Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Moki -- you know Moki, the kitty with a neurological illness -- wants to create a Christmas miracle for another kitty, one named Bella. And if you haven't met Bella yet, you just have to pop over and meet her. She is unbelievably fast for a kitty with no use of her back legs. Perhaps you can donate a dollar or two to help purchase a special cart for Bella. If not, you can purr for her. (We dogs are wagging our tails like crazy on her behalf.) Bella is a special needs cat spending the holidays with Moki and Crystal, so you can meet Bella here. We sure hope there will be a Christmas miracle coming for her.

Jan will never catch up on here to-do list, and that means neither will we because we're getting little computer time. But we're trying to get around to say hello as we can. We are embarrassed to have received a couple more awards since we are already behind 2, 3, or 4 months in posting those we promised to post ASAP. And we will post them! Hopefully, while it is still 2008.

Sassy's CCSI IV is as exciting as the others. We can't wait to find out "who dunnit" in tomorrow's final episode.

We understand Beau is not in renal failure but he is very sick. You can catch updates on Beau on the Cat Blogosphere. One is forthcoming when mom Cathy gets some much-needed rest before Beau needs to rush his extremely stressed mom to the human ER.

There is an update on both Pepper and Tucker. Photos and a video will be posted later today.

And there is a short update on Miles and Billy Sweet Feets.

That's all we can remember at this moment, but as usual we're sure we'll remember lots of things we should have added after we click "publish."

PS - (Didn't we tell you we'd think of something after we published?)

Daisy can use your help too.


  1. Thanks for all the updates, we shall drop by and meet Bella. Today has been one of Mommy's not at home days, so we are behind visiting everyone and haven't even had a chance to watch CCSI yet. She is deserting us tomorrow too. Bad Mommy!!!!! ~S,S & C

  2. We will go meet Bella! Thank you for all the purrsss and purrayers

  3. We is purrin hard and none stop fer all the furry ones dat need it!

  4. Hi everyone! This has been a rough month, hasn't it? All of these precious furbabies remain in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad the computer troubles are almost over for you.

  5. There is far too much nasty stuff going on in the blogosphere lately. I want cats and everyone to feel better!

  6. Bella is amazing. I just met Daisy yesterday. How can people just let dogs suffer and not get their medical needs seen to? I don't understand it at all. At least now she is getting the help she needs. Thanks for all the updates.

  7. So many needs, we will go and meet Daisy.

  8. Thanks for the updates. We will go and see Daisy and Bella.

  9. Jan,
    You are such a kind soul.

    You and your entire funny farm are invited to Abby's first birthday party, today on our blog!

  10. I read about Bella yesterday. I sure hope she can get her special cart for Christmas!

  11. Thanks for getting us caught up on all latest news!

    Also, we wanted to let you know that we have moved. Our new location is http://thecreekcats.blogspot.com/

  12. Lots of furries need help. I heard about Daisy too, so sad. I will go over to visit Bella too.

  13. Thank you Jan for helping share Bella's story, and getting the news out about all the sick kitties in the CB. Bella is deeply touched by your kind words, tail wagging and purrs.

  14. We are with Moki hoping for that Xmas miracle.. All heeler paws are crossed..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. Thank you for your purrs and wags!

    The OTW was still writing the new blog entry when you left the message, so I thought I'd come by and thank you and let you know, I'm feeling a little better right now, and just played some with our new friends (come and see them!), but I'm still going to see Dr Tara tomorrow. I'm going to be very grumpy about it, but I'm tired of being sick.

    Thanks again,

  16. We iz stoppin by to say hi... well Mawmee iz... Weze all cold in our hows n Mawmee went huntin to gets help frum our bruver frind.

    Hims name is Mike Ulin. He's a funny actor on da V list. dats fur volunteer. Him builds metal TV cradles fur a livin... um what's dat? oh mawmee say dats ta ting dat holds teevees on walls n stuffoms in hospitals n monitors fur securtee stuffoms.

    andee wayz... weze cold cuz we gots jus a leetel heater in da bedroom... dis old house ain't got lectric stuff fixed!!

    n our daddees stuck at da pound fur peeples n cant works no morh. Mawmee weze hungree!?! Did da huntin werk yet?

    Sumbuddee weze needs kittee foods!!
    How we do a pay pal tingee? Mawmee wunders if she kin pass out da hat so ta speek...
    -Katee Too.

  17. Thank you for all the links to updates. We like to visit and show support for all who need it. And thanks for displaying the Daisy button. Eduardo's mom did a great job creating it.

    love & wags,


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