Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Intruder in the Villa

Percy:  Hey, Rusty, get off the blog.  You promised if I let you do a post on your summer villa last Tuesday, you would let me post in peace this week.  (Rusty Interrupts Percy's Apt Hunt)

Rusty:  I know I did, and I'm sorry, but this is an emergency!  There's been an intruder in my villa.  I have photographic proof.  See!

Percy:  That's Micah.

Rusty:  In MY villa!  And look at the picture.  I'm not home.  He broke and entered.  He should be arrested. 

Micah:  Now just a moment.  I'm your brother and you're talking about having me arrested?  What did I break?  As far as entering, the door was wide open.  I thought you had moved out.

Percy:  Wait, Micah broke and entered?  I can't wait to hear you try to explain that to a cop.  I don't think there's a space on their form for "broke and entered".  You must mean you want him arrested for breaking and entering.

Rusty:  I don't care what for.  I just want him arrested. 

Micah:  Well, you're home in this picture. 

Rusty:  But you weren't invited.  You entered when I was in the kitchen snacking.  And when I returned, your fat butt was in my way.  There wasn't enough room left for me to lie down.

Micah:  I've heard that possession is nine-tenths of something or other.  In this case it was nine-tenths of the villa.  And I did give it back. 

Rusty:  Yes, you did give it back.  And, come to think of it, you did rearrange the shelf Jan keeps her vitamins and herbs on.  In fact, you rearranged much of it onto the floor so there would be room for you.  I envied you being able to get up that high to make yourself at home. 

Micah:  You don't really want to have me arrested after that, do you?

Rusty:  The expression on Jan's face when she walked into the kitchen and saw how you had almost cleared the shelf of her things was priceless.  I'll forgive you.  This time.

Percy:  Excuse me.  You two seem to have forgotten I am supposed to be the one posting today. 

Rusty:  You're a good brother, Percy.  Thanks for sharing.

Percy:  But I didn't offer to share my post.   You just appropriated it.  Again. 

Rusty:  Don't worry.  There's always next Tuesday.

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  1. MOL - sometimes I clear space in a similar way.

  2. Dang, an unexpected roomie!

  3. Do what The PO'M does to Sweetie...he sticks his nose up her rear-end! She clears off quite fast after that...

  4. Bwahahahahahahaha. What a fun exchange. Love this.

    Thank you for joining Happy Tuesday. Have a purrfect day and my best to your mom. ❤

  5. It seems you have a real estate shortage at your place!

  6. guyz....for sure bee in poe zessed... iz sum kinda law but we dunno bout 9 10z.... ya noe; reel estatez prime now; if ya SELL N split de pro seedz then ya mite get space big enuff for everee one BUT a sir tin d.a.w.g...

    noe o fenze marcus ~~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺☺

  7. Oh you guys are so funny taking each other’s apartments and villas you certainly keep your world going around! How much do you pay for that Villa? And is there room for me too?

  8. You always make me chuckle :) I would love to have seen a photo of Jan when she saw what you did to her shelf.

  9. We're gonna go with the idea that no one can break and enter where they actually live.

  10. Yep, as mommy always says, sharin' is carin'. And, it makes the humans happy. Happy humans means more treats right? Wait a minute, we don't get any treats?. Ya'll have to take care of your own purroblems, me has to go find out why me shares everythin' and never gets any treats. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Broke and entered is a serious crime! Y'all always make me giggle.

  12. hello percy its dennis the vizsla dog uh oh hay it sownds like yoo need the servisses of a gud watchdog!!! or maybe wun of those ring viddyo doorbel things wot lets yoo see hoo is krashing yore pad wen yoo ar not at home!!! or ummm wen yoo ar at home too!!! ok bye


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