Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Percy Turns Four

JFF has 3 birthdays in July, so we're going to incorporate them into one party post, but we'll tell their stories individually. We know when Cameron was born since he was born in the house next door. We know approximately when Percy was born since he was so young, not even weaned, when Merci rescued him. But Merci's age is a mystery.

We're going to tell Percy's story today. This is his day.

A few years ago, while Merci was walking Jan, Jan heard one of those birds that drive her crazy because it sounds like a tiny kitten crying. Merci ran to the old mill fence and used her I-found-a-cat whine. The more Jan tried to move her on, the more frantic Merci's whining became.

And then from under a bush crawled a wee kitten. Merci was ecstatic. Jan raced her to the mill office to let them know she needed help, rushed home to grab a carrier in case the kitten was afraid of Merci and arrived, panting, back at the fence before two maintenance workers arrived.

One scooped up the kitten, searched the area for possible other kittens, unlocked the gate and placed him in Jan's carrier. Jan swears Merci was walking on clouds, her feet never touching the ground, as they walked home. Passersby smiled at Merci, her head high and her plumed tail waving at warp speed.

Percy is Merci's cat. Yep, Merci is the only woofie we know personally who has two rescued cats of her own. But Cameron's story will have to wait until later this month.

Happy Birthday, Percy!

We have trouble believing you ever sounded like a bird, but Merci says it's true. We hope you'll be around for a lot more years.

We've been hiding a few things Sassy sent for our birthday guys and gal. When Sassy gave Jan the palm pilot for her birthday last month, she also sent a calendar with the July dates because -- Well, you know why ... Jan forgets. We just love this calendar she made. Click to enlarge it.

The 3 got these lovely birthday cakes from Sassy, Momo (Momo is spending the summer with Sassy while her SS is working in China.), Opus & Roscoe.

Despite our fridge being nude on the outside, we do have lots of goodies on the inside. Tuna, ham, crab and shrimp, for starters. There is plenty to go around. And lots of cake! We didn't organize an official party. But any who stop by, even if for the first time, please feel free to help yourself. We would just set out the food, but it isn't a good idea in this heat.

Sassy sent this great tree tower. Percy is beside himself. He can't believe he has his own tree.

Sassy, this is Percy. Thank you for the tree and the cake.

JFF: And thanks for reminding Jan so she could let JFF post this in time.



    We teleported over to celebrate your birthday, hope you are having a fun day. We are so glad that you liked everything that we did for your birthday. Stay around this world for a long, long, long, long time.
    Sas & Momo


    Merci - you is a HEROINE!!!!!

    grampa norton finded me in the garden, so I knows how grateful Percy must be! - Sammy

  3. Happy Birthday Percy! And it's on the same day as one of my great friends, Sen-Chan!

    I shall have some Tuna now in honor of both of you.

  4. Happy Purrthday, Percy! We hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  5. Happy Birthday, Percy! Enjoy your special day!

    love & wags,

  6. Happy birthday to efurryone! So many furries to love.

    I just found out that we are neighbors. Isn't that wonderful? All of my family lives up near the mountains in Georgia. What part are you in?

    Thank you for coming by my bloggy. It was furry nice meeting you all.


  7. Happy Birthday, Percy! You must be an extra-special kitty to be rescued by Merci.

  8. Happy Birthday Percy!!!!!

    Merci, you must be a very special dog to have two cats.

    All the food looks delicious and do we hear music .................

    MoMo & Sassy, it's so good to see you two out and about. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  9. Happy Birthay Percy!!
    Merci, what a great woofie you are to rescue to kitties like that. I think it isnt' on the outside of the fridge that counts, it is hte inside...

    thanks for coming to my house trashing party! Seeing Buddy swing on the fan was so fun! I hope the room stopped spinning for him.

  10. What a good story!!

    Happy Birthday Percy!!! :)
    We're so glad Merci rescued Percy!!!! Merci, thank you!!

    Momo & Pinot

  11. Happy Purrfday Percy! You guys are gonna have a lot of partying to do this month!

  12. Happy Birthday, Percy!

    We rescued one of ours from the shelter and can only approximate her age. We use January 1st as her birthday.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Merci is such a special woofie to have rescued 2 kitties.

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Percy!!! We are so glad we could be here to celebrate your special day with you!

  15. HAPPY Birthday Percy--I hope it was a Grtate one,
    and a happy Birthday to all the other who shared this happy day!
    and this MONTH..
    we are gonna have to get meowme one of them there mrmbr things--
    she is always Lost on things

    "Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy !"
    GentleAnnie, Gypsy,and Mollie

    okkkkkk and meowme
    said Happy B'day toooo
    and sends Huggggs and Halos

    Kc[ gentle annie2 ]

    ghees having a times sending this

  16. Oh Happppppy Day to YOU!

  17. Hope Percy had a great birthday yesterday. Things are quiet where I am at, cause the mom of the house dumped me. Nice to teleport once and awhile.
    Sassy & Momo

  18. Happy Purrthday, Percy! Yeah, we is glad you were founded by Merci, who's powers are as mysterious as her age!
    Happy partaying!
    Purrs and Hugs,

  19. happee birfday percy.
    wutta grate story!

  20. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PERCY!!! Your story is fantastic. Sorry we missed posting yesterday!

  21. Happy Birfday!!!

    I also wanted to tank you for visting my blog and welcoming me the ofur day!


  22. Belated Happy Birthday, Percy :-D That is a wonderful story of how Merci found you and you got your forever home.

  23. Three cheers for Percy and Merci!

    A match made in heaven.

    Purrs and head butts for you both. :)

  24. Thanks for the news on Georgia. We have limited internet time and cannot check on efurryone.

  25. Hi guys! We know its a hectic time over at the farm, but we tagged u for the quirk meme, any kitty or woofie can do it if u're free! hee hee

  26. Happy belated birthday, Percy!
    Tail wags,


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