Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Taylor Steals Breakfast

MERCI:  We promised to let you know how the 30 day I and Love and You dog food Challenge is going and ...

BUDDY:  Hey, Taylor, you get out of my bowl.  That's my breakfast!

TAYLOR:  I've never had dog kibble before.  It tastes pretty good.  How about if we trade?  You can have my breakfast. 

MARCUS:  We made the recommended gradual switch from our food to Poultry Palooza.  (I and Love and You Challenge.)  In the first part, we told you why Jan was so eager to try it for 30 days.  (It sounded very healthy.  For us, not for her.)  Now we want to tell you how we are doing on it. 

NOTE:  We had to remove Sam from the challenge since he had a stroke (Body Here, Personality Missing) because he has has had to have canned, or at least soft and wet food (or cooked chicken - he loves chicken) so he can lap it up.  His health problems are in no way related to this food.  In fact, Jan is sorry he is unable to eat it as she feels it would be a healthy food for him during his convalescence. 

MARCUS:  Here I am in my private dining car again because Jan is taking pictures of food.  A while ago I started to get a bit chunky and Jan cut my rations back by 1/2 cup twice a day.  I am looking good now and she finally realized I am a high energy dog and I need that missing cup of food to help keep me from being so food aggressive.Since she has been feeding Sam by hand and I like to hang around waiting for drips and drops, she has noticed I have been a good boy.  I haven't been the least bit aggressive toward Sam while he is being fed.  It helps I get to lick the bowl when he is done eating.

My coat is healthy and I poop like a pro.  Oh, perhaps I shouldn't have said that.  But I always do my best.

MERCI:  That's me on the left.  My coat is soft and my poop is softer.  I haven't had a ... well, you know *blush* .. a dingleberry lately.

BUDDY:  Jan fears I am a lost cause.  She has been working with me to clear up my skin problems and then along came all the stress with Sam's health, and then the cold weather came back, along with lots of rain, and I am miserable again.  I don't do well in extremes, either hot or cold.  I had a good bag of no grain food before the challenge and my poop turned from yellow to brown.  It's normal firmness now.

MERCI:  We all like the I and Love and You Chicken Palooza, even the cats, as you can tell from Taylor's picture at the top of this post.  Last night was her first venture onto the washing machine and this morning she was thrilled to find three bowls of dog kibble served for her breakfast.

MARCUS:  She was disappointed when they were removed and given to us.  It's a good thing she wasn't food aggressive when Jan took away the bowls of food.  What would Jan have done with her?  Taylor doesn't have a private dining car.  I guess she's not as special as I am. provided the food for this review but we are not being paid.  Anything in this post is our honest opinion or experience.


  1. Well, it seems somewhat of a success. Too bad it didn't all go as planned.
    Could Sam eat it if it was made wet and ground up a bit? Growlmy did that for MJF when he wasn't able to eat.

  2. Hey, someone is always eating my food so I understand!

  3. Sounds like this food is helping everyone... Purring fur Sam. Meezer Mewz seems to have an idea there - wonder if it could be ground up in Sam's food?

    Purrz, Katie Kat.

  4. It sure does sound like a great food!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. That food sounds like a real winner.
    Still purring for Sam.

  6. I'm glad the food is going well. Sorry Sam isn't able to eat it. Sending lots of prayers and love his way.

  7. We are sorry that Sam had to leave the test.. butt he has some delicious foodables in place of this...
    It sounds as though the test is getting VERY HIGH MARKS... if a certain someone...STEALS pawt of it...

    We would like to wish you a VERY MUCH MERRY CHRISTMAS

  8. We've tried the I and Love and You canned cat food and it was pretty tasty!

  9. We are fondest of wet canned stuff. Though dry kibbles are fun to chase and eat.


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