Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Help Tammy Rothrock

We don't have time to rewrite this and we know that some of our readers don't click on links, so since Artsy Craftsy gave permission to post it and time is of the essence, we borrowed it to post here in its entirety and we will be emailing non-blogging animal lovers to ask for their help too.


Yesterday I received a Best Friends email about the plight of a cat rescuer -- located 15 minutes from me, so I contacted her to offer my help. Tammy Rothrock lives in Brazil, Indiana, where she and her husband, in their home of more than 20 years, have been rescuing stray cats and providing them with safe, healthy lives. At present, they have 31 kitties in their large home, all spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, with regular vet care.This is all being done legally: the City of Brazil issued a kennel license to Tammy last year, and the Rothrocks were in the process of organizing as a non-for-profit rescue shelter. Now the city has suddenly decided that her area isn't zoned for "business" and they've ordered her to get rid of all her cats. And they've also ordered her husband to immediately shut down the auto repair business he has operated on the property for more than 20 years!

This loving couple is using their own money to do the city's work by taking in and caring for stray animals that would otherwise be out on the streets breeding ... and instead of thanking them and supporting them, the city is making Tammy get rid of the cats she loves, fining them, destroying the family business and taking away their income ... and ultimately making them give up their family home, because rather than give up their beloved cats and their rescue efforts, the Rothrocks have put their house up for sale!THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS and I ask the entire Cat Blogosphere to join forces to prevent what their city is doing to the Rothrocks. Here's what we can do:

1) First, I ask you to please read the full information and watch the news video:

2) Then, I hope you'll join me in immediately emailing the following city officials to protest their actions and suggest more humane solutions before their "work session" next Thursday:
Michele Altman, City Plan Administrator:
Mayor Ann Bradshaw:
Sam Glover, City Council Member:
Patricia Heffner, City Council Member:
Karen McQueen, Clerk/Treasurer:

3) You can also email a Letter to the Editor of the Brazil newspaper.

4) If anyone has any experience with this kind of situation and might have some advice for the Rothrocks, please email me at artsycatsy(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will immediately pass your info on to Tammy.

5) Finally, if you could put a link to this story, or re-post it on your blog or Catster, or anywhere else you can think of, it will help get even more emails to these people.

Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention, Artsy Catsy. We hope lots and lots of kitties and doggies will get their humans to respond and bombard the city with complaints in order to help these folks. We do ask you to be polite, though. Anger and bad words will only make the situation worse for the Rothrocks.

Update: Artsy Catsy is posting correspondence to/from the city officials here. And AC has is requesting that you forward Artsy Craftsy a copy of any response you receive from the city of Brazil because they are not being straightforward in their responses. To email AC, click here.

Oh, scroll down if you're visiting JFF, or if you arrived by the link to this particular post click here to read the regular post for today, the after photo from Karl's party. Boy, did we have fun!


  1. Jan, thank you so much for helping us get the word out about this. And re: your comment on our blog, the city has denied all the Rothrock's pleas for re-zoning or grandfathering them in.


  2. I think this is absolutely horrible what they are doing. We have written our emails and hope that lots of other people write as well.

  3. Jan, I'm alerting Alley Cat Allies to this situation.


  4. woofies and burfs, can i use the post as is, or do i need to compose my own post?


  5. woofies and burfs, lol i figured that out when i went to the site...that little dachshund mix is soooo cutee..yess, i was gonna link back to u...i think is what i will do is, just say urgent help needed then link it to u...


  6. That's really unfair. Why do they do that to the innocent couple and the poor cats...

    ~ Girl girl

  7. This is terrible, we will do what we can to help. ~Scylla, Socks & Charybdis

  8. I am so sorry to the girls on the Funny Farm! I did not mean to indicate that you are not girls because I know that you are. Actually, last night when Mommie was writing the blog she thought about you girls, but then decided you were our first Group to join. Peas do not be upset, I really love you! :::Headbutts::: I hope you can forgive me and my silly Mommie.

    PS- We has written letters to all the above humans. They are de-spick-able!

  9. PPS- I changed the wording on my bloggie for my favorite girls ;)

  10. Hope we are able to help out and get the city to change it's mind. Why does there have to be mean ones out there?

  11. It is absolutely horrible! Why don't they use their efforts to go after the pet abusers?

  12. I'm not surprised they're bein' twisty about it, but it just makes no sense to hurt people who're doing such GOOD!

  13. I saw that you stopped by today and was wondering where I was for the clean up after Karl's party. Well I hate to say it but Emil and I are passed out in the scoop of the front loader, yep you read that right.

  14. That loader thingie that was used in the clean up was nothing I would want to be near. If I hadn't been passed out with Emil in the scooper I would have been inside the cabin of it with Opus and Momo.

  15. we're on it! this is a horrible thing to happen!

  16. That's just horrible! I don't understand how they could do that to them! I really, really hope everything will turn out fine!


  17. Oh Jan,

    We've been away from the CB for a few days, and just heard the news. This is horrible! Thank you so much for brining this matter to our attention!

  18. Thank for letting us know about this news. This is horrible!!!

    Momo & Pinot

  19. Wow--thanks so much for posting about this story. It's so sad that someone trying to help animals in need is treated so badly by the system. We'll look for updates from you and hope this story ends well!

  20. thanks for the information - mum wishes she could help so much. there are so many that need help and Tammy is doing such a good thing

  21. thanks for the clarification Jan but also didn't know that we could since we're not voters in that area... but will follow up - this is just so insane

  22. I have been reading and reading about this on the links and on Artsy Catsy and it is just so unfair. I think it's a case of "No good deed goes unpunished."

  23. Outrageous and unhuman...but that is the government for you!
    This leaves me speechless. I will pray for these nice folks who will loose all to keep what they love most!
    I will see you all next week when I get back from Hawaii.
    Love your Miss Peach

  24. Jan
    This is so tewwible
    Why would they make such unfaiw laws..who does it benefit to put evewyone out of theiw homes??
    is anything helping?
    awe they listening at all to the things we'we witing?
    smoochie kisses

  25. oh, it's sad news....we're so sorry furr not hanging around lately; are late yet to send emails to these humans?
    we'll try to send it anyway:)

    1st ManCat Monday furr Big Brother Bunjie, Meaouwy Troops leader

  26. we mailed them and said that we were from the UK and the poor plight of this family and the cats is fast becoming international news...and that the City of Brazil Officials are gonna look kind of stoopid on the international world stage for acting in such a short-sighted manner!

  27. Hi Jan,

    We just wanted to stop by and see how everything is going. We hope all is well with you and yours!

    Purs and Headbutts,

  28. Taking a break from CCSI III auditions and thought I would stop by and say hey. Always fun to be at your place. Somekitty or doggie is always up to something and I have to see what is goin on. As usual Jan is busy, busy, busy.

  29. Hi Everyone
    My mum posted pictures of Charlotte today if you want to meet her. Also she is thinking about having a scary eye contest if anyone is interested.
    How does a lizard taste anyway? I never did find out if they were any good or not.


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