Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Email Address

Some of you have undoubtedly had emails returned to you from Jan's email address. If you have, we'd like to apologize for this. Her internet company changed quite a while back but she was allowed to keep the same address. A month or two ago she was notified all account addresses must be changed by May 15. Until then, any emails received would go into both addresses.

However, in early March, she could not send messages from her account. At 1 a.m., totally frustrated, she called to ask why. A guy who barely spoke English left her on hold and finally told her she still had the first company's name in her account and he had taken care of it. She had no clue what that meant, but the next morning, she had no mail. Nothing. Not even a single piece of spam.

She has called and emailed and gotten the run around for 3 weeks. A couple days ago it finally dawned on her he meant he had deleted the original account and that's why her friend (who fortunately had OUR address) kept emailing her his messages were bouncing back to him.

Jan was counting on having 2 months to reach all who emailed her at that address. Now she has been going through records and trying to figure out where online she needs to change her address. It is very frustrating.

So if you had another email address for Jan, please delete it and use ours. We don't mind. We read her mail anyway. Put it together first, though. jansfunnyfarm at gmail.com

We're going to leave this post up top for a while to give you all a chance to read it and make the change.


  1. I'm glad woo look out fur her!

    If she's like my mom, she needs your help!


  2. Wow, bet your Mom had a headache after all of that.

  3. Argh, that sounds so frustrating! Us Ballicai are sendin ((((((((huggies))))))))).

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. oh that stinks. sometimes technology is a pain. we hope it gets easier soon. purrrrrrrrrrs

    Thank you all for the kinds words for my family. They were appreciated.

  5. Hi, my humans are on a THREE MONTH trip in Australia. They come back in two weeks. But I have a lot of fun with my cat sitters.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. I hope Jan gets that email thing taken care of!


  8. What a hassle! Good thing she has such dependable secretaries to help out.

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and the well wishes on Luna. Really appreciate it.

    Tim @ TLR

  10. What a mess. Are all those messages going to float eternally in cyberspace?

    One sad note on my PB cookies: I caught Ms. Alpha eating one last night!!! THOSE ARE MINE!!!

  11. Oh man, our Mom would be spitting and cussing and have flame coming out her ears. Yall be careful and don't get caught in the blast!!!


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