Monday, April 28, 2008

Scary Eyes Contest

Deetz is having a scary eye contest on his blog. All we have to do is to post a photo and leave him a comment. His mom will pick up the photo and post it for the contest. This is our entry.

This was taken a couple of months after we rescued Samaritan and he wasn't looking too healthy yet. He has the scary eyes but Merci is sure making a scary face.

We hope you like our entry, Deetz.


  1. Oh that is a wonderful scary eye photo. I am so glad you found it. Mum got it all saved for the contest. Yippeeeeeeee.
    Ps. My mum wanted to know, how when you post the blog, how you do a link with the name, so all you have to do is click on the name and it takes you to the link....
    She is a nerd sometimes

  2. COOL! Great job, you guys!
    Play bows,

  3. Not only are the eyes scary but the mouth of that one doggie is really scary.
    Sassy, Momo, Opus, Roscoe, Karl, & Ruis

  4. Those are some very scary shots..
    Thanks for stopping by and checking up on us. Louie is growing he is almost as tall as Gus but still lacks the coordination with those long legs of his.
    We passed our obedience training and we are now looking forward to start our herding classes. The instructor is so impressed with how attentive and quickly that Louie learned his hand signals that she is considering letting Louie train also. We just need to figure out how to move him among the sheep. We are thinking possible a vibrating collar will do the trick. keep your paws crossed..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  5. Aaaahhhhh! Those eyes scairt me a lot!

  6. Hi guys!
    That's a great scary eye pic!!
    And you're welcome fur the food! :D
    Our weather right now is getting prettier and hotter every day. Our humans are starting to give us ice cubes again (like last summer)! Yay!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  7. Man, now that's a winning photo right there! I just about peed my pants when I saw it! Oh, right, I don't wear pants... Hee hee...


  8. I think that is quite scary--but I'd still have to chase him!

  9. Ooohh this is a good one! Love A+A

  10. Scary eye contest! That is great!

  11. wow that is a good pic cuz it has the added snarky Merci face! bonus scary points

    Samaritan looks kinda like the pup on

  12. yup - if you go to on the left near the top is the ihasahotdog link which is where i found it - good stuff

    i start every work day with those 2 sites, and - starting a day without them is unthinkable!

  13. Wow - those are some super scary eyes - good luck!

  14. I think you might have just done it...the scawiest eyes...but I know that Mercu and Samawitan awe not's just the camewa, hehehe
    Thank you fow coming to cheew me up...I hate to make pwomises and not keep them..smoochie kisses

  15. Wow, you have some very scary eyes. ~Socks, S & C

  16. Yikes that is a very scary picture indeed!

    Thanks for purring for Orange Boy. While he is still fighting he made it through another night!

  17. oooooo! We like it. Very very scary!!

  18. You sure do have a big farmily. Not only are your eyes scary, but Merci has a scary mouth in that picture too. Good luck.

  19. Oooh, those are some scary eyes, all right.

  20. Hi Cotton! Could you resend Mommy your email address? Thank you!

    We have a new member on TATA! Go and see!

  21. Cameron welcome aboard CCSI III, looking forward to working with you. A great show is now in the making.

  22. YIKES! My back is arched and my furs are standing up straight! I got really scairt!

  23. You 2 sure do have scary looking eyes. That happens often to Abby's eyes in pictures. Rosie calls her the devil dog

  24. Gosh they are some scarey eyes!!!!

    Great competition entry.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets


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