Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Madi and FLUFF

MERCI:  I wonder why Jan made us a graphic for Madi and Mom but forgot to put her mom's picture in it?  I hope everyone won't think her mom is a Madi look-alike.

MARCUS:  You know Jan, she forgets everything. Perhaps no one will notice Madi is there twice but her mom is missing.

SAM:  Don't complain.  At least Jan put the right pictures in it.  She did use the right pictures, didn't she?  It will be so embarrassing to explain if she didn't. 

BUDDY:  Relax, Jan put the correct photos in the graphic and Madi's mom sent us the pictures, so she is okay with not being included.  Let's just start the interview.

Today we are interviewing the lovely Madi from the Madi and Mom blog.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Please introduce yourself and your Assistant.

Madi:  Hello friends, it is I, Madi(son) D. Cat.  I am the smart, younger half of Madi and Mom: Down Home in NC.  The other half and older one with thumbs is Mom/Cecilia.  She has some aliases - Ceal, HiC, NOSEY Rosey and Ma.  I am purrty sure she has a price on her head.

Funny Farmer Canines:  We have fired Jan a few times in the past. (And she doesn't even help us with our blog.)  On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your personal Assistant and have you ever considered firing her?

Madi:  Mom is evaluated on a daily basis!  At this writing I give her 9.999999.  I have considered firing her many times. Then she does something really sweet for me.  I have a demerit system in place. If she ever gets too many (total changes daily to keep her on her toes), she will be on 'official probation'. The good news is demerits are deducted by good deeds. So she has a very clean record.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Under the auspices of Hiz Honorz the Mayorz Murphy and Stanley, you hold the Office of FLUFF Affairs (Fellowhip of Loveable United Feline Friends).  What exactly does that mean and what are your duties?

Madi:  My duties in THE OFFICE OF FLUFF AFFAIRS are to promote all things Feline.  After Mayorz Murphy and Stanley were elected, they asked if any of the folks who were currently serving blogville wanted to continue. I raised all four paws and said 'we do, we do'!  They said okey dokey fine by us...what do you want to call your office? I thought about all the good things about felines and lo and behold it hit me smack in the head.

My goal is to see that THE World knows we felines are LOVEABLE in spite of the misconception that we are aloof, snobby, solitary, anti social and hissy.  I am here to say we are not...we just have a different way of expressing ourselves.   Most of the kitties are very active in Cat Blogsphere. During my term as mayor I tried to encourage more kitties to get involved in Blogville. I am proud to say that effort was successful.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Do you have any special plans to make the Office of FLUFF Affairs memorable?

Madi:  Earlier this year my good buddy Sammy from One Spoiled Cat invited me to be a member of a wonderful organization, CAT SCOUTS. My guy Raz and all the members of Cat Scouts opened up their paws to welcome me and help me get involved.  Being an active member of Sammy's Den, Wild Cats, has given me the ability to become friends with more wonderful felines.  I hope, through my office of FLUFF Affairs, I can return their kindness by getting more kitties involved in activities in Blogville. I want all kitties to know my Office of FLUFF Affairs in Blogville is always open. We love having furs everywhere.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Before Hiz Honorz were elected to serve in 2015, you were the Mayor of Blogville.  What did you most enjoy of your tenure?

Madi:  OMCs I chartered unexplored territory as Mayor of Blogville.  I was the first female, feline Mayor.  At the time I was in office Blogville was mostly K9, too. I enjoyed every single minute of every single day of my tenure.  Everyone is funny and loving.  I got a warm 'fuzzy' (fuzzier than I already am) feeling every day.

Funny Farmer Canines:  What do you think was your most popular decision or mandate as Mayor?

Madi:  I am very proud of my Queen of Hearts Dance in February 2014.  I actually got the idea from my human sis. When she was in high school, their most popular event each year was Queen of Hearts Dance.  I threw out the idea to Blogville and in true blogville fashion EVERYONE was ready to help, promote, photoshop, provide flowers, sweet nothings quotes or do whatever it took to pull off a most successful event. WTG blogville. OMCs this was the very first time we had 87 million cats, dogs, pigs, crabs, donkeys and even a few humans at one event.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Were you ready to "retire" as Mayor when your term ended because the job was physically demanding and mentally challenging, or was it energizing and stimulating?

Madi:  MOL MOL I love this question.  My peeps are both retired...and there I was a senior kitty working hard or as mom said I was hardly working. Mom and I were totally energized and stimulated my entire time.  We learned so many new skills on the computer.  While I was on my mayoral soapbox, mom was stepping outside her box everyday.  We are two seniors...we love using our brain!!

Funny Farmer Canines:  If you have the opportunity, would you run for Mayor again?

Madi:  Well of course I had oodles of fun being mayor so I would not hesitate to run again.  That being said, I would really love and support any candidate who ran and maybe down the road there will be another feline ready to throw his/her feline catnip pouch into the race. In the meantime, I say Mayorz Murphy and Stanley, you are doing a super duper job of uniting everyone and I'm here for you for as long as you need me.

FROM MADI TO: Dear Ms. Jan and Funny Farm critters...kudos to you for your excellent efforts with each interview for every occasion.  You find the best question suited for each interview.  Thank you for having me.  It has been a pleasure, as always.  Hugs to your wonderful human and all you critters.  Madi your bfff

Funny Farmer Canines:  Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to interview with us.  And for noticing, Miss Madi - we do try hard to come up with individual questions for each interview.

You can visit Madi at her blog, Madi and Mom.   She is also a Cat Scout

We did an in-depth interview with Madi in 2013.  If you would like to read more about her, check out her Mousebreath.com interview, Madi Diva Mayor Cougar Khat.  


  1. Super interview. Well done all round. I am considering initiating a demerit system in our household now.
    Toodle pip!

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    Hugs madi your humble feline pal

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    Brava Brava to our Diva Madi - and congrats to the 'farmers' for again bringing us a full and worthy interview!!! Hugs, wags, and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

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