Monday, October 13, 2014

Marcus Flashes

Rusty:  We just have to tell this story on the devil dog.  Oh, sorry.  On Marcus.

Merci:  The things this pup finds to get into often curls Jan's hair, even when the humidity is low.

Cameron:  Here is Marcus posing as if he is checking out a cat ball toy and actually behaving himself for once. 

Cyndi:  Doesn't he look innocent?  It never lasts, though. He'll do anything to get his picture taken.  Even behave.

Buddy:  Saturday morning Jan was talking to Mr. Doug on the phone.  Marcus walked up and opened his mouth a little.

Micah:  In case you aren't aware, it is dark in there.  In Marcus' mouth, I mean.  .

Sam:  So when Marcus walked up and opened his mouth, Jan almost freaked out.

Percy:  "Cause from this dark cavern bright colored lights started flashing. 

Sam:  After a slight scream and a second to blink, Jan reached in Marcus' mouth and pulled out that innocent little cat ball toy in the first photo.

Buddy:  See the cat toy flashing in the picture now that Jan has turned it on?

Percy:  It has a little button.  When pushed, colored lights flash.

Rusty:  Jan is working on deep cleaning the house, so no telling what else will show up, but Marcus found the lost toy somewhere. 

Micah:  And when he closed his mouth, he pushed the button.

Marcus:  So what's the problem?  I found the cat's ball so I should get a reward.  Instead you call me "devil dog".

Cyndi:  Marcus, you eat everything you can get in your mouth.  What if you had swallowed the ball?

Cameron:  You would be walking around flashing colors until the battery died.  Or you had to have surgery to remove it, whichever came first.

Marcus:  But I could have walked Jan to and from the human litter box so she didn't kick another door in the dark.  

Merci:  Right this moment, I'd give most anything for a video of that!

Marcus:  I would too.  I could have been an internet celebrity. 

Only a couple of more days to go with the voting.  Hang in there.

Daily reminder:  If you don't have a favorite shelter in the Vetericyn giveaway, please consider voting for PAWS, Norwalk CT once daily through October 15.   Many of you know of PAWS through Kevin from Animal Shelter Volunteer blog.  Your vote matters. 

1. Click on this link.  (it will open a new tab)
2. Click on "Click here to vote for a small animal organization". PAWS, Norwalk, CT will appear.
3.Click "Vote".


  1. Marcus, Marcus... we are so glad your Mom found this before you swallowed it!! PS: Our Mom LOVES the brand of flameless candles by Inglow. You should get some to light your way. She has tons of the critters.

  2. Oh my Marus, we thinks you should leave the kitty toys alone! You was lucky Jan spotted it before you swallowed.

    We hopes Jan is feeling better and her hand isn't sore anymore.

    Have a great day efurrybody!
    Sasha, sami, & Saku

  3. haha Marcus!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. OMD if you had SWALLOWED that thingy... and then Pooped it out... your poops would show up all FLASHY in the dark. THAT would be cool drool STOOL fur sure.

  5. BOL @ Frankie!!

    Yes, its a good thing you brought that ball to your Mom afur you tried to gobble it up. OMD!
    Were you going to play fetch?

  6. Oh my oh MY OH MY Marcus! We understand why Jan freaked out! We are so glad this ended well for everyone.

  7. Good thing your mom found that, you would have been a very sick pup. Please tell the kitties to visit us for another contest at 15andmeowing.

  8. our mommy would have freaked too!
    hey friends, trying to learn bloggie again ... we have been away too long
    Marcus no more kitty toys k?!
    love licks

  9. Oh Marcus, you're lucky Jan found this before you swallowed it ! That adventure could have had a very bad end ! Purrs

  10. Marcus, you were sent to Jan's place to keep her on her toes, right ?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. TeeHeeHee...way to go...ummm, we mean, Marcus you really shouldn't scare Jan like that!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. TeeHeeHee...way to go...ummm, we mean, Marcus you really shouldn't scare Jan like that!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Just a fawt, what ifin hims swallowed it and didn't hav to hav surgery and instead yous had colowful blinkin' yous know what. MOL Be caweful what yous put in yous mouff.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. We sure are glad you didn't swallow that to, Marcus. Jan might have fainted if she saw a blinking pile of stuff in the yard! :)

  15. Marcus, I hope you can achieve celebrity status on the Internet - and let all your housemates be in your very own video!

  16. Oh dear, that COULD have ended so differently than it did. Good thing!

    Your Super Doodz Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Marcus,mwere you getting ready for Halloween?

  18. Wow, a glow in the dark Marcus! Glad Jan saw the toy in time and got it out.
    Rusty is looking very handsome on the Cats of the CB Calendar!
    Thank you for supporting PAWS- I sure hope we win.
    PAWS volunteer Maggie

  19. Wow, with lights coming out of your mouth, we're glad you didn't get called "alien dog".
    Hugs you guys!

  20. Hope he doesn't swallow any other little toys he finds. I can't help but laugh picturing his flashing mouth! ~Rascal and Rocco

  21. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the smile.

  22. hello marcus its dennis the vizsla dog hay is that a crystal ball??? kan yoo tel fortchoons with it??? if so kan yoo ask it ware i left my nylabone??? thanks!!! ok bye


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