Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casting List

Sassy posted the cast list for CCSI III, "Missing Mummy Caper" today and our Cameron is going to be playing the part of Uncle Bill. He's trying to act nonchalant but he's so excited he couldn't even hold still long enough for Jan to take his photo this morning.

If you haven't already done so, stop by Sassy's to see which cats and dogs will be in the latest production. There's quite a cast. CrizCats wrote the script.

We can't wait until May 10 & 11. Be sure to mark those dates on your calendar.


We are glad Moki's brother Orange Boy is recovering from the rattlesnake bite. Hopefully, Miss Crystal is resting after sitting up with Orange Boy in case he took a turn for the worse. Before long, he'll probably be boasting about his scar, showing it off and crowing, It came this close to my eye. What a scare!


Rascal finished his chemo but Storm the Furry Fighter started back on treatments after her lymphoma returned.


  1. woof's JFF, me will haff to go c whos gonna b in da show this time...ouchie a rattlesnake bite, is no fun, hope dey will b ok...dats pawsome fur rascal, and i hopes storm will feel better soon..

    b safe,

  2. Congratulations Cameron!!! You will be a wonderful Uncle Bill, I am very happy that you got cast!
    And thank you for all the updates!

  3. The new CCSI production sounds very exciting. Congratulations, Cameron. I am glad that Orange Boy is feeling better and that Rascal has finished up his chemo. I am hoping for the best for Storm.

  4. Sassy is going to be in the production too!

    How exciting!

    We are so glad that Orange Boy is feeling better. Best purrrs for Rascal & Storm.

  5. Scylla is going to be in the production too. She is so excited. She keeps running around telling all the birds and squirrls. Congratulations Cameron.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  6. I can hardly wait for the new episode! There sure are a lot of good actors and actresses!

  7. I pray and fold my paws for all the doggies and furry animals and non furry animals to get well soon who are sick.


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