Friday, April 14, 2017

Andy and Dougy

Rusty:  No, you're not imagining it.  Neither of those cats are one of us.

Cyndi:  They're Andy and Dougy from Weggieboy's Blog,

Micah:  Can you tell them apart?  We can't.

Taylor:  I can.  We wrote their names on the picture.  

Percy:  Smoke Persians Andy and Dougy has published on Mousebreath. 

Note:  We forgot about the interview when we posted Serious Thinking.

We are beyond sad, because after having fun with product reviews (at least we had fun and we tried to make them fun for you too) and being able to try a variety of new things because of them, as of May 1st, we will no longer be doing Chewy reviews - or any other reviews! 

We want to make it perfectly clear that this decision has nothing to do with Chewy (or any other company we have had contact with).  Sydney and Natalie have been super nice and we will miss them.  

When we do reviews, we have to report the product as income even though we do not receive financial compensation.  We try to be honest and do what is right.  2016 was a good review year for us.  Trying to report it has been a nightmare!  It took a week through a maze of confusion for Federal.  The new Georgia state 5-page plus a 6th to report just one - ONE! - item nearly gave Jan a stroke.  (And before anyone asks why not use the state EZ form, she can't because of her age.)  Never, never, never, never, NEVER again!!!!

Reviews were something we all enjoyed. Jan is very discouraged!  (This is the short version for those of you who asked.)   Have a good Easter weekend.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, that is a big decision... because even I loved your reviews, even though no purpose for the products. Cost v. benefit analyses are definitely 'serious thinking' and it seems you have formed the value which fits best for you and your bloggy. You have lots of other interesting stuff to fill it with though. I am sure the Great Swampi Marcus will come up with ideas!!! Hugs wags and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Great interview with Dougie and Andy! I have family who live in west Nebraska small is the world? That review thang doesn't sit well with me either, but I've never done it so I can only commiserate with the 'hate-doing-taxes' part.

  3. Too bad about the reviews. Why does the gov always make things so complicated?

  4. Why the $#@$@*$&@#@*!! do you have to report your tasting of food as INCOME??? Absurd. I thing a talk with a good tax man may change that idea. That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. So if I try a new sausage or something at the supermarket and tell others I have to pay tax on it? If you are not getting $$ it is not income.

    1. Sorry, but being paid $ is not the only criteria for whether something is taxable. I have known that for years and reported accordingly. This is the first year the state has made reporting it so complicated and their scrolling form such a pain in the a@@.

  5. Well, that is awful about how complicated your state makes reporting this. This is why my human has someone else do her tax returns - with her business (which is an S corp), she could never do them herself! But that aside, she thinks that the forms should be made easier for people who have hobbies (like blogging) that they get some benefits from.

  6. Those are two beautiful cats. Sorry sweet Jan about the filing of taxes and the food reviews. We are going to hop over and read the interview. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Andy & Dougy are great cats. We're pleased they were chosen for an interview.

  8. Dang, just one of many reasons we don't like politicians of any flavor.

  9. Such gorgeous kitties. Sorry to hear about the reviews.

  10. I've taken all the courses to be an accountant and passed the CPA exam ... but taxes? Un uh. Not gonna do it! Leave it to the IRS to ruin everything! Actually, my state is even worse.

  11. What a pain fur sure. Pawppy here just said he had to fill out hundreds of line items too for some things the bank was doing on our behalf...yup, giving us a headache and worse on our behalf, BOL/MOL!
    Taxes are such a bane. Boooooo.
    Sorry you are having to stop those reviews. Now we will know not to even start them.

    We will go and check out the mouse breath intermew.

    Hugs, purrs and wags from us to you all to help you feel better.

  12. Hello There,
    Loved Andy and Dougy..a couple of cool cats! The female human does not like taxes. I don't know what they are but I cut a wide swath around her when she's working on them. They seem to make her very cranky!
    Purrs and Headbonks,
    Alberto from The Tribe of Five at Feline Opines

  13. Too bad that taxes are spoiling all the fun ! We're sorry for you ! Purrs

  14. OMG! It's tax time!
    Well, try to have a super Sunday anyway...

    Noodle and crew

  15. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow the taks man shoor duz mayk evrything less fun!!! as if reetching into the bank and tayking owt green paypers isnt bad enuf??? i am sorry the funny farmers ar going to hav to stop dooing revyooz but sumtimes the payn in the nek faktor just becomes too mutch!!! ok bye

  16. Beautiful cats! I hate the entire tax thing. I broke down and hired an accountant this year. What a pain!

  17. Andy and Dougy seem like pretty cool cats, and we'll head on over to Mousebreath to read your interview. We know it will be awesome!

    We're sad to hear you won't be doing reviews anymore. You always do such a great job with them. What a bummer that Georgia makes it all so difficult and cumbersome. :(

    Big hugs to you all.

  18. Oh No, dat is just horrible. Da reviews help those of us who be finacially strapped so very much. We hope maybe ya'll can find a way 'round this or somethin'. We're sendin' purrayers. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  19. We love product reviews unconnected to the provider. Reviews arranged by the provider makes us annoyed.

  20. That is a bummer about the reviews but a wake-up call for bloggers. I have a big issue with brands who can well afford to pay for sponsored content provide product only. As long as bloggers agree to it, brands will continue to take advantage.

  21. That is a bummer about the reviews but a wake-up call for bloggers. I have a big issue with brands who can well afford to pay for sponsored content provide product only. As long as bloggers agree to it, brands will continue to take advantage.


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