Friday, May 08, 2015

Team Dash and Grass

MICAH:  We are back with another award winning in-depth interview.  Thank you, thank you.  *bows*

CYNDI:  Micah is just clowning around, but we do have another great cat interview for you today.

RUSTY:  We have the entire Team Dash Kitten family with us.  They live in New Zealand and had to travel from Down Under to Southern U.S.

CYNDI:  That's a long trip, isn't it!

MICAH:  Yes, it is; at least as far as from here to Atlanta.

PERCY:  Why don't you check an online map? 

RUSTY:  Good idea.  Yes, here it is ... NZ ... and Atlanta.  I need a ruler.  They're how many inches apart?

PERCY:  Mousebreath, the ezine written by cats for cats, has the scoop on The Team Dash Kitten Family.  This is the blogging part of the family.

PERCY:  And this is the non-blogging part.  You can meet them all at Mousebreath.

BUDDY:  Below is something we have wanted to post about but we haven't had time.  This is what our dog pen has looked like when it rains for the past two years and it has rained a LOT! 

MICAH: I love it when the yard is flooded.  It makes my canine soccer games so much more fun.  I get to slosh through the water and dig in the mud. And then track it through the house.

MERCI:  The yard slopes so water runs downhill and goes under the house.  It also digs water trenches through the yard.  Marcus digs in the mud, then comes in and wipes his paws off on the washer, dryer, counter edges and Jan's clothes, especially if she's dressed to leave the house.

MARCUS:  Jan blames us (mostly me)  for the mess in the house but guess who is the worst offender?  

BUDDY:  You guessed it - Jan.  She wipes her feet but the mud is so thick, it gets into the shoe crevices and big chunks fall off as she walks.  

SAM:  We don't mind the mud but Jan said she has HAD IT with mud all through the house, mud all over the appliances, clods of mud everywhere which end up in every crevice, including all the electronics (computer too). She says she can't live this way any longer, and since she can't afford to pay someone, and she doesn't have anyone to help her, she tried to dig up the yard herself.

MERCI:  But if you remember, the ground is rock hard and she couldn't even dig a decent grave for Cameron.

MARCUS:  She was able to borrow this electric rototiller machine.  It helped, but between the cement ground and masses of tree roots, the machine leaped into the air in every direction, and was hard to control.  It was kind of fun to watch.  From inside the house, of course. 

BUDDY:  Monday was another day of backbreaking labor, but she ended up with this. 

SAM:  This is the final result after she spread the grass seed and covered it with a light blanket of straw to protect the seed and to help keep it moist.  Except the squirrels and chipmunks (and possibly raccoons) are digging up the seeds and having a feast.

BUDDY:   Jan is exhausted and in pain, and Marcus is going stir crazy.  He isn't allowed to play in the yard until .... supposedly, until some grass grows.  Jan asked a guy who does this for a living and has been doing what he told her to do.  She is heartsick at the thought she might have gone through all this for nothing.  We really need some grass to grow in the pen!  I suggest we pee more.

MERCI:  Perhaps some of you have an abundance of grass and we could help ourselves to some?  Or you could mail us chunks to glue together?

MARCUS:  And soon, please!  I'm young.  I need exercise!  I want to get back to my soccer games so I can dig more trenches.

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  1. We purr fer Jan, the seeds, and the repairs to come later. (Both Jan's and the lawn)

  2. We have had lots of rain, too, and everything is muddy. And yep, we have squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies that eat all seeds and bulbs.

  3. OMD OMD We HOPE that the grass DOES grow.... it would be a SHAME fur Miss Jan to have done all that fur Nothing.... BUTT you know what they say.... MUD is the NEW BLACK...

  4. And here we thought she would borrow one of those stamper machines so the ground would be even harder. I think she had a better idea!
    Hurry up, grass! Someone wants to play!

  5. I know a couple dogs who would have LOVED to have a run in that mud lol!

  6. Pierre would wallow in the mud! Happy Pet Parading ☺

  7. Oh dear me Jan you are industrious! We sure hope some green grass grows for your pen!

  8. I know our cats would love a mud bath! Have fun.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of work, work our mom knows too much about because she does the same thing! No money for help and does it all by herself. Sure is entertaining from the window though, huh? Soft paws for your mom!

  10. Ugh! And here in California, all our grass is brown because we don't want to use any water. Too bad we can't send the grass we have left to you!

  11. We had a lot of rain too ; Jan did a such a hard work, we hope you'll get some grass very soon ! Purrs

  12. Jan works hard around your place...hope the problem is solved soon! Dad is the main culprit at our house when it comes to walking all over just washed floors with his big shoes. Sheesh.

  13. Wow! There's a lot of work going on in your yard guys! I hope all of the water will help the grass to grow. Tell Jan that she is doing great work.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  14. I will go check out their interview- nice to learn about another big family :)

  15. Wow, that was a lot of hard work Jan did! We sure hope it helps alleviate that mud and flooding problem. Paws and fingers crossed for some lush and lovely grass real soon.

    Off to read what we know will be an awesome interview!


  16. Oh my that was a lot of work for Jan, we sure hope the grass grows quickly.

    Mom bean says, if the grass doesn't grow well, maybe Jan could try another type of ground cover. We has catmint growing in our back yard and we lub it!

  17. I know exactly how back breaking that is guys!! we live on a rock reef..horrid and the saga to get grass to grow out the front...urghhhhhh now it is ruined from Summer..i hope it takes for Jan as mud or dry dirt are both horrid..i get the eeeks just thinking about that tiller..Fozziedad had to get a petrol operated post hole digger...nearly threw him a mile...i couldn't watch hahaha..over to read the interview,,well done guys ! loves Fozziemum xx

  18. That is some beautiful mud you have there! We have had a lot of rain and we have fun mud cakes falling off our feets too. Isn't it wonderful?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Mudpies?? Oh, the ones yo u do not like...We sure hope that grass grows and takes hold so your mudpie factory will be shut down.

  20. Mes LOVED the interview with the Dash Kitties and mes must say, Jan yous is superhuman! Trying to grow grass is tough-the Quail kept eating the grass seed. Wes had to put chicken wire sown to keeps them (and the squirrels out) But that does not work everywhere. Good licks!

  21. UGH! That is a lot of mud! I hope the grass seed works!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  22. Oh, Jan, I wish so much that mama could come and help. And the straw is a very good idea...NOT hay, but straw. Hay has weed seed! But that mud is awful...We were a bit worried about you as we hadn't see the Funny Farm blogs for awhile. If there is anything we can do, tell us! Mud is for piggies, NOT doggies, especially not MARCUS...arggggggh


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