Friday, June 29, 2018

Wide Awake and Confused

Taylor: Whatcha looking for, Marcus?

Marcus: Our blog posts. The ones that aren't getting written. I figure they must be buried under my ball since they aren't on our blog.

Taylor:  Don't worry.  They will be.  It's just that things have been so hectic around here for so long and now every time Jan turns on the computer, we get a storm and have to shut down again.

Marcus: Today's storm was a doozy, but at least we were able to be back online.  Almost took off our back screen door when Jan was carrying Rusty inside. And the lightning sure hit something close by.

Taylor:  When are we going to finish posting the last of our Mousebreath interviews? 

Marcus:  As soon as we can get a block of time to post them.  Those poor bloggers have been waiting since the end of February.

Taylor:  Well, we'd better get to them soon or those bloggers are going to think we absconded with their money.

Marcus:  We get money to do those interviews?  Nobody ever told me that! 

Taylor:  I was kidding.  We were doing it as a labor of love to showcase the diverse talents of our blogging friends. 

Marcus:  We did a fun interview with Spider and Gracie (Presenting Spider and Gracie) in February.  They were planning to start a blog in May, but on May 6 Spider left for the bridge.  She would have been 20 years old on Wednesday, June 27. 

Taylor:  Now we'll never get to read their blog.  I always enjoyed reading their questions to Ask Max on Mousebreath and couldn't wait for the blog opening.  I'll miss Spider.

Marcus:  Gracie and her Food Lady miss her too.  I wonder if I'll have as much vim and vinegar as she did when I'm 20 years old.

Taylor:  I hope you mean vim and vigor, not vinegar.

Marcus:  I guess I do.  I got sidetracked.   The police stopped a car across the street a bit ago.  The car was just loaded on a tow truck.  The guy was handcuffed and put in the back of one of the police cars. 

Taylor:  And you didn't tell me?  I would have liked to see that too.

Marcus:  I didn't want to interrupt your typing. 

Taylor:  Did we cover everything we wanted to today?

Marcus:  Actually, I thought we should acknowledge how much better we furries are at counting than humans are. 

Taylor:  Of course.  But why do you say that?

Marcus:  When we posted Jan's age (Half of Ten Centuries), many assumed Jan to be 50, but half of ONE century is 50.  Half of TEN centuries is 500. 

Taylor:   These humans need to be wide-awake when they read our posts, but it's such fun to confuse them. 


  1. Hari om
    Well Marcus, I know Jan is closer to 50 than 500... but not as close as I am and even that is not close enough! All in all I'd say counting is liberal over there at the 'farm'!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. My Dad can totally relate to that gang!

  3. Hope the storms take a break for you soon, gang! I unplug when it gets weathery like that too; best to play is safe.

  4. We get daily storms, too, but then we live in Florida and that's well known for lightening. Stay safe and dry!

  5. :( Godspeed Spider ~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. much of which to keep track, haha. 500 year old, Jan. HEY, you look GOOD. And who got put in handcuffs and taken away? And how wonderful for Spider to have lived such a long, lovely life.
    And yes, vim and vinegar are the secrets!
    LOVE to Spider's family. Hope you have a lightning rod somewhere. HEY, MARCUS, you can find anything under that ball, right? Even past blogs. Love Loulou

  7. OH, and thank you for having me post a comment as myself instead of having to give Google ID and more... THANK YOU. Don't know how you did it but it's GREAT!

  8. Barkalotus thought he heard sentytoo ears when Jan was on the phone. Dis barkin' has rooned my eers baadddd.

  9. That is sad about Spider. We knew Jan wasn't that old. :)

  10. Sad about Spider.
    I hope those storms leave you in peace, so that you do not have to turn off the confuser...we do that here too, but the storms are not as frequent, thankfully:)

  11. We don't like storms either and always turn off our computers too. I'm sorry about your friend. ♥

  12. I am so sorry (and sad) about Spyder!
    WoW what a good number of years! And I hate storms too! Worse though...its done nothing but rain for the last 4 days here.

  13. Oh Marcus - us Beaglebratz Ladiez r purty much havin'the same problem with our blog postz - most of what mom helpz us with r the product reviewz an'thoze r may-b twice a month an'then not much else. She keepz takin'away frum our blog time when she duz her Facebark an'Twitter stuff. When she put in our last food order with Chewy, we "convinced" her to do autoship so we know we will git our food - never know sumtimez. We may git more stormz this evenin'so who knowz what will git dun. An'our mom iz hardly ever wide awake fer much of anything - who knowz what we will git in our breakfast sumtimez.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  14. Awww, thanks everyone. I miss Spider. -- Spider's mom


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