Friday, May 10, 2013

Cat Blogger Auditions

Yes, we are making some changes in the way we handle cat blogger interviews and we're  holding auditions for cat bloggers.  Don't panic if you can't quilt or play the trumpet.  These aren't real auditions.  We're just going to give readers a chance to become more involved in which bloggers we interview.  So far, our system has generally been ... well, strange.  We'd like to interview all the bloggers and don't want to be biased, so we've been mainly picking them at random from our bookmark list.

Despite months of juggling several prospects at a time, things happen beyond our control (and those being interviewed) and the unthinkable happened.  Last week none of our prospects responded and we didn't have an interview to publish.  This week we had one but this was an inconvenient week (for them) to publish.

So here we are again without an interview to post.  And this is why we came up with the idea to hold a casting call, which basically just means we are offering more reader participation. 

We have several upcoming bloggers at various stages of the interview process  - anywhere from delayed because of personal circumstances  to only just accepted. 

You can read more about our casting call post, Cat Blogger Casting Call, on Mousebreath. 


  1. I'm furry good on doing laundry = Wash my mousies :)
    I do high five for treats and LOVE to ride in mom's car.

  2. We think it's a great idea to hold a casting call. There are so many awesome blogging kitties, and we hope lots step up to participate. :)

  3. I think that is a good idea too!

  4. Very good idea ! My Arthur slept on a bird cage yesterday !

  5. I will send Charlie and Gumtree to have a look (once I find them - they are being elusive at the moment - the first sign of sun and they are off to their outdoor adventures!)!!! LOL!! Take care

  6. Austin is verry gud wiv werds! ;) Doesn't kwilt tho!! :)

  7. We certainly enjoyed being interviewed for MouseBreath and had many visitors saying how much they liked the interview.

    The auditions seem like a good way to go.


  8. We would like it iffen somekitty else nominated us, but if not, we ARE curious about the Mousebreath interview.

  9. OH, Jan, I'm afraid that we're one of the errant bloggers who let you down. We'll go to look at the casting call tomorrow and hopefully we can get chosen. XOX T, GG&B too.


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