Friday, July 13, 2018

Let There Be Light

Micah:  Do you think Jan is going to make it through the summer?

Rusty:  I hope so.  Why do you ask?

Micah:  Well, if she is supposed to be ancient, why is she working so hard in this weather?  Heat and humidity mean it's time for extra naps but she's been doing extra work.  Is she backwards or what? 

Rusty:  Definitely backwards!  But we've had so much rain everything is growing like weeds and she can't keep up.  Remember this tree limb? (Sawing Branch as Percy Turns 14) She sawed it off on Sunday and fortunately, got some help cutting it up or she wouldn't have been able to open our canned food this week.

Micah:  It did help to let some sunshine in the side yard so the grass won't die. But it wasn't enough.  So Tuesday, she looked and found the limb on the neighbor's tree she cut over our property last year had branched out and grown over our yard again.

Rusty:  So Jan cut it?

Micah:  Um, not exactly.  She couldn't reach it with the saw on a pole, so she used a "grabber" for disabled people to pick up things, grabbed and pulled the end of the branch, leaned her weight on it until it started to crack, twisted it round and round, back and forth, leaned on it a few more times and finally it broke off!

Rusty:  That's what it gets for growing over our yard and blocking sunlight, but that sure is a strange way to take down a branch.

Micah:  Yes, but you know Jan often has a strange way of accomplishing things.  This was a smaller-sized branch and Jan was able to cut this one up by herself.

Rusty:  And then Wednesday morning she got a shock!  Our neighbor has refused to cut his bushes.  Our phone and power lines run through them.  They also block sunlight from our pen.

Micah:  I remember this is what it looked like over there last year.  With all the rain we've had, those bushes grew higher than the pole where the lines are attached.  Between our tree, their tree and their jungle, it's been a bit dark and claustrophobic over here.

Rusty:  Jan practically did a dance when those two guys showed up to trim the bushes next door. When they left, our power and phone lines had been liberated and there is now a small path for sunlight to the dog pen.

Micah:  Do you think Jan was serious when she said she could kiss the neighbor's landlord for sending those guys over to do the trimming on their property?

Rusty:  No, you know how humans are always saying things they don't mean.

Micah:  Unlike us.  We always mean what we say.

Rusty:  By the way, you promised to repay the two dollars you borrowed last week.

Micah:  And I will.  Just as soon as my ship comes in. 

Cyndi:  It's been a few months since we Funny Farmer Felines last posted a Mousebreath interview.  Today we feature the Hipster Kitties from Dennis the Vizsla's blog.  Many of you know them.  The little black and white cats and the big red one with the white face.  What do you mean the big one is an imposter?  Are you sure?

Percy:  Stop by Mousebreath to read their interview, Hipster Kitties Charlee and Chaplin  … and Dennis.


  1. How cool that you have a new interview up! I look forward to reading it.

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey, your Jan loves a garden adventure doesn't she?! It is certainly a joy to see that those other trees got the treatment without her having to 'branch out' in the lopping imaginatives!!! hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. A nice trimming for the bushes and trees is a darn good thing indeed!

  4. Wow! Stuff at your yard is growing like crazy! My yard is drying out from not enough rain. My ghostwriter is thinking about cutting down the big silver maple tree since it's gotten way too big. But she'll have to call some professionals to do that job. She says she'll miss the nice shade the tree brings, but not the tons of seeds it drops! I think it'll be funny that the Evil Squirrel Cartel won't have it to scamper up when I chase them! BOL!

  5. I'm very glad that you're getting a bit more sunlight... Too bad Marcus wasn't able to leap up, grab that branch and rip it off.

  6. Our backyard is very shady, so it's nice when the temps are hot to be able to stay out of the sunshine! The interview with Dennis, Charlee and Chaplin was a lot of fun!

  7. That's some thick brush. Y'all ever encounter feral hogs?

  8. OMC Jan needs to repurrt the neighbors to town hall or city hall whichever ya'll have. And she might try callin' the power company and the fone company. 'Round here it's illegal fur trees to cover power and fone lines like that, cuz it's extra dangerous. The power company will even send men out to cut those trees. And it ain't purretty the way they cut 'em. They'd be cuttin' a V right thru the middle of that tree so it didn't grow up over the lines again. Who knows, ya'll might even get better service now that the lines aren't impeded. Sendin' hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. It is probably best to keep Jan out of trouble and working on chores around the house sounds like just the ticket!

    We're off to read the Hipsters interview...those two are something else, aren't they??
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  10. I didn't know Dennis has kitty siblings, I am off to read the interview. I hope Jan doesn't work too hard.

  11. Mowzers, a new interview? Coolio!!

  12. Don't get too carried away there Jan.
    And drink lots of water it's hot out!
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  13. hello funny farmer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that follyage shoor duz mayk it luk like a jungel bak their!!! i am glad the lokal fyoodal lord sent a skwire arownd to thin things owt a bit!!! hay those littel kitties and that wun big kitty luk kind of familyar!!! ok bye

  14. Hooray for your liberated lines. And light! :)

    A new interview? Whoohoo!

  15. Yup humans need to be more like cats and stay out of the heat and hunt at night.... OK maybe not the last bit but you know what I mean, MOL
    Great to have some help clearing the lines and getting some light in, those works deserve a big pat on the back and a niptini or two for their work... Jan could maybe even stretch to a mouse if she has them, but kisses I wouldn't, they're meant for family MOL
    Toodle pips

  16. Kudos to Miss Jan for all the work. Mr TF engaged in some arborist activity last year (which involved perching on the hillside in back) and it was A JOB!

  17. Gardens and trees, etc, well here too, they always make for lots of work...not always the ind we love, either!
    Petcretary often takes down branches with her own hands...sometimes with a saw or lopper.


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