Friday, June 22, 2018

Afraid of a Tree Joke

Marcus:  Well, I guess it's just you and me today, Merci.  The rest of the crew are sacked out in this heat and humidity.

Merci:  I'm just waking from a nap and can't think of a thing to post.  What about you?

Marcus:  No, I can't think of a thing either. 

Merci:  I know!  We can post a joke.  Do you know a joke?

Marcus:  No.  Wait, I do know one.  Why was the cat afraid of the tree?

Merci:  I don't know.  Perhaps it got stuck in a tree once and had to be rescued by the fire department.  That would make me afraid of a tree.

Marcus:  Let me know when you start climbing a tree.  I want a video!

Merci:  So why was the cat afraid of the tree?

Marcus:  Because of the bark.

Merci: Because of the bark?  Were you hiding behind the tree?  You bark like a crazy dog and I'd sure be scared of a tree if I thought it barked like you.

Marcus:   I'm insulted.  I am the quietest, best-behaved pup you've ever met. 

Merci:  In your dreams!  And speaking of dreams, it's time for me to finish the one I was having before you woke me for this post. 

Marcus:  A good dream?

Merci:  The best! The cats and I had peace and quiet for two whole days.  It was wonderful.

Marcus:  Two days of quiet.  How did that happen?

Merci:  You had laryngitis.


  1. I can't imagine 2 days of not barkin round here!

  2. I bark a lot. Too much, my humans say. But then, who would warn them about the car doors slamming two blocks away, and the mail truck going by, and somebody walking by on the sidewalk, etc?

  3. Oh, Marcus, your bark is MUCH worse than your bite. Er...I take that back...remember Jan's finger! OKAY I know it was an accident, but I think you really have to watch it and not bark up the wrong tree, haha. Love Loulou

  4. Mom and I loved the joke. Now, everybody down fur a nap.

  5. Hari om
    Bol...well, I liked the joke, Marcus me ol' mate! Good to see you out and about. Hgs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  6. LOL fun post! Hope this means your internet problems have been sorted out.

  7. You guys are so funny. Keep cool!

  8. If you can make such good jokes and they are NOT about Jan you are being on your best behavior. What gives? Just what are you up to now????

  9. Good joke, fur sure! I could use a few days of peace and quiet around here. But I guess my brofur Rabbit is here to stay. Enjoy yoor weekend!

  10. Doggone funny joke! Thanks for the laugh. ☺

  11. Good one Marcus! Enjoy your nap Merci...well, at least we hope you get to enjoy it. :)

  12. Ha ha ha, you two ever consider bringing your routine to the comedy club circuit?

  13. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! You guys really make me Laugh! And I LOVE to laugh! I really like the Cat was afraid of the tree because of the BARK!!! THat is just too too funny!
    And Mommy and Dad DID live right on the ocean! It was a great place They LOVED it. Mommy LOVES the ocean.

  14. You're silly, in a good way!
    Have a great Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Haha. You both made us laugh, Marcus and Merci! You really ARE the FUNNY Farmers. :)

  16. That was a great joke Marcus! I got to remember that one, it will make the peeps that petcretary cares for in the nursing home giggle! But don't bark too loud, cause we can just tell her the same as you did. imagine how loud your bark has to be to reach us here miles and miles away! BOL!!


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