Monday, October 27, 2014

Breaking Windows

Old pic of Buddy wearing cone while ... um, springing a leak.

Marcus:  I don't always agree with Buddy but this time I think he's right to pee in public.

Cyndi:  It's never nice to pee in public unless you're a furry, so I guess it's okay to post this.

Cameron:  Well, it's more polite than what Jan said about the weekend.  She didn't say pee.  It sounded more like ... um, can I say crap?

Merci:  Whoa!  Just because Jan said it doesn't mean we should repeat it.  That's on our bad word list and she'll wash your mouth out if she hears you repeat it.

Percy:  Actually what she said referred to windows, not the weekend. 

Marcus:  What's the matter with the windows?  Did Jan break them?

Buddy:  No, not the windows, Marcus.  Windows, our computer's operating system.

Marcus:  Our computer has windows?

Sam:  If it does, it won't if Jan sees them.  She'd probably put a rock through them.  They belong to someone named Microsoft and Jan isn't happy with him either. 

Rusty:  Dare I ask what Microsoft did?

Micah:  As you know, our hard drive crashed and we were offline for a week.  Mr. Doug came over Wednesday to install a new one and Murphy's Law kicked in.  It was quite a pain, but he got the backup image drive copied to the new drive and we got to post Thursday and Friday. 

Rusty:  I remember that.  I still don't understand why we haven't posted since. 

Sam:  Because when the hard drive died, we lost all data that wasn't on the backup image drive, so Jan has to remember what we've all done since October 2nd and recover it from here, there and wherever it's hiding. 

Merci:  She waited two days to be sure the computer would act nice, then she installed the 18 important updates Windows kept telling her we needed.

Percy:  Everything went well.  Windows was finishing the installation.  Jan walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and returned to find a black screen telling her to pick from a boot list it wouldn't let her access. 

Cyndi:  She called Mr. Doug in a panic!  He knows how to access the forbidden regions of the computer.  Our hard drive was there, it was working, but Windows refused to recognize it and it would not let us access our operating system.

Cameron: I got a bit dizzy watching Mr. Doug go around in circles trying to find a way to access our hard drive again.

Buddy:  He finally found a way, but it took a repair disk and reconnecting the backup image drive to reach our new one.  He again set it as the default.  And before disconnecting the backup image drive again, he ran a new backup.  Windows, however, says it did not make a backup, it reverted to earlier settings and the backup image is no longer any good.  We actually have no idea what Windows has done where.

Micah:  Jan was so stressed, she couldn't sleep Friday night.  Is this going to become a regular thing whenever she has to do a Windows update?  She hasn't done anything this weekend, didn't even have the energy to dress yesterday morning.  And she didn't want anything to do with the computer!

Percy:  Mr. Doug sent us a link today.  Evidently some have had a problem with four of the latest 18 updates and one non-security one. (Link included in case you are interested -   

Marcus:  Jan just finished breakfast at 2 pm Saturday when Mr. Doug dropped off half a pepperoni pizza on his way home. Did she share it?  Nope!  She ate it for breakfast "dessert".  It sure smelled good, but all we got was a little piece of crust each.    

Buddy:  Jan is still wiped out but she did turn on the computer so we can do a post.  This doesn't make up for her pigging all the pizza, though.  I think one of you should tell her that!

Marcus:  Why don't you tell her, Buddy?

Buddy:  I ... uh, she ... Mind your own business, Marcus!


  1. The only windows we have here are for Bird TV - the humans here prefer apples to windows. Although they still eat pizza.

  2. We think it is Ok to break some peeing rules when coned... Not much else to do.

  3. We are more into those apples, too...pawppy says unprintable things about the Windows, and worse things when they do not 'play' well. Or break...sigh...

    Cheer up! remember what life was like without confusers?? MOL/BOL! DSmetimes we all wanna go back there. Life was a lot simpler!

  4. Oh man...what an icky weekend for Jan (except for the pizza!). Our Mama also likes apples instead of windows...because something similar happened to her with those windows that break all the time!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. It sounds like Jan deserved a whole and a quart of Hagen Daz ice cream!

  6. Mom got the BsoD this morning after doing almost 20 updates. We don't know where those came from and oh it's so frustrating and our Mom does not have Mr Doug. *sigh*

  7. We got into trouble with our computer on Saturday as it kept on about discus and she knows she hasn't got one and if she had she can't throw as her elbow is sore. Anyway Windows was there without discus on Sunday so she is happy for now!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Are you going to be a conehead for Halloween- sorry, I could resist. 15andmeowing

  9. OMC weez didn't unnewstand much of dat 'cept dat yous havin' puter purrawllems. So sowwy and weez suwe hope yous get it all fixed up again weal soon. As fur da pizza, dat's just not fair. Weez wulda helped owselves ifin mommy had looked like hers wusn't shawin' da pizza. Cuz it be ow favowit. :) Weez'll be purrayin' fur y'all,

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. Oh boy, it sounds like Jan deserves more than a half of pizza! BOL!

  11. WOW...Jan had to be quick on the draw to get the cone/pee shot! And such talent from Buddy!

  12. We usually like windows. But the kind of Windows you're dealing with sure sound like a huge pain. We have our paws and fingers crossed that the things Mr. Doug has done have solved the problems for good. Hugs!

  13. Ha nice pee pee pic! BOL!
    Always so crazy at the funny farm!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. EVERY day when mom turns on her little piece of crap at home it says it has like 29 or more updates, it sucks!!! She does not know what is wrong wif it and she has even taken it into the repair person.....its frustrating for hers also.
    stella rose

  15. Puters are GRRRREAT when they are GRRREAT... and CRAP when they are NOT.

  16. Mum prefers apples to windows since she was herself at school ! Jan really deserve her pizza ! Purrs

  17. guys...just thinkin out loud... even if ya canna troo lee heer uz... but may bee ewe shuld pee on de computer !!

    yea ! ??

  18. Mom bean says YUCK!!! She has Windows too but they hasn't broken yet. If they did she yells at the bean brofur to help.

    We hopes the broken windows stay fixed. Poor Jan, good thing she has you kitties and woofies to help take care of her.

    Sasha Sami, & Saku

  19. Arghhhhh guys I had windows 8 or windows fate..biggest pile of dooey ever..and I don't even know if dooey is a word..kept giving me the end Hubby got rid of it and put it back to 7 better but still a pill..and as for updates same with the mobile phone..updates the updates before hey have been dates! enough to warrant extra chees on the Pizza!! hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  20. It's a fashion statement!

    Noodle and crew

  21. Oh, no!! We are so sorry. Those puter problems can cause big headaches and aches in other places. We sure hope yours is all fixed now and stays fixed. Pizza is good when windows breaks. Sorry you all didn't get any of it though. Maybe you will get extra treats for helping your sweet mom feel better after all that breaking windows mess. Hugs and nose kisses


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