Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Sad Day

Violette Noelle, affectionately known as Sprout. Tragically gone, at the age of three months. With deep condolences to the family of Monty Q.

And to Violette's godmother, Millie's mom.

Sprout, You were here for too short a time. May your family find strength and peace during this terribly difficult loss. We can only begin to imagine their pain.

Tears of sorrow from all of us at JFF!

(s) Jan & Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty and Samaritan

PS: Details at the Cat Blogosphere. Scroll down for earlier Saturday and Sunday posts. Stop by Monty's and Millie's to leave condolences.


  1. this is soo sad, bless their hearts...we went and paid our respects...

    b safe,

  2. This is very sad. Thanks for the updates. ~Alasandra & The Cats

  3. We are so very shocked and saddened.

  4. I guess since the other dog is off-island they are going to go ahead and give gifts to Fenway and he will be on TV and everything....just like he had won...I guess the other dog was a sorry loser. They just don't know the power of us all banned together....

  5. I have commented in so many that I have lost words on how to describe my sadness. Haiz... I wished I could just turn back the clock so tat everyone would be in a happier environment now.

  6. We Ballicai are so so furry sad about preshus Sprout and we are sendin all our love and purrs to her fambly.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. I know how you feel. I gave it up for a year and a half. We're sad you're leaving...hopefully you'll be back someday.


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