Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cyndi is 5 again

This is not quite the "special day" post we expected to be making today. Do you remember this card? It was made by our friend, Gentle Annie. We posted it on October 1st when we celebrated Cyndi's 5th birthday.

This photo is solid proof that Jan has, as she has been claiming lately, "lost it." (We 're not sure whether she means her memory or her mind.) We looked at her calendar this morning and noticed today is Cyndi's 5th birthday. We got to thinking, didn't we just celebrate that recently? Yep, sure did. On October 1st. Had a celebration and Sassy sent presents. It was a quiet but nice celebration.

Jan told us that was Cyndi's birthday then, so how is Cyndi 5 again today? We checked our records in Jan's file cabinet, and there in black and white is Cyndi's Gotcha Date, February 16, 2004, and estimated birth date, December 21, 2004. At the bottom, written in Jan's own handwriting, is the notation, "Assigned birthday, October 1, 2003."

Yep, folks, whatever "it" is, Jan's lost it. Whoever heard of being born twice, in two different years?

But congratulations, Cyndi. With Jan's help, you have achieved the impossible. You were gotcha'd in February 2004 but not born till December 2004. Yeah, right.

How about born in December 2003!

We took a vote (Cyndi included) and decided not to trade Jan in for a human with a working memory/mind. But if she does this again ..... we'll have to take another vote.

Happy 5th Birthday, Cyndi -- again.


  1. Well, having two celebrations is a good thing, right?

  2. LOL, we are still rolling on the floor laughing. Happy birthday Cyndi!!!!!

    Personally we think you can use Jan's memory lapses to your advantage JFF. Insist on having a birthday every month as you are sure Jan forgot your birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday again Cyndi. I hope you don't age twice this year because of the mess up...

  4. w00f's JFF, heehee happy purrrrday again Cyndi...

    b safe,

  5. Happy birthday Cyndi! It is good to have two birthdays!

  6. A Very Happy Birthday to you Cundi, we hope you have a most lovely day filled with love, fun and treats!

    Has anyone added "new brain for Jan" to their list for Santa Paws yet?

    Tee Hee

    Wicked Wuudler

  7. We excuse our humans for their little mental mishaps. And celebrating a birthday twice? Why, we think that should be praised!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Abby & Stygia

  8. Happy Birthday! I get to celebrate two days in a row - it's cool to have two special days! Siena
    We all wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. If it's good enough for the Queen to have two birthdays, then it's good enough for Cyndi too.
    Happy Purrfday Cyndi.

  10. HAhahahahaha!!! Dis madez da momee here laugh & laugh... she seemz to be releeved dats she iz not da onlee momee wit failin' wits.
    Happy 2nd 5th birfday to Cyndi!!!!

  11. Dun worry guys, the mom has lost her brain too. We fink it's dat time of the year fing, ya know - holly days!

  12. Happy birthday again, Cyndi. I hope you get a double dose of presents.

    love & wags,

  13. um, so every year our mommy is a different age- one year she was 38 and the next year she was 32 and this year she was 35. she says that when a woman reaches a "certain age" (40) she can pick her own age. So, not that we're saying Cyndi is that old, but she can be whatever age she wants.

    Happy Purrfday Cyndi

    pee ess: and this is proof that our mommy is completely insane

  14. Happy purrthday...nothing wrong with having two pawtays..I'm sure Cyndi won't mind the extra treats and purresents ;) Have a great week and happy holidays!

  15. That's the great thing about birthdays--you can celebrate them again and again! (though for we aging humans, it becomes a little less entertaining as we advance in years!)

  16. Happy 5th Birthday again, Cyndi :-D


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