyber gates are opening, Charlie had oh so, so many cyber paw friends.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. I'm rooting for Miss Peach to recover as quickly as possible =/

    Jas & Gi

  4. We were sad to hear about Charlie, and about Miss Peach's dad. We're purring for both families.

  5. Very sad news going around these last couple days. Your mom must have been so distracted that she just wasn't paying attention when she sprayed you. Hope it didn't get in your eyes!

  6. Thanks for the tribute, all of you animals at the funny farm, and for all of the wonderful memories. It makes things so much easier to bear when we have so many furfriends to share with.

    Charlie's human

  7. The news about Charlie is so sad. We are wooing our best wishes to Miss Peach and her dad for speedy recoveries.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. Mom is still leaky with all of today's news....

    Are woo all sure woo want HER to stay there at The FF?

    Purrrrrrhaps there should be some kind of vote - maybe she should be voted OUT of the house!

    I'll khross my paws fur all of our sikhk furiends - human AND animal!


  9. We're very sad to hear about Charlie. We're sending lots of healing purrs to Miss Peach and her Lap Daddy. We're also very sorry that Jan tried to kill you. Did she try to kill you with Sunfresh or Pinefresh scent?

  10. Heya Guys,
    That is very sad about Charlie and to make matters worse, Golden Honey has deteriorated rapidly and will probably go to The Rainbow Bridge very soon if she hasn't already. This is a very, very sad weekend for the DWB world.
    We're glad that Ms. Jan failed in her attempt to hastening your demise. Keep an eye on her, a close eye.
    - TBH

  11. Oh, gee, not a good day for good news. I hope everyong gets better soon and and I'm sorry for Charlie's family.


  12. We are sure that it was an accident with Jan, she loves you way to much to try to kill you.

    We are very sad about Charlie, she was a very special friend to us. But we hope that Miss Peach and her lapdaddy make fast recoveries and we are so happy Charlie Cat is improving, we just hope the human Charley gets over the flu soon.

    ~S,S,C & F

  13. We did not know Charlie but send love to his humans. And speedy recovery purrs to Miss Peach's lapdaddy.

    As for killing you guys, I know Jan did not mean to! LOVE and xoxo Romeo & Pugsley

  14. Both Charlie and Honey gone--it's been a sad week. We hope that Miss Peach's Lap Daddy will come home soon to her.

    love & wags,

  15. Too sad about the passing of our dear friends and the illness of others and their humans. We can only let all know that we are always there with the kind words and prayers in the time of need.
    And speaking of need, does Jan need a donation taken up so she can have the glasses she needs on her face to read the bottles right so as to not spray you all with the wrong stuff again. Poor little sweet ones. Not only was it bad enough to get sprayed with the wrong stuff but then, of course to keep you safe, you all were thrown into the bath!

  16. Yes, this has been another week of needed purrayers. My mom's close friend lost her poodle, Jacques, today because of an attack of a bigger woofie.

  17. we were so veyr sad to learn about Charlie - we had furry leaky eyes reading the bloggie.


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