Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

This card if from all of us to all of you.

And many thanks to those who have emailed us a Christmas message or a card.

From Sassy

From KC & the girls

From Beau. Beau still needs our purrs and prayers.

From Chef the Boxer Dog & his mom

From Whimpurr's Whim


PS ---We have found the perfect Christmas gift for all of us. We hope Jan will buy us each one. Except Buddy wants 3. He thinks if he has 3 seats, he'll get 3 meals. We know you'll want one of these too! Pet High Chair

And Drop by Daisy's to see how well she is doing since her first leg surgery. What a wonderful thing for so many to help this sweet dog that was hit by a car when she was 4 months old and not only not treated -- or perhaps not treated properly -- for her leg injuries, but she was about to be euthanized because she has allergies.


  1. What lovely Christmas cards! That pet high chair is genius! I must have one!


  2. w00f's JFF, bute ti ful cards...and merry christmas to u all..

    b safe,

  3. We don't need a high chair to eat at the table we can sit in the regular chairs and eat without any trouble, but for some reason we are not allowed to. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  4. What great holiday cards! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Thank you! Merry Christmas to all of you, too :-D

    Those are beautiful cards you've received.

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you and a very Happy New Year

  7. Those are beautiful cards! Merry Christmas from our pack to yours!

    love & wags,

  8. What beeyootiful Chrissymouse cards! Merry Chrissymouse to all of you and we hope you have a wunnerful new year in 2009!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao and alla the Ballicai!

  9. Oh all of those cards are just adorable! I hope you all at the Funny farm have a super Happy Christmas!
    Hugs and Purrs,
    Lorianna and her 4 kitties

  10. What wonderful cards! Merry Christmas to you too.

  11. what wonderful pictures!

    i am checking out the links right now!

  12. Thankyou for the Christmas wishes and hope yours is a great one. We haven't been visiting much but you are always in our thoughts.

  13. What a furry khool and beaWOOtiful khollekhtion of khards!

    Happy Howlidays!


  14. These are very Merry Christmas images,
    I just love it!
    We wish you a merry Christmas as well :)

  15. I love yur cards! Purry Christmas!

  16. Merry Chrissymouse Jan and efurryone!!!! - Sammy, Miles and Billy

    Deer MomJan - ME has nefur tolded the Mom Lady Person that ME loves her 'acause when she picks ME up and kissies on me, ME does not kissy back. BUT, ME purrsss and kissies on mine daddy when ME sees him. And efurryone at the v-e-t too. ME just does not kissy on the mom. BUT, ME follows her all ofur the house and ME has to always be in the same room wif her. ME knows that sometimes ME makes mommy sad by kissying on efurryone else but her. ME thinks it's prolly bad breaf or somefing (hers, not mine, mine is fishy fresh!)- Billy SweetFeets.

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy 2009 from our home to yours!!

  18. Those are some really nice cards you guys got! Neat! We especially think that picture of Beau in a kitty sweater is hilarious, our bean always wanted to put us in sweaters but we wont let her!

    Merry Christmas to you all at JFFm and have a happy New Year, too :)


  19. Thanks! And I love the cards you've received too!

    I've given you an award. One of the best things in this year, which had many sadnesses, was that you decided not to give up blogging! You guys are loved you know!

    Happy Christmas:) xxx

  20. Wow, you got lots of great cards! I hope you have a great Christmas! I'm stopping by Daisy's now.

    Hugs, Kodak

  21. It's so nice to see all those cards!

    Meowy Christmas to everyone at the Funny Farm from all of us here on the Island!!!

    Wally, Ernie, Zoey & mom Sue

  22. Merry Chrissymouse to yoo guys too!

  23. Merry Chris Mouse to all at the Funny Farm.

  24. Have a wonderful christmas to you all at the farm!!

    We're amazed by the pet high chair! Our parents wanted to get something very similar for our human pup brudder but they got something else. Now we know they can get this special pet chairs for us!!!

    Our paws are crossed for Daisy!!!

    Momo & Pinot

  25. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!


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