Friday, July 20, 2018

Marcus Has Wheels

Cyndi:  What was that scene about yesterday, Marcus?

Marcus:  Oh, that?  Jan told me I have wheels but she lied.

Cyndi:  I guess she did.  You're still racing around on four paws.

Marcus:  Not wheels on me! Wheels for me. She said now that I have wheels I can go anywhere I want. 

Cyndi:  So what was the problem?

Marcus:  See for yourself!

Cyndi:  I don't see a problem, but you do look angry. Your eyes are closed.

Marcus:  I was counting to ten.  Jan said she wanted to see if I have any problem climbing into my new wheels.

Cyndi:  Did you?

Marcus:  Of course not!  You know how I love to jump .  The higher the better.

Cyndi:  So why were you upset?

Marcus:  Look at where I am.  She opened the wrong take that picture.

Cyndi:  What's wrong with that door?

Marcus:  It' opens on the passenger side!  I am not riding on the passenger side! 

Cyndi:  You want to ride in the back?

Marcus:  No way!  If I have wheels, I want to be the driver!

Cyndi:  But you don't know how to drive!  And you don't have a driver's license!

Marcus:  That didn't stop Buddy!  (The Driving Lesson)

Cyndi:  But you're not Buddy.  You have to be yourself.  Be the best yourself that you can be.

Marcus:  You're right.  I'm going to be me - cool, confident and competent.  Did you see where Jan left the keys?  I'm going to take my wheels for a spin!

Cyndi:  Well, when you stop spinning, I hope you haven't hit anything.  I don't believe you're on the insurance policy.

We are joining the Pet Parade with hosts Rascal & Rocco, Barking from the Bayou, & Bionic Basil


  1. Hari OM
    OMD Marcus, I think you look fine in those wheels and I wouldn't be too hasty about driving if I wuz you. Just think - with Jan as the chauffeur you will be free to watch the world go by and absorb all the sights tell us about here on the bloggy. If you drive, you can miss lots of stuff. (Though, of course, the aim of driving IS to miss stuff...) Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Um, Marcus, you might re-think this. While you're driving you might miss a tasty tidbit alongside the roadway, or a pretty lady dog in a grassy yard somewhere. You'd have to concentrate on the road. Think it over.

  3. I'd ride with you Marcus, just don't head towards a Vet place!

  4. Marcus, you didn't have wheels before? How'd y'all get places then?

  5. That dark car will roast your whatevers Marcus so pay tention.

  6. WOW, cool wheels!!! So do you have your chauffeur license yet? You'll need that, Marcus. You won't look good behind bars.

  7. I'm not letting Purrseidon see this post... her 'wheels' are attached to Master Munchkin's old skate board... do NOT want her to get the thought that if other pets are driving cares, she should be, too!!!

  8. Those look like nice wheels, it is fun to be chauffered around.

  9. Oh my gosh! Can you swing by the Bayou and pick us up? ROAD TRIP!! Thanks for joining the Pet Parade.

  10. Yamini is right you NEED a chauffeur so you can reeeeeeelax!!!!

  11. Oh What pawsum news!!! We sure hope all goes well with the new wheels. Maybe ya' better let Jan drive. Even we don't try to drive the big wheels on the road. There are lots of crazy peeps out there on the road with ya'. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  12. Wow, Marcus! Wheels are fn for pups when they get to sit and watch the world go by and smell all the whiffies along the way...but you know if you are the driver you will likely miss out on all that good stuff!

    And hooray for Miss Jan having wheels to wheel you around in:)


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