Friday, August 08, 2008

Awards, Accused and Cloning Update

We would like to thank Chef for the following two awards. We're glad he thinks our blog is well-done. Jan thinks we're well-done too, but more along the lines of being left out in the sun too long.

We'd like to pass the premio on to Zoolatry for the beautiful graphics they share with the blogosphere.

It's been a rough week for them. Maggy & Zoey's human is currently on probation and under a warning to ship up or shape out (No, that is not a typo.) before her next purrformance appraisal. On top of that, their human has lost many of her jpg files in a computer meltdown. No, wait, the human had the meltdown. The computer sprung a photo leak, possibly from M & Z playing on the keyboard? (We ask because a certain nameless cat with the initial Crystal recently hit a key which politely asked Jan if all of certain files should be deleted. Jan was not nearly so polite when she responded.)

Seriously, Zoolatry, we hope you are able to rescue your photos. Although you have been joking about it, we know this is a serious loss to you.

And we're giving the Big Red Puffy Heart to Charlie, Chase, The Zoo and Willie.

Now, this one we know we earned -- Daisy May's Wacky Rosie Award, given to friends of Katie and Da Katz for attending their movin partee.

Ooooh, was that fun. Especially, since our ac went out that morning - the hottest day of the summer, at least so far. It was over 100 dripping tongue degrees in here all day. But our landlord saved the day. After work, he changed into his superhero costume, located a new unit and flew over here to install it. Too late, we were due at Da Katz's. But before we set to work, they let us fill their bathtub with ice water, where we could soak hot paw pads and cool down our bodies.

We're sorry about the drippy spots through the house. We didn't want to get the bath mat wet, so we shook ourselves damp in the master bedroom.

For any of you who haven't heard the story of the black Lab that is imprisoned at the shelter, falsely identified as killing a cat and biting the cat's owner while the dog was home sleeping, you can read about it here. As cats and dogs, it's scary to think someone could accuse one or two of us and we could be taken away from Jan without hope of bail or rescue, even though we were falsely identified. No one in authority who could and/or should help her will help her. Jan would be freaking out too. Any ideas to help this blogger?

Upate: Thanks to Deb and ML and .... we don't know who all was involved. But Cheyenne is home! We would guess an update will be posted on Leigh's blog but meanwhile a very brief update is posted on Cat Blogosphere.

PS - Yes, an update is posted on Leigh's blog, Thoughtprints. Go Leigh, and kick some butt there in Logan County, CO!


After reading our last post which included the story of the woman who sold her house to raise the $50,000 to clone her deceased dog, Whicky Wuudler sent us a link to a related news article. We googled the names and found this is a legitimate news story, so we're going to post a link. You have to read it to believe it, but Bernann McKinney, the woman who now has 5 puppies cloned from her beloved Booger, is suspected to be Joyce McKinney, a bail jumper accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a male Mormon missionary more than 30 years ago. Story here.

And while we understand a little more of why Booger was so special to her from reading this article, we still disapprove of men trying to play God and "create" animal life. Not a one of these puppies is or ever will be Booger!


  1. Your landlord deserves a big slurpy Siberian kiss for saving the day and keeping you all cool again! We don't know what we'd do without our magic cold box.

  2. I read about that. I would cry if that happened to me. I just did a backup of my photos and photoshop images and realized it had been 7 months since the last time I backed up :-0 I'm going to try to do it monthly now. I have a keyboard walker, too. Rascal. Her keyboard walking forte is closing various open windows on me :-/ She's never deleted anything. Yet.

    Congratulations on your awards :-D They very well deserved.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. We LOVE your site. Your mom has a very developed funny bone.

    Speaking of bones, I hope I win that contest and there's one in the goody basket.

    Thanks for taking the time to paw out your vote for me.

    Your new pal,

  4. Congratulations on your awardies, Jan.

    We are all so upset for Leigh, and hoping this all gets sorted out quickly so Cheyenne can go home where she belongs.

  5. thanks for the awards!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog so nice to meet you. I agree with you there are already so many great animals who needs a clone. Iguess it shows how much our people love us but there are still plenty to love.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For EVERYTHING!!! {{{{{Big Furry Hugs}}}}}

  8. Oh dats okay dat furry wet prints are evfurry where...

    Did ya looks under da rug in da master bedroom?!?

    We don't got no carpets, yet! Just cardbord coverin da wooden floors til we can get dem treated, stained and stuffoms.

    So no problem. Sides da bafroom is by da kitchen... walkin on da linoleum in wets feet iz fun!

    -Katie Too.

    Glad you likes my wacky award...
    -Daisy May.

  9. Aww thank you so much for that sweet puffy red heart, I love it.


    PS I'm not done with that Zesta box yet, stay tuned.

  10. Hi Mates
    Thank you for checking on us all the time since Khomet died. Mum has been a bit 'wonky' again but she is trying to help me blog again.
    Lots of Love from Hammer

  11. Congratulation on the awards! Yep, that party at Da Katz's sure was fun!
    Mrs. OZ

  12. Congratulations on your award. I am very glad that your kind landlord got you a new coldbox. I am so glad that Cheyenne is home again. I hope all goes well in her case. I read the article and can understand why that woman was so attached to Booger, but cloning will not bring him back.

  13. We feel very sorry for the falsly accused dog. ~S, S & C

  14. My Mommie can understand the desire to clone a special pet, but I cannot believe that pet would really be the same as the original. And the money could go to so many good causes, instead.

  15. Thank you all so much for coming to visit me and caring about me! I didn't even know there was such a think as kind, loving beans. It's keeping me warm and comfortable over my weekend at the vet hospital, and I'm so grateful to you!

    Your new friend,
    Mr. Milky

  16. So sorry about that. I updated to a newer version of the audio player and it has volume control ;-)

  17. I'm so glad that Cheyenne is back home again. Those that helped make that happen did such a nice thing.

  18. Mez an mommeh also do not agrees wif da clonin of da woofies. Not right!

  19. Those are nice awards. There has been a lot here in the papers about the crazy lady with the cloned puppies and the criminal background. Apparently if she came back here to the UK she would get arrested!

  20. We all heard about the awards that you got and teleported in to celebrate with you. Congrats, you all deserve it.
    Sassy, Momo, Opus & Roscoe

  21. Wow, look at all the awards you have. You've to be real special for all those. :)

    Hugs...G & M


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