Friday, July 11, 2008

Farewell Emil

As many of you are aware, Emil disappeared on June 21st and, sadly, in the desert area where he lived, that was the worst of news for his family.

Opus & Roscoe have put together an Irish wake for Emil of the Cat Realm. We're not very good with words sometimes, so we'll use theirs:

We wanted to let everyone know that there is a wake for little Emil. Please stop by and share your favorite memories or photos of sweet Emil. Or, you can simply leave comments for Karl and his family. The wake is going on all weekend at:
Remembering Emil

Emil was Karl's little brother. We all had the opportunity to meet the little prankster. Cameron says Emil's photography genius really came through with his behind the scenes pictures of cast and crew of CCSI III. Cameron said Emil never laid his camera down and when the photos came out, they understood why.

Emil was more laid back during the cruise Rusty took with him and a few friends in May. He and Sassy kept the group laughing.

All aboard!
Photo by Sassy & Zoolatry

But at Karl's lizard BBQ, Emil was into so much mischief. He told Cyndi if she ate too many lizards, she would turn into one, so she won't touch a lizard to this day! She doesn't want to end up on the menu at Karl's next BBQ.
photo by Karl

There are instructions on how to post a tribute, photo or comment, but even if you didn't know Emil, please stop by and leave a comment.

Farewell, Emil. We miss you.

Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Samaritan


  1. What a lovely tribute to my dear sweet friend Emil. I am so glad that you got to know him and could go on adventures with him.
    Sassy & Momo

  2. I am going to miss Emil and his cute red glasses.

  3. What a wonderful tribute! Thank you so much. We didn't even know he told Cyndi that but it sure sounds like him, hahahahahahha!
    I told Sassy that in the future he will most probably take pictures of her most hidden secrets and distribute them among the bridge animals!
    Thank you for being such a good friend!

  4. That was a wonderful tribute to Emil

  5. That is a lovely tribute to Emil. He will be missed by all.

  6. We Ballicai are gonna miss purreshus Emil. He was a great furriend and such a wunnerful fun-lovin feller.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!!
    It really made my day awesome :)
    That was a super post for Emil!!!! He may not have been here long,but what an impact he made!!

    Purrs Mickey

  8. What a lovely tribute for dear, funny Emil. I didn't know about the wake for him so I'm glad I stopped by. I came to see if you had done the Cool Box Meme and to tag you if you haven't. Please do it if you feel like it, but no pressure:) xxx

  9. I haven't been visiting much and I feel bad for being out of the loop. So much is happening and so much to catch up on.

    The Irish Wake sounds like a marvelous idea, I'm headed over there no to pay my respects.


  10. So Long Emil, sorry we didn't get to know you but we will see you on the other side. Luv Miss Henry and Marley too.

  11. Whyever wouldn't you be welcome at our blog? We are quite inclusive for dogs and cats!

    Unfortunately most people don't include cats as well as dogs... Which is quite specist as far as I'm concerned!


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