Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blogging and Cloning

We received this award from our Canadian friends Momo & Pinot. Thank you both for thinking of us. (We can't wait for the baby human to arrive at their home so we can see photos posted by the proud mom & dad.)

We would like to pass this on to Billy SweetFeets. We love Sammy and Miles too, but we think Billy SF is old enough and has been doing enough blogging and leaving comments around the blogosphere to have an award of his own. And also to Deetz the Airedale. Deetz's sister Charlotte has been missing since late last week. We hope she is safely home soon.

We picked up this beautiful plumeria at Socks, Scylla & Charybdis' NOMS Day picnic yesterday. They were given to all the guests "as a token of our friendship for coming to celebrate NOMS Day with us." We hope you remembered to pick up yours.

We understand how hard it is to lose a dearly loved pet. But we can not understand why anyone would sell a house to raise $50,000 to clone a deceased dog. Or a cat, a bunny, a guinea pig, a bird, or .....

It doesn't make any sense to us. There are several million animals in the United States alone that are killed at shelters every year because there are too many animals and not enough homes for them. This does not include the numbers of puppies and breeding dogs that are killed at puppy mills or animals killed by other means.

If Jan dies before us, we don't intend to clone her, much as we love her. And besides, this lady in the news ended up with 5 cloned puppies. What would we do with half a dozen of Jan look- alikes? Cloning her couldn't give us a Jan who falls down while being walked, or who yells out of the way as she walks through the house, or who hogs the computer when we want to blog, or .....

Well, you get the idea. None of them would be Jan. So why would we want to help overpopulate the world with more "Jans" when there are plenty of people out there who would just love to take us all in and comfort us. Okay, maybe not plenty of people. But surely, someone!

So while we feel for this woman's depression over losing her pet, we totally disagree with her comment: "I had to make sacrifices and I dream of the day, some day when everyone can afford to clone their pet because losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to anyone."

We dream of the day when there will be no reason for kill shelters because all cats and dogs will have a home. But that will never be even a remote possibility as cloning increases, which according to this article and many other sources is on the near horizon. "RNL has said it expected to clone about 100 dogs next year and for the price to drop as technology improves."

We aren't in any rush to leave, but when we do, we don't want to be cloned. And if anyone had asked this woman's dog Booger, he would probably have barked the same sentiment.

You can read this article- well, not any more, it's gone. 

(s)Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Samaritan


  1. A very good post. I would hate clones of my human--and even if you cloned me, you wouldn't necessarily have a cat who looked like me!

    People need to remember that their beloved pets will die. Umm... lifespans are just shorter. Everyone and everything dies (and wouldn't it be horrible if nothing ever did because then nothing would ever change). Maybe our society would be better off if we spend more time accepting that.

  2. You're so right!! Nothing can ever replace a loved one, whether it's a bean, a pet or other. Moving on to love another bean or pet in a different way is the best tribute we can give to our loved ones who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

  3. You made a point, Jan! This lady should spend that kind of money for something else...

    Momo & Pinot

  4. So well said!!1
    Wif all that money , just think of all the homeless pets you could help..we don't want to clone ouwselves eithew..not mommi , Daddi ow me....
    Thank you fow youw thoughts fow Jackson..I bet he feels all the love no mattew what the outcome of the tests
    smoochie kisses

  5. Congratulations to your award! That is one we will NEVER receive hohohhohoho DAILY blogging - what a concept.....
    Don't get us started on the cloning or we will have to restrain the maid because she gets so mad! She also loudly complains about all the infertility clinics for humans when there are so many orphans...
    But the pain and suffering that is in the future for animals because of cloning is just horrendous.
    But what am I talking about - the pain and suffering that is happening RIGHT now because people eat too much meat and do animal testing is already horrendous...
    Gotta stop now.
    Mrs. OZ

  6. YAY!!! FANK YOU FOR THE AWARD!!!! ME is SOOOOOOOOOOO 'ACITED!!!! WOO WOOO!!!!!! - Billy SweetFeets

    we would never clone our mom. sheesh, we could not live wif ourselfs if we unleashed that on the werld!!!- Sammy and Miles

    Pee Ess - it's cool that Billy gotted his own award! Fanks!

  7. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Life is meant to be celebrated, with unique experiences and new personalities to meet around every corner. And there are so many animals who desperately need homes.

  8. Congrats on the award!
    And we totally agree with you. We feel fur the woman's loss, but it's just not right to clone a dog, and fur that matter anything at all. There's plenty of other dogs who are looking fur loving homes.
    We hope this woman and others with the same thoughts realize that they're walking down the wrong path.
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  9. I completely agree with you about the cloning. In one news report I saw the mother dog and you could see her ribs. How anyone can say they love dogs and senselessly put a dog through pregnancy unnecessarily is beyond me.

    I like all the pictures of you pets, it's nice to know I'm not the only one with a little farm in their house!

  10. If this lady has so much money to kick around, she'd be doing the world a favour by opening a shelter or two, or donating money to existing ones in Booger's memory. He'd have approved. Humans can be SO STUPID.


  11. Congrats on the award!

    I agree about the cloning. That money could have been used for some terrific pet causes.

  12. Thanks for giving me your support while I was locked in kitty jail! I'm home!

  13. We are just so sad. Mommy says she can understand the impulse to clone a pet as she still misses Whiskers dreadfully BUT people should stop and think logically before they do STUPID THINGS.

    She knew that Whiskers would want her to rescue cats & dogs who needed her NOT try to bring a copy, that could never really be him back.

    If only that woman had used the money to help cats & dogs that needed a loving home. If only she had opened her heart & home to another doggie who needed a home instead of adding 5 puppies to the population. Cloning is just ethically and morally wrong, these are the type of people that will want to clone humans someday.

    Really us cats and dogs should take over the world before the beans make a complete mess of it.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  14. Excellent post! Losing a beloved pet is devastating, but giving a forever home and saving the life of a homeless pet is a much nobler alternative to cloning.

  15. Cloning a pet, that is bizarre. They should just adopt from a shelter. There are so many animals that need good homes.

  16. oh my!! what a wonderful suprize, Katie Too! Lots of foodies and unpackin done. And I am definitely hungree! Job hunting is hard work.

    Thanks Jan for filling the bathtub with ice! What a great idea! Thanks for the help with unpacking... and taking time to purr for Felix.

    I think I'll try this Niptignon and Lizquila... not bad! Especially with Tuna cakes.

    Thank you Mr. Hendrix for the hairball presents. Very appreciative.

    Hey!! Daisy! Who you chasin!?! Zoom! And all those loud pattie paws!! Oh is that how you play thunderin herd of elephants!!

    I think I'll just sit on the counter and watch for while and purr for Felix.
    - Katie One

  17. We agree with you guys about the cloning...'specially since cloning an animal does not reproduce the exact same animal in looks, temperment, etc. With all the animals out there looking for good homes, we think spending that kind of money for cloning is just plain stupid!

    Okay, we'll get off our soapbox now!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  18. This cloning thing really upsets me, as you said there's so many animals that never find homes and have to be euthanized. And then people want to bring back their pet through cloning - the trouble is I've heard these animals have many health problems - we shouldn't be messing with mother nature.

  19. Yup it's so true.. when you clone a pet, what you get is the 'shell' that looks exactly like the original but the personality is different. Each pet is unique in his/ her own way...that money could really have gone to some animal shelter to help those pups there. *sigh*

  20. No one could ever replace a beloved friend. We are all unique!

  21. Congratulations on your award! I totally agree with you about the pet cloning. It is so stupid. You can't get your pet back that way. She could have done so much more good by adopting another puppy that was already here. Selling a house to clone a dog five times over just doesn't make any sense at all.

  22. Please come over to my blog and pick up two awards which you truly deserve for a blog well-done!!

    Your pal,

  23. I'm cross about this cloning thing! Totally agree that it's better to humanely care for the animals that have no homes before creating more animals just to satisfy the vanity of someone who wants to massage their own ego with a replica. What a waste of money! I think of how much good that money could have done to help existing animals in distress and I despair of silly humans!

  24. A very interesting article ~ we have mixed feelings too about this whole cloning thing ~ we fink you iz right though that there are so many other animals in need out there that it would be best to adopt a new animal in need...

  25. Amen. Grief is the cause of some poor judgment in humans.

  26. That's a really great post, Jan. When we see pictures of cloned aminals on the internet or TV... something just doesn't seem right. Anyone else get that feeling?

  27. Dudes. We so agree with you. Why clone an animal. There are tons of furry special animals in every shelter all over the world. WHY DO IT????

    Luf, Us

  28. What!?!? Dat ain't da doggee dat wents ovfur dat brij... dey just quadroopletz and dubble twinz plus one!! Deyz still gonna have diffurent paw and nose prints - and SOULS!!!! Yes us babees have dose. Jus cuz weze furree dont mean dat God didnt make us to be wifs him in Heaven fur eturnitee!!

    Sides, when ya clone hoomanz ya just gets lots of copee Kat twinz wif different souls again!!

    Silly ladee...whats up wifs you!?!
    Clones are fur Borgs.

    Signed Puzzles' Spunky Boo Bear,
    who wz borned on Good Furry Friday and knohs bettur.


  29. I think I would rather be the ONLY Daisy, ever! Even though loss is painful, I think it teaches you so much about life.

  30. hai!

    Guess wats?!

    Oveh here iz an awards fur yoo!


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