Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Life for Ode

Animals don't know how to spell or the dictionary meaning of "forgive." But they often live as if they do.

This is Ode, a puppy whose ears were deliberately burned. This video was made of her first month in foster care through Pet Haven.

Despite her disfigurement, she's a beautiful dog, and will make someone a wonderful companion.


  1. w00f's JFF, well poop, mamas puter iz being bad again...me cant see the video...me shure hopes ode finds a lovingfurever home...

    b safe,

  2. We are so sad that someone could do this to Ode. Ode is remarkable and we hope she finds a terrific forever home, where she will be loved. ~S, S & C

  3. We feel so bad about this. Poor girl...she is still beautiful!

    HUGS-to-you~ All of us over at Ernie's Voice

  4. How could a human do such a terrible thing? It baffles me completely. What a great video of how we furries forgive and let go and love. I think Ode is beautiful and I am so thankful for her rescue. Mum wishes she could take her. I would play with her and love her always.

  5. Mom cried when she saw what someone had done to Ode. Mom and I can't understand such cruelty. We hope Ode finds a very special forever home where he will be loved and looked after properly. He's still a very handsome boy.

  6. Sorry Ode - we just realised you're a girl. We couldn't see for tears. You're still a very handsome and pretty girl.

  7. We don't understand how people cn do this to a living creature...'specially one as pretty as Ode. We hope Ode finds the loving home she deserves.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  8. What kind of person/thing could or would do this? I hope she finds a forever home with lots of love while she is here on Earth with the rest of us loonies. It's a crazy place and I shall never understand it!

    licks & smoochies,

  9. p.s.
    I would venture that Skeezix, if not exactly knowing how to spell, has given it a good try!

  10. Mieow, JFF!!! We can't post or visit much since we still haven't got the internet connected at home, but we are thinking of our furriends and wish them all well, healthy and happy.

  11. I do not understand mean people, and my mom does not understand them either. I hope, hope, hope Ode finds a happy forever home where all her past is forgotten in the joy of her future.

  12. I also cannot understand how someone could hurt an animal like that deliberately. Ode is a lovely puppy and I hope she finds a loving forever home very soon.

  13. mi mom an i were afrade to watch dat video ... but we're glad we did. ode izza byootiful dog an we hope she getz a luvin forever home.
    shame ... shame ... shame ... on da awful person who delibritlee burned her.

  14. JFF - This is the third time Crazy Lady has come back to watch the video. It's very sad, but somehow uplifting at the same time. We're glad that Ode did not forget how to love!
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

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  16. A beautiful dog with an even more beautiful spirit. We know she'll find a loving home.
    We will never understand how people can be so sick and mean to us.

  17. Our Momma has leaky eyes watching this magnificent animal. How forgiving she is.

    People that can do this have a special place to live out eternity.

    Bless Pet Haven for taking her in and bless Ode's heart. May she find the perfect forever home.

    ~ The Bunch and Mom Bobbie

  18. I hope Ode gets the loving forever home she deserves.


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