Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. Nekkid Fridge

Jan glanced at the envelope, noted it wasn't addressed to any of us, and dropped it on the desk, expecting it was for the neighbor with the same house number across the T street. As she did, the strange name hit her. She looked again. It really was addressed to "Mr. Nekkid Cold Box," care of her at this address. "Uh-oh," she thought. "I wonder what Randy thought when he saw this?" (Randy is our regular postman.)

She found out a couple weeks later when she ran into him delivering another envelope to MNCB.

"Have you figured out who Mr. Nekkid Cold Box is yet?" she asked.

Randy raised his arms and exclaimed, "I don't ask any questions!"

"I know, but have you figured it out yet?"

He thought a moment. "No."

"It's my fridge. Some bloggers are dressing my fridge," she explained.

For a moment, he appeared on the edge of suggesting she was a lunatic pulling his leg, but then he shook his head and said, "I never would have guessed that!"

This began when we posted a photo of our fridge for the cold box meme. It was naked. So Auntie Deb and ML sent out an SOS email. We thought they were joking. They weren't.

About that time, Black Cat tagged us for the cold box meme. We were tagged earlier by the Taylor CatSSSSS (and caught with a nude fridge) and then again by Poppy Q, so we did a joke post to spice up MNCB. But this time we're prepared - with a lot of help from the CB.

Since this is our third tag, we won't tag anyone else, but we do want to show you our non-nekkid (dressed) fridge. We waited for all the responses to arrive, and then for Auntie Deb to feel better, and then for one final adornment.

Jan says we are definitely moving some of the valuables to the other side so little whapping paws can't reach them as easily, (HA!) but for easier photographing, we posted the cards on one side and everything else on the front.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you're ready for this?

Okay. Here is Mr. Non Nekkid Cold Box. Please excuse the quality of the photos. We told Jan we should move to a bigger home with better lighting first, but, no, she wouldn't listen. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

These are the lovely cards.

Bottom row of freezer and fridge. See the bag in the lower left? There were 2 bags. We opened one right away and scattered the toy springs throughout the house. Guess Auntie Deb shouldn't have mentioned her cats like to play with them. Hehehe.

Freezer view.

Mr. Nekkid Cold Box was dressed by (in no particular order) --
The Taylor CatSSSS
KC & Missy
Not the Mama
Kelly Cat (and all the Good Cats)
The Cat Realm
Miss Peach
Pearl, Bert & Jake (PB&J)

Thanks to each of you who participated in dressing Mr. Nekkid Cold Box. He certainly does look more cheerful now that he's had a snazzy makeover. And we are too. Jan wouldn't let us dress MNCB until she took the photos because she has some crazy idea we cats would have the decorations scattered in no time. We would never do such a thing! (Hehe. Snort.)

Buddy: Guess I'll just finish this post. All the cats suddenly raced for the kitchen. Uh-oh.

Percy: Cameron and Cotton, you take the freezer door. Crystal and Cyndi, up on the counter. The cards are yours. Rusty, you and I are the best jumpers. We'll take the fridge door.

On the count of Wahooo! Let the whapping begin!


  1. Ha roooooo!

    Isn't it great to have furiends!!


  2. Hee hee hee, Mr. Coldbox isn't nekkid anymores.
    Love and Purrs,

  3. Haha, Mr. Coldbox is very well dressed now.

  4. Mr. Coldbox looks quite fashionable now!!

  5. Now that's how a chill chest should look.... :-) Glad to help!

  6. Oh Jan, that's terrific!!! I had no idea the Blogosphere was rallying round to dress your fridge, isn't that just great! :) xxx

    P.S. I watched the video about Ode. What a lovely dog. How could anyone be so cruel! It sickens me that there are such people in the world. I hope she finds a really loving forever home.

  7. Now that is a nice outside looking refrig. Good work to all that contributed to the mailings of the stuff needed to make the outside of the icebox look nice.
    Sassy & Momo

  8. Oh yeah, Mr. Cold Box looks much better now! And the best thing about a dressed Cold Box is that you can change his clothes.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  9. You just reminded me that we were tagged several weeks ago about the refrigerator. I guess I need to remind my mom.

  10. Randy the mail carrier must think you are very special to have friends that send mail to your household appliances.

  11. We're happy to see Mr. Cold Box is nekkid no more! Until the cats get done whapping....

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  12. Mr. Cold Box looks very well dressed now. I hope he stays that way at least for a while.

  13. Best dressed fridge in the USA!

  14. Excellent decorations to make your fridge feel loved!

  15. A very well dressed fridge indeed. ~S, S & C

  16. Beautiful! At least Mr Cool is not so "bare" now. I can't put many things on mine. Now I can't find Mr Mickey and Ms Piggy on it now. Jeremy!! :P

  17. Ha roo roo roo, that's a good one!

  18. Hooray! No more nekkidness! Those springs are very fun toys.

  19. Wahoo indeed! Now, you need to make it messier. That'll complete the transformation.

  20. Thank you for entering my competition, your answers were almost perfect and you helped us make £34 for The Cats Protection League.

    Bigs Purrs

  21. Oh, your Cold Box looks terrific now! Did the whapping commence? Thanks for the nice Birthday wishes yesterday!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  22. That's very cool all the other cats and dogs helped you dress your naked cold box :-D It looks great!

  23. I LOVE IT!!! MR. NEKKID COLD BOX IS NOW MR. SNAZZY-DRESSED COLD BOX!!! I wish that I had such a well dressed box! I'm so happy to see him looking so wonderful!

    Jan, I'm glad that your postman has a sense of humor! Wonder what they were talking about back at the post office! Hee Hee!

    HEY YOU GUYS ON THE FUNNY FARM: Let Jan enjoy her Mr. Snazzy-Dressed Cold least for a little while.

    Oh dear....I know that I hear whapping noises coming from the kitchen!!!!!

    Much love!!!


  24. Pawsome!!!!!!!
    I am embarrassed to say I forgot to send something :(
    Maybe I will do it for Christmas :)
    Your fi=ridge should feel better now it has stuff to wear ! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  25. Your fridge looks great all dressed up.

    Mindy & MOe

  26. What nice diggs Mr. Cold Box has!

  27. Ah, Mr. Coldbox isn't so Nekkid anymore! It looks great - glad you liked the magnet! Have a great time getting everything off guys :-)

  28. That is the neatest thing ever in the world......I love the nekked cold box now. It is beautiful.

  29. wow dat cold box looks sna-z nows! I so happee fur him! now he warm an fuzzy? Only on da outside saz mommeh. Dunna want warm an fuzzy inside da fridge.

    I saz, mommeh, yoo stoopid.

  30. hehe, wowie kazowie, yur cold box looks fabbilous! That is so kool that so many furriends helped you dress it up.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  31. Thanks for stopping by today, always nice to see you. Will be on the lookout for the card if Jan figures things out, ha, ha, ha.

  32. Very cool! :) Your fridge looks great!

    Thank you so much for celebrating my first birthday with me yesterday! I really appreciate it! - Merlin

  33. OMdoG.. this is so funny!! Poor Randy, I really wonder what he was thinking initially!!
    Your Cold Box is nice and not-nekkid now.. maybe you can invite Randy in to take a look someday?

  34. Mr Nekkid Fridge looks SO much better. I am glad to have helped fix this terrible problem.

    Thank you for the award, Mom is really slow lately, but I will post it soon!

  35. Mr. Coldbox looks very happy!
    We gave you an award, because we love your blog. Momma especially loves the video of Ode. What a magnificent pup!
    ~ The Bunch

  36. Mommy is still laughing about this one!!! A classic!!!!

    Hi! We had to stop by and see how everyone was doing! We left an award for you on our blog! Come by and pick it up!

  37. Hahahahahaha - you didn't see that one coming now, did you???

  38. Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA, it's all mommie's fault... We are pleasantly shocked but nonetheless, honoured to receive the cool cat from all of you. Thank you so much. :)
    The fridge looks so much more interesting now! hee hee

  39. Ah Mr Cold Box, Nekkid no more - or at least until some paws have been busy...Great photos,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  40. Your nekked fridge looks great now! Ours is still nekked and will probably stay that way, mom says.

  41. Wowee! You gotz lotsa stuff fur yur nekked cold box now!

    Luf, Us

  42. Mom got a good laugh about mr. nekkid cold box!!



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