Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hanging Curtains Upside Down

RUSTY:  Jan has made little progress on winterizing the house.  Every year she tries and never gets to finish.

MERCI:  All the climbing and stretching is too much for her.  Old bones and accessories, you know.

CYNDI:  This year she is trying to replace the 18-year old drapes with new ones.  They're el cheapos from walmart, but shorter and hopefully easier to deal with.

SAM:  She has a thing about sunlight and says it should shine in the house too, so she has rebelled and is busy hanging "welcome" signs so we can have some again.

MICAH:  The funny thing is every time she manages to hitch a ride to walmart to exchange the wrong size or material for another, she has to move the ones she already hung from here to there.

PERCY:  The funniest moment was when she realized she had hung all the curtains upside down and had to rehang them - again.  She's getting faster at take down and redo.

MARCUS:  Of course I was the most helpful.  I followed her everywhere to make sure she didn't fall off the stool.  I think it was very rude of her to accuse me of being underfoot every time she tried to step off of it!

BUDDY:  But you were!  And you sure whined when she stepped on your nose while coming down the ladder after changing a light bulb.  How was she supposed to know you were underfoot? Literally underfoot.

CYNDI:  This window was a shock.  When she removed the drapes, she found one of the heavy, old windows had dropped open.

RUSTY:  It took a lot of newspapers to stuff the big hole at the top and the one in the middle between the top and bottom.

SAM:  Last weekend we froze.  Jan tried but couldn't turn on the heat.

MARCUS:  It was a  l-o-n-g cold weekend!  Monday was beautiful, though. 

MERCI:  While switching drapes in the kitchen yesterday, she found two other windows listing to the left more than usual.

BUDDY:  But help arrived at dinner time.  All three windows are now anchored.  And the two gas heaters are now on.  They were blown out with a big compressor. (Jan can only vacuum them.)

PERCY:   Wednesday the rains will come and the temperature will drop again.  We won't be cozy, not in this ancient house, but we are grateful to have a roof over our heads and a place to call home.

MICAH:  We've had a few ask how Taylor is doing.  She was coming out from under the bed more often and then Jan changed the drapes.  Taylor went into deep cover when the sunlight streamed in and only comes out after sundown now.  But don't worry.  I've been keeping her company by sleeping on the bed, eating her food, drinking her water and using her scratching post.   


  1. Does Jan have blonde hair by any chance?? Lol this sounds like something my mommy the blonde would do! (Hanging em upside down)

  2. the older my human becomes...the more she sounds like yours! being cozy is foremost at the cozy cottage....even more so because I am a poor old necked kitty!
    we send you our hugs and enduring friendship even if we do not comment often....we read your feed all the time...
    Love Miss Hope

  3. BWHahahahaha....Your Mom sounds just like MY DAD! Forget asking him to hang curtains on his own...Mom has to babysit his every move or our entire house would be upside down!

  4. Oh yea, snuggle season is upon us!

  5. Oh yeah oh yeah ours mom has done that and even worst stuff, we also live in an old house, and it has some cracks and crevices that only old houses have, ...it also is unlevel so things roll downhill at ours house, ....gotta love them. stella rose

  6. Oh my goodness! You better help the woman
    Lily & Edward

  7. It is a good thing Jan has y'all to look after her. BOL!

  8. How would have Jan done without your help ? Purrs

  9. We never winterize. We don't like cold weather and don't want it to feel comfortable.

  10. guys......honest ta cod....once de food serviss gurl hung de curtinz heer like inn side out azz bak werdz....we haz lurned knot ta ask questionz ....we just go with de flow N see how long it takes for normalcee ta ree tern....which in de case oh trout towne.... will be like never ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  11. We think she needs your guidance!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Winterizing the house is hard work, for sure! We are glad Jan has you all to "help" her! ;)

  13. I feel bad for Jan putting the curtains upside down, how frustrating.

  14. TBT says his Mom used ta have an impressionist painting and sometimes he would hang it upside down ta see how long it took her ta notice. Weeks sometimes... That says sometihng about the painting...

  15. Hahaha! oops!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. You guys have a lot of fun laughing at your incompetent human!! It's what makes the world go round! MOL

  17. Guys, cut her some slack now and help MORE! Hold up your end of the housework and help where you can. xxoo

  18. OMD! OMC!
    We used to have windows like that here, yup, they sure do let cold air in..sometimes we put a blanket ovfur them on snowy windy days...and we filled the gaps with tons of paper towels. And even caulk, BOL/MOL!

    Stay safe and warm all of you! Put on your long johns....


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