Sunday, March 01, 2009


This was our Sunday. It started with walking in a light snowfall that felt more like being pelted with ice.

This was taken at 10:41 AM. In the photo it looks more like rain than snow, but don't let appearances fool you.

11:28 AM. It's starting to look more like snow, isn't it?

12:28 PM. Big flakes. Really coming down now.

12:37 PM. Jan is muttering something about being really glad she doesn't have to go anywhere! There is only a 9 minute span between these last two photos. It was really coming down!

We know this will look wimpy to some of you, but we don't see many snowstorms in this area. We offered our snow to the Army of 4 today. Even offered to pay the shipping charges on it.

But then we -- meaning Buddy, Merci & Samaritan, woofies -- reluctantly took Jan outside about mid-afternoon. And what fun -- for one of us.

Buddy: I was chasing snowflakes. They're really hard to catch. I even ate some snow.

Sam: Yes, Buddy was diving in. Merci and I were wet and cold. Jan just tried to keep her feet dry.

3:09 PM. The sidewalks and roads are clearing themselves.

Buddy: And we really had fun on our evening walk.

Samaritan: This time it was fun. Buddy and I got good and wet, walking in the snow, sniffing for strangers, and wading through big puddles.

Merci: I'm short so it wasn't fun for me. Jan and I walked up the middle of the sidewalk, but there were some big puddles. Jan came home with wet feet and had to defrost her toes. But first she scraped the snow off her car so she doesn't have to do it in the morning. She's wondering if it's going to be slippery when we have to take her out again shortly.

8:22 PM. This is what is left of the snow.

Buddy: We can't wait to take Jan out before bedtime. Maybe we can go skating. We hear that's fun.

Samaritan: Or sledding. Anyone have a sled we can borrow?

Merci: Anyone have an extra newspaper? I think I'd rather stay inside and "read" -- **wink, wink** -- than go back outside tonight.


  1. I do hope woo HAVE sent it north to Pawsylvania!!!


  2. We have a few sleds we can send to woo or maybe we will just pull 'em over.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. I find that inside by the fire is the best thing to happen when it snows. Thank you so much for going over to the blogosphere and telling them to whap my human upside the head for forgetting about me... sigh.

  4. awesome Guys! Glad you got to have some fun in it!

  5. We didn't get any snow!! My mom lit a firelog so we're snoozing by the fire. Enjoy your snow.

    love & wags,

  6. That snow was really coming down for a while. Snow can be a real pain in places where it doesn't normally snow, especially if it snows, then starts to melt then freezes overnight. If that happens, really watch out for icy roads.

  7. Mum is thankful that our snow departed, I quite liked it! Ours unfortunatley (for Mum) turned to Ice which meant Mum had difficulties staying upright on our walks!! It's still cold but all snow and ice now gone.. I'm sure Khyra would gladly take some off your hands :)

    Ben xxx

  8. We thinks Jan deserves a BIG MEDAL and lots of hot chocolate for taking you walking in that. The Mom was very happy that our backyard is fenced so she could just let Fenris out the door to do his jobs instead of having to get out in the cold & windy weather. We admire Jan so much ...............~Alasandra, Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  9. Our daffodils and tulips are finally starting to come up so please, keep the snow. We're ready for spring!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  10. Oh, we have LOTS of snow!!! Pretty to look at. At good day for staying inside and snuggling!

  11. We'd be SO happy to take that off your paws - REALLY!

  12. Thanks for sending your snow up to Maryland. It started snowing around dinner time and it came down as fast and relentless as rain. We have about 6 inches now and it's still dribbling from the sky.

    We went sledding this am with the crazy kids who got up at 7 am and were so excited. No school today!

  13. Boy those pics sure remind us of cleveland, where its always snowy OR rainy or something else gross!

    we are not big fans of the snow or the rain, boo hiss to winter...

    benson and gibson

  14. LOL Dat looks like Whiskconsin! When da snow melts itself frum the sidewalks an street, we say it's not "stickin". Mom says drive slow cuz it may be slicker than Jan finks. I say, stay inside an use a litterbox!

  15. You are right about the outpouring of love for Klaus. My faith was shaken this morning, but I still have it. I know there is always a reason sometimes we just don't know why.
    Thanks for your kind words

  16. Yeah, it looks wimpy to me :-p Yesterday afternoon our forecast was calling for 8-12" O M G. All the news stations were cutting away from regular programs and reporting about the major storm coming our way. But we got wimpy snow, a little bit more than you. I was glad for it :-D

  17. Beside the woodburner is the only place to be when it's like that. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  18. We think the best place to be when it snows is inside!

  19. The only way I enjoy snow is from behind my window.

    P.S Please visit me at my new blog...
    Krazy Kitty Rants

  20. wow thanks for the interesting photo!! We live in VT so we are so used to snow...and sick of it already!! haha!! stay warm guys!

  21. Rusty we missed yer purrthday, sorry dood but HAPPY PURRTHDAY (late), its the mom's fault.

    And ummm yea dat snow stuff, even Jake dun like goin out in it much. He runs to the bottom of the stairs takes a wee and jets back up! hehe

  22. The snow missed us by about 30 miles, but brrrrrrrrr, it sure was cold.

  23. We got a double whammy of snow too..light pretty snow, with sleet and rain and then wind, heavy snow.
    Hope things will warm up for you!

  24. Turns out we finally got about a foot of the white powdery stuff and we ALL love it. It's cold enough that it will probably stick around for a while. Visit our blog and see J.E.B. do his famous snow angels that he practices for 365 days a year.-

  25. Sam, you can have my sled AND all my snow too. Just say when and I'll send Papa over with it in the truck.

    So did it snow much more? *Giggling* I'm laughing cuz that looks like a light dusting by Canadian standards! I'll be honest with yous, you don't know what snow is til you've spent a winter over here in Quebec. Merci, you'd be so smart because you'd be "reading" a lot of newspapers!


  26. We used to get only about this much when we used to get snow and Mom would go crazy taking pictures everytime we got it. You would think we got it all the time with all the pictures of the snow that she has. Once we got almost five inches, very rare. So don't feel bad if anyone thinks this is wimpy. Yes, Mom let us go out in it but we didn't stay out long.



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