Monday, March 09, 2009

Samaritan is 3

We have never seen Sam so handsome. Thank you, Zoolatry!

Today is Samaritan's 3rd birthday. We would be celebrating his Gotcha Day in July but back then we'd never heard of such a thing. So instead we're celebrating the birth date Jan assigned him. He found us just two months before Miss Mother (Jan's mother) passed away. Miss Mother missed her dogs, both of which had left for the bridge, and she really wanted Sam -- big as he was -- to stay with her and Rusty.

Samaritan, Happy Birthday!

And Sam -- Gypsy, Mollie & Annie sent you a birthday card. Thanks, GentleAnnie.

Sassy baked so many cakes last year when she threw a surprise party for you and Rusty that we found one still in the freezer. We know you have a big appetite but we're hoping you'll share a piece with us and your friends.

And we found a video for you, Sam. We hope you like it.

Your furry siblings,
JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy & Rusty
Oh, and Jan

PS -- If you haven't read yesterday's story on PK's yet, be sure to scroll down one post. Or click here.


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Samaritan!! Hope you have a great day!!

  2. happy birthday, sam!! hope it's pawsome!

    (also, we're furry glad to hear about all the nice people who helped PK.!)

    xo-pippin, turtle, & ava

  3. A Furry Happy Third Birthday, gorgeous Samaritan. We finks you are a grrreat woofie.
    And we loved PK's story....
    Love & Purrs,
    KC and the Sherwood Bunch

  4. Heya Sam,
    Add 12 more big HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting to your pile. We think that you need to seriously consider celebrating Gotcha Day in July; a guy can never have too many celebrations. Afterall, isn't the day that you entered Ms. jan's life something to celebrate? Happy Birthday big guy.
    - The Bumpass Hounds

  5. Happy Happy Day Super Sam!

    (we've sent you an email...)

    Luv, Maggy & Zoey

  6. Happy 3rd Birthday Sam. We hope you have a wonderful day.

    We read the story about PK. We hope she finds a wonderful forever home. We thinks it is wonderful the rescuers, resuced her. We thinks it is a shame that they would get in trouble for it.

    Our vet is very nice, she rescues cats and dogs all the time. ~S,S,C & F

  7. Happy Happy Barkday Samartian.

  8. Happy Happy Purrfday Samaritan!!!! WOOO HOOO!!

  9. Happy Birthday Samaritan!!!
    We hope your specail day is filled with lots of love and doggie biscuits!

  10. Have a great birthday Samaritan!!!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  11. Ha roooo! Happy birthday, Samaritan!
    We'll have a cookie in your honor today!
    Tail wags,
    PS: Maybe that should be THREE cookies, since you're THREE! :)

  12. Happy Happy Barkday Sam, we hope its a pawsome one!

    ThoughtsFurPaws furkids

  13. Happy birthday Sam...and many many more!

  14. Happy Birthday Sam!

  15. Happy Birthday, Sam!

    We'd give you a big hug but we've never really been up close with a big woofie like you so we will blow you kisses fom afar!

    Samson and Delilah

  16. Happy Birthday, Sam! We hope you have a wonderful day!

  17. Happy Birthday, Samaritan! I hope you have an extra-special day.

  18. Happy Birthday Sam!! You look so handsome! I hope you have the greatest day ever filled with toys and treats and belly rubs.


  19. Happy Purrthday handsome Sam! You look great - all ready to party!

  20. Happy Birthday, Samaritan!!! What a great name woo have too!

    Mom had a pup many years ago named Shadow, who looked a lot like woo, except his spot was over his left eye.

    Hope woo have a great day.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  21. Have a very Happy Birthday, Samaritan!

  22. Happy, happy, happy Birthday Samaritan! We hope you have a sooper-dooper day!

    Pearl, Bert, Jake and woofs from George too!

  23. Happy Barkday to one of the sane members of The Farm!

    Woo look furry handsome!

    I hope you pawtied it up!


  24. Happy Birthday Sam. Have a wonderful day.

  25. Happy birfday Sam...we'z all sending some belly rubs, yoo know, da kind dat make yoor back leg jump by itself!

  26. Happy 3rd Birthday Samaritan!! We hope you are having a wonderful day!!
    We love your picture!!
    Your FL furiends,

  27. Happy Birthday, Sam! Love all your cards and your cake!

    Honey the Great Dane

  28. Happy 3rd Birthday, Samaritan :-D

  29. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you and I hope that you have the very best day filled with love and lots of good foodies and friends!
    Love Miss Peach

  30. Happy Birthday, Samaritan! How lucky you still had a cake in the freezer to munch on! We hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

  31. I'm a little late but wanted to wish Happy Birthday to those at your place that had the celebrations. As soon as I found out that there were birthdays I bothered moth until she let me come over to visit.
    Love and kisses to all!

  32. Happy Birthday Samaritan!!! We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy that 'Sassy cake', she bakes fabulous cakes!!!

  33. Alla us Ballicai wish you a superduper happy 3rd birthday, Sam!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  34. Happy, happy birthday, Samaritan. I hope your day was wonderful!

  35. happee birfday to samaritan.
    i hope u hadda grate day.

  36. Happy Happy burfday, Samaritan. From brandi, Mama Carol, neighbors kitty Mystery and woofie Lizzie and our bff woofie Maggie and her kitty sisfur Haley

  37. Happy Happy Birthday Sam!!!! You are looking handsome in your birthday hat and tie! Hope this birthday brought you lots of treats and pettings!!!!!!

  38. Happy Belated Birthday, Samaritan! I hope you had a great day with fun and treats.

  39. Happy bewated birthday Sam! And I wead the stowies of those wescues and I is gwad there's so many nice beans awound.


  40. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SAM!!! We are so sorry that we missed your special day!

  41. Dear Friendz, Hi! We wanted to say thanks for stopping by but we are truly distrest that you cannot fake Jan out with the secret door move for getting onto the computer, and we are going to have to try to figur something else out for you! Clearly Jan is a very crafty human. Also, Samaritan, Two Paws UP! for your outstanding birthday, which apparently is 3, and we are pretty sure that is the number after 978573, which is a truly outstanding age to be! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  42. I am sorry I missed your birthday, but Mommy says that there is something our home computer dosen't like when we try to visit you - something about a script not running right!
    We've missed you and hope we can figure out why we can't visit from home!


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