Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Mandatory Silence

Cameron:  After the excitement of the last few days, we have decided to take it easy today. 

Buddy:  Yes, the word food is not allowed to be mentioned.

Rusty:  "Review" is another off limits word until things calm down.

Micah:  We didn't intentionally eat the dogs' food.  It was an honest mistake.

Merci:  Actually, it was entirely Jan's fault. 

Cyndi:  We might forgive her.  Eventually.

Sam:  What do you cats have to forgive her for?  She fed you our dog food.

Percy:  And it sure was tasty.

Marcus:  And you wrote our review.

Percy:  Well, what were we to do?  A review has to be honest.  We ate the food so we wrote the review.  

Merci:  But WE were supposed to eat the food and write the review!

Buddy:  *covers ears with paws*  And we all are not supposed to argue about this any more.  What's on TV?

Cameron:  Nothing good.  Oh, here's a new show.  Dog food reviews by Ernest Lee Cat.

Sam:  How about we observe a day of mandatory silence instead!

Daily Reminder until October 15:  And please help PAWS Norwalk, CT to win the Vetericyn giveaway.  Voting is so easy.  No apps and no sign-in. You can vote once daily through October 15. 

1. Click on this link.  (it will open a new tab)
2. Click on "Click here to vote for a small animal organization". PAWS, Norwalk, CT will appear.
3.Click "Vote".

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  1. You furries are too funny!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Aaaaaw At least sumpawdy got to enjoy da noms. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. So, gang, how's your day of silence going so far? Wait! You can wait until tomorrow to answer that. ;). We're voting, too. But you knew that. MOL. Hugs!

  4. We think that it was good food!

  5. Cameron, arent ya worried that iffen ya eat doggie food, youll become, er, "less brilliant"?

  6. Hey! Oops! Silence pawlease!

    But you did make us giggle!

  7. Thanks Jan, cos wesa haf never had a day of mandatory silence in ours whole lives but NOW that mom has read about it, she is going to try to implement it in ours home when we are naughty which is 99.5 of the time.
    stella rose


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