Friday, September 21, 2018

Scattered Brains

Micah:  Okay, so we're all agreed?

Rusty:  Yes, it's time to have a group discussion with Jan about her scattered brains!

Cyndi:  No, no, no!  Jan does not have scattered brains; she has been becoming increasingly scatterbrained.

Rusty:  That's what I said.

Micah:  Not exactly.

Percy:  Can we get this meeting over with?  It's past time for my cowisthenics.

Taylor:  Oh, great, you're starting to sound like Jan.  It's calisthenics.

Percy:  Not if you learned your exercise routine from watching cows on TV.  Marcus, are you with us kitties on this?

Marcus:  Yep! At least I think so.  I'm still not sure what scattered brains are.

Micah:  We all know know Binky from Angelwhisper2011.  Binky has been being harassed by a bird.  We left a comment saying we hope the bird will move elsewhere. 

Marcus:  What does that have to do with Jan's brains?

Rusty:  Everything.  As you know, the heat and humidity have Jan too tired to do much of anything, including think.  Yesterday a friend took her out of town for lunch. 

Taylor:  When Jan got home, she sat down at the computer and tried to stay awake; however, when she read the email - actually our email notification - stating Binky had responded to our comment saying the bird is waiting every morning and is very annoying, Jan went right over to Binky's blog to write a suggestion.

Cyndi: Jan came thiiiisssss close to asking Binky, have you tried barking at it?

Marcus:  So?

Rusty:  Binky is a C-A-T.

Marcus:  Oh. **light bulb**  Oh, now I get it.  It's like when I walked Jan just before sundown last night, we passed a guy walking with a female version of me.  (Wow, is she gorgeous!)  The guy and the lovely dog crossed the street, and Jan called out a cheery, "Gooood morning!"

Micah:  Good example.  Now let's go have a talk with Jan and see if we can fix her.

Taylor:  I think it's too late.  I hear snoring from the kitchen.

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Taylor:  This week we interviewed Lucy, Benny, Sadie and Ringo from All About the Cats (It's All About the Cats). You can read their story, Lucy and Benny Chat About the Cats, at

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  1. Hari Om
    hehehe... if it mkes Jan feel any better you can tell her how not once, but twice, last evening I tried to store the bottl of ketchup in the cutlery drawer. My sister just watched ... and giggled... before pointing to the fridge... sigh... hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Do you all have some, suggestions to help the Mom keep track of her brains? I mean her glasses of course. Thank you so much fur stopping by on Thursday, some of us kitties get confused too, especially when a foster kitty, Katie Kat had a similar name to me, the one and only Katie Ann Kitty Too! We will keep Jan's brains in our purrz... as soon as we find the Mom's glasses...

  3. Hey, truth be have to have brains before they can be scattered so Jan is doing okay then! The Dad mostly wears contacts because he can't find his glasses without them!

  4. Jan is not a scatterbrain. Not one bit. I know about that bird that's terrorizing Little Binky. I'm also sure that Little Binky can't bark. Too cute.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. My best to your mom. ❤

  5. Mom said you can come over and help HER find HERS too! She knows they are around somewhere in the house of she didn't throw them out in this awful cleaning frenzy she's in.

  6. Tell Jan not to worry as my brains have been well scattered lately. The other day I put the kettle in the fridge instead of the water filter jug. Then when I wanted to make coffee I was searching high and low for it.

  7. Oh land - it's been more than 30 years since I rented a house that had a closet that happened to be next to the refrigerator, How many times I put the milk in the closet.

  8. Hee! Hee! My Mom has scattered brains too! Mom came home the other day and said she was so tired that her brains were leaking out her ears...I did not see anything on her shirt or on her pillow, so I don't think that her brains actually melted...And weather...we went from WAY TOO HOT to winter in a day and its been COLD and RAINY ever since (winter here). The weather guessers are saying we are supposed to get some heat back nect week. I hope so, I miss my catio time!

  9. The heat and humidity this summer scattered my brains too. :) Great interview, nice to learn more about our friends. XO

  10. Do NOT tell me that Jan is sleeping in the frying pan!!! LOVE the bark story! Love the good morning story. Personally, I think Jan is simply being creative....
    Love, Loulou

  11. I linked you to Feline Friday. ♥

  12. My mouth sometimes says the wrong thing too. Surely it is not my scattered brain.

  13. Yikes, our humans have that scattered brains thing sometimes, too. It appears to be contagious.

    We will go and read your interview with It's All About the Cats now.

  14. MOL MOL :D Don't worry, kitties, Granny's brains are scattered too *mumbles* and so are mine. I think the heat got us all on the thing called brains :D Purrooff Purroof.. :D Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead :) <3

  15. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm so cats cant bark??? and heer i thawt that a meow wuz just a bark with a feline akksent!!! ok bye

  16. Every day...yes, every SINGLE day...I get dressed for the office, and say goodbye to Angel. And every day, I forget something and have to go back UPSTAIRS to collect it! So, I say goodbye again. Angel obviously thinks I've lost it, but it's been happening for so long now....


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