Monday, April 10, 2017

Great Swampi Marcus 7

Taylor:  Oh, Swampi, you shouldn't let your fans see you yawning.  They'll think you're boring.  Or should that be they'll think they're boring?  Whichever, you shouldn't let anyone see you yawn in public. 

Marcus:  I'm not yawning.  I'm the Great Swampi, hear me roar!  What do you have for me this week?

Taylor:  Barking from the Bayou asked, "Do you know how to avoid bath time? I think we would all love to hear that advice.

Marcus:  I would love to hear that advice too.  I roll in the dirt and evidently a mushroom cloud of dust arises from me whenever I scratch or am petted, so I see a bath in my own near future.

Taylor:  Molly T. of The Fast and the Furrie needs some help.  "I'm hoping you can come up with a way to get Mom to play soccer with me more often than twice a day."

Marcus:  If your mom works for green papers, you could get her fired and then she would have lots more time to play soccer with you.  That's not a good idea, though, because you have become accustomed to eating regularly and I'm sure your mom has too.  Perhaps you could learn to play soccer by yourself for when she's not available.  Better yet, I have the same problem.  Perhaps we could play soccer together.

Taylor:  From Team Beaglebratz with Lady Shasta, "Can u tell me y it hazta rain so much? I NEED my walkiez an'me an'mom don't like bein'in the rain. An'mom sez I NEED my walkiez so I can loze weight. Mom already haz me on a diet."

Marcus:  It has to rain so much so we furries can get all wet and muddy and come into the house and dry ourselves off on the bed and other furniture and track mud all through the house. Our humans love that about us.  Jan is always praising us with, "Thanks a LOT for making a mess!"

Taylor:  Loulou asked in a post on her blog, "Oh, Great Swampi, can you give me a potion that will keep The Public from fawning over me all the time?"  (Her mama and papa are "The Public".) 

Marcus:  There is such a potion that will stop the fawning but it will net you a bath.  If you're desperate and want to try it, though, just roll in some Castor Oil mixed well with cayenne pepper.

Taylor:  You might remember our Friday post on the exploding bed?  (An Innocent BySleeper)  This question is from Pooh and Her Pooch blog.  "Was it a comfy bed after the explosion?"

Marcus:  Since it was my bed that Merci destroyed, I can tell you with certainty that is is NOT a comfy bed now.  In fact, Merci moved out of my crate and into a bed she previously considered too small and uncomfortable and is now working on making that one explode too.

Taylor: She's good!  I wonder if the military could use another demolition expert?

Do any of you use the Firefox browser?  We have been trying for several months to leave a comment on two Typepad blogs we used to visit without a problem.  We have gone round and round with their support.  We have no problem leaving a comment anywhere else.  There is nothing wrong with either blog or with our browser, but the "post" icon stays grayed out so we can not comment.  Typepad insists we are the only one with a problem. We just updated to FF version 52.  Could you take a minute to see if you can leave a comment on either or both of these blogs and let us know how you make out?  Thank you!!!

The Opinionated Pussycat.

The Poodle and Dog Blog.


  1. Hari om
    Crikey Swampi-ji, the tech stuff beyond even your wonderfur powers? Hope someone has an answer... I surely don't. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Great Swampi will my Milkbone tree flourish
    Lily & Edward

  3. We love seeing you wif yur blankie on. stella rose

  4. You are gaining quite a following Great Swampi!

  5. I like to jump in the bathtub and play in the water. I get all muddy because I know I'll get a bath for it. My late colleague Joey dog hated to get his feet dirty, and hated the bathtub too. But that never stopped him from rolling in a stinky dead worm if he happened to find one.

  6. Those are very wise words, Marcus, MOL ! Purrs

  7. Wish I could help you with that blog comment problem, but I have no clue! And somehow, Great Swampi Marcus, I don't think Jan is saying what you THINK she's saying when you come in from the rainy outdoors!

  8. Oh, dear that Merci!
    Poor Marcus. Ad we used to hear all the stories about *you*. Now its the other way round, BOL!

    We went to those blogs and left a test did work...after a few tries.

  9. Sadly, we were waterboarded today! Neither of us think we were dirty but Mom said something about us scratching after rolling in the grass. Life can be soooo unfair!

  10. We use Chrome but we always have problems with Opinionated Pussycat.

    We're impurressed by Swampi Marcus's insights!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Well, we must really be special. Furstly, we never go out and roll in da mud, but we always get dat same praise and fanks. As fur da comment thingy, are you signed in? We used to try to leave comments and never unnerstood what da purroblem was, till one day we realized we needed to sign in with somethin'. We chose twitter, but there were other options. Now da all gray lets us post. It;s pawssible, cuz it's happened to us befur, dat durin' an upgrade, you got logged out. Good luck.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Been visiting those blogs for years and never had a problem until a few months ago. We don't sign in to anyplace with FB or Twitter unless it is FB or Twitter! Always just filled in the blanks and hit post for Typepad. Other people are having problems and not reporting it, but something has changed.

  12. Purrseidon here/ C.L.W.STEP and I are apparently in tune... Why in the world would anyone want to avoid a bath?!?!? I, fur one, roll in the dirt because I know I'll get extra baths!

  13. We kitties never worry about baths 'cuz we take care of it all by ourselves.
    You're pretty smart though Marcus.

  14. Oh, Great Swampi, thank you for your counsel. I rolled in olive oil (being half Italian) but forewent the pepper (ouch) and instead rolled in rolled oats (seemed obvious). Well, mama had a heck of a time vacuuming up all of THOSE little suckers and I got a good day's zzzzz.


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