Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miral and Mom Laura


Photo borrowed from Sassy Cat.

After a serious illness, Miral was recently diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and the prognosis was not good. Unfortunately, she lost her battle yesterday. We are deeply saddened for Miral's family and send our purrs and doggie kisses.


We've had a couple of requests from non-bloggers to keep them updated, so we're going to post a little more information today on Laura and her kitty's.

Laura is at her parents' house. Her apartment is not "charred to dust," as originally reported. The fireman must have confused apartments. Easy enough to do, we're sure. The apartments on one side of her are fine, but the ones to the other side are gone. The damage to hers is mostly from smoke and water.

No cat bodies were found in a search of the apartment on Saturday. They could be well-hidden somewhere, but with the amount of smoke from that fire, that might not be good news; however, anything is possible.

The sliding door was left open when Laura left for work. The balconies overlap, so perhaps the cats were able to escape from the 3rd floor during or after the fire, and are hiding in the woods behind the building. If so, they are scared and will not respond if called, but hopefully they will be found. Laura is making flyers to post for her missing cats.

Cheysulli and Gemini are coordinating a fundraiser Auction for Mom Laura. She still has Lilly Lu's vet bill to pay, plus new, unexpected expenses. And she is expecting twins.

We meant to post this earlier. Remember Clive? He went to the bridge in January of this year? In case you have lost touch with her, his site is still open but his mom is mostly blogging here.

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  1. woofies and burfs JFF, we just went and paid our respects to Miral's family...sooo sad..still hoping and praying for good news for Laura...and i didnt know that Clives mom was still posting, will go there next...fanks for all the updates..

    b safe,
    bear and
    angel lacylulu ;)


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