Thursday, December 03, 2015

Old New and New New Coats

BUDDY:  Hey, remember my new coat?  It ran a little small, so Miss Pat was really sweet and ordered me a larger one that would cover more and keep my tummy warm.  It ran a little large. 

PERCY:  You look like a drowned rat there, Buddy.  Are you planning to grow a bit?

MERCI:  Jan is hopeful he will put on a little weight this winter but the girth strap is still too big, so it looks like she might need to stitch that a bit shorter too.

MICAH:  Are you an old man, Buddy?  You look like an old dog here.

BUDDY:  I just turned 11.  I guess I am an old dog.

CYNDI:  Well, it sure does look like it covers a lot more of you so it should be warmer.

RUSTY:  It has boops to put his back legs through so it stays put.

SAM:  Boops?  I think you mean loops.  He didn't wear the loops on this trip.  Jan was just trying to figure out what needed to be adjusted.

MARCUS:  Jan sewed the understrap so the hood will stay on Buddy's head and the coat would stop sliding back so he doesn't pee on the coat.

MICAH:  The next time he wore it, it fit much better but Jan forgot to take pictures.

PERCY:  And then yesterday the weather started to turn cold again, so Jan got out his coat and discovered the understrap stitching had ripped open when he wore it walking.

RUSTY:  So Jan has to sew it up again. 

MERCI:  But the good news is that Jan got the idea to try Buddy's old new coat on me - the one in the first picture above - and it fit!  Well, I'm a bit long for such a small dog so the length was good but it's a bit roomy around the girth.  So Jan has to sew that up too.

SAM:  My new coat fits fine.  Since Jan has to sew the other two, I guess you and Buddy, Merci, will be ready for winter by next spring.

MARCUS:  Buddy really needs his coat and Merci's teeth were chattering the last cold night we had, so maybe we should all go pester Jan until she gets out the needle and thread again.

BUDDY:  We are thankful to Miss Pat for our winter coats.  We really like them and hope Jan can alter mine and Merci's a little without sticking herself with a needle too many times.

RUSTY:  So, Marcus, that means you stay out of the room while she is sewing!

What are you thankful for this week?

Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday blog hop is today, so we will hop on over as soon as we can get online.

And it's also Thoughtless Thursday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and co-hosts Love is being owned by a Husky and M.K Clinton.


  1. We are all thankful for our health. I'm so happy Daddy is better. Xxoo maddiethepug

  2. I am thankful to have my warm den and good noms, since the cold winter looms ahead...
    Your coats will surely keep you all cozy:))

  3. Hari Om
    I am thankful to be over the viral voodoo which hit me this week... I think your coats look fabulous... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Buddy..... you should have Jan WASH and DRY your new coat... THAT will make it Shrink a Tiny Tad and fit better... BUTT ... just be careful of HOW she does it.... OUR MOM washed one Of MY (Ernie the Attorney) Coats... and NOW it fits the Shrimp (Frankie)... Just sayin...

    We BOTH think it looks really grrrreat and very warm, Buddy. We are glad of THAT.

  5. I like your coats. ☺ I am thankful for Bentley as he celebrates his 8th birthday today.

  6. Your coats look warm and comfy, we're glad to know you're cozy for winter. Purrs

  7. Very nice coats. Buddy, you remind me of Sherlock Holmes in that coat :)

  8. Wow looking pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  9. Love the coat--you look so dapper! My parents recently adopted a cairn terrier and since we live in the north, they got some a coat. Pups in coats never fails to make me smile. :)

  10. You look furry cozy in your coat Buddy! We is sure it will keep you furry warm.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. My, these are busy pets... and quite intelligent!

  12. PepiSmartDog: Sorry I'm so late getting here. *blushes*
    I love your new coat - it looks awesome. Much better for you than the dog-tank-top one! Hee Hee!
    Thanks for always joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - we really appreciate your support. *waves paws* :=o)


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