Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orijen and 3 Droolateers

Hey, we're Buddy, Merci & Sam, the Three Droolateers with a tasty *smack lips* post.  We're trying to appear nonchalant here but we were actually very frustrated with Jan taking so long to prepare to take photos one-handed again.  Something about her being so uncoordinated she can't hold the camera and push the button with the same hand.

When Mr. Chewy asked if we would like to do a treat review, we jumped at the chance.  Crazy us, we had visions of this - 

Instead, we got this -
Yeah, sitting and waiting and waiting and ... you get the idea.

Buddy:  Hey, Jan, you need to get coordinated.

We were told to choose any Orijen treat, so we chose the flash freeze-dried Ranch Raised Lamb treats.   Orijen treats are made with 100% meat, poultry or fish. No cooking or preservatives.  And no grain.  Our lamb treats are made from boneless lamb, lamb liver, lamb tripe.

Okay, Jan says they should be healthy.  But how do they taste?

Sam:  Can you see my frustration?  My ears are back and I'm squinting.  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry ...

... up.  Snagged one intended for Buddy!  He who turns his head loses his treat. Hey, this is good.  How about another?  I'm a big boy, you know.

Oh, please stop teasing us and push the button to take the picture.

Buddy:  It's about time!  Umm, tastes pretty good.

Merci:  If you're wondering where I disappeared to, I was nearly trampled by the big guys, so I moved too far away for Jan to reach.  She did toss me a couple, though. Tasty, worth waiting for.

Thank you,, for letting us taste test these Orijen dog treats
We really enjoyed it and Jan is always happy whenever she can give us something healthy.  Hmmm, wonder how the Orijen dog and cat food tastes? provided us with a bag of treats for this review.  We were neither paid for it nor told what to say.

It's Thankful Thursday and we're sure thankful for so many things, so we're joining the Pepi Smart Dog's blog hop.


  1. We can't wait for the Orijen freeze dried to get here! We (the kitties) get Orijen kibbles and we LOVE it! Whisky likes OUR kibbles but not the Orijen for dog, because it's too big and hard for her. :)

  2. OMD we are gonna add THESE treats to our next order from Mr. Chewy.

    PeeS... We were reading the Blogville Chronicle this morning.. Relaxing over a cool cup of water... and we saw that you are going to start a column. THAT is super!!

  3. Those are sounding tasty! Thank you for the review
    Benny & Lily

  4. We're glad we dont have to stand around ta get our treats in turns! TBT knows we would bite his ankles... MOL!

  5. we haz hurd a lot oh good stuff bout chewy's ...we gotta haz de food service purrson nell chek it out !!!

  6. Ain't it the truth...there we are all ready and willing to give a good taste test and the hoomins have to mess around with the camera...Sheesh! Looks like once you got your tooths on them these were some nommy treats...Momz has to look for them

  7. Those look nommy!


  8. It sure looks like that taste test was a whole lotta fun!

  9. My daily food is Orijen. Belive it or not we just discovered that Orijen make treats too.
    You enjoyed your TREATS. I bet it was TASTY. Golden woofs, Sugar

  10. PepiSmartDog:
    BOL! LOVE your photos and I was laughing out loud. You guys looked so serious in some of your portrait piccies. You were doing voodoo on Jan! Hahhaa!
    Thanks for joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and hope to see you again this week. :=o)


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