Monday, April 13, 2015

Hope and Bribes

MICAH:  It's blah and raining, so we thought we would post something pretty today.

CYNDI:  Every year Jan looks forward to when the daffodils bloom along the neighbor's fence.

MERCI:  They're a symbol of hope that spring is coming. And we value them greatly because they are actually supposed to be on the other side of the fence where we wouldn't see them.

BUDDY:  Yes, spring comes eventually.  We just have to have faith that winter will end so we can stop freezing.

RUSTY:  And start sweltering.  Spring and fall don't seem to exist here in the South.

MARCUS:  The flowers were so pretty but the rains and winds took their toll.  They weren't pert for long.

PERCY:  Soon they were bent low to the ground and Jan said she could empathize with them trying to stand under the onslaught of life.

SAM:  They lived long enough to fulfill their purpose for 2015 and are gone now, but we're still here.  A bit bent and bruised, not posting as regularly, and missing one of our own, Cameron, but still seeking to fulfill our own purpose in life. Whatever that is.

BUDDY:  We would like to thank Dezi and Lexi  for passing on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to several bloggers, including us.  And shortly after, Katie shared hers with us.

MERCI:  We are supposed to share three things that inspired us in the last week.

PERCY:  After Jan buried Cameron, she washed his bedding and threw it into the dryer but the dryer wouldn't work.  Jan said we'd just have to do without one, but a very nice man who knew what he was doing came by Thursday, tested it and replaced the old cord so we have a working dryer again.  Thank you, Jimmy!

RUSTY:  All the weeds in our yard were growing taller and taller and Jan was getting concerned since we don't have a lawn mower.  Saturday she borrowed a lawn mower so the yard looks presentable now.  Not everyone would loan their mower to a neighbor.  Thanks, Joann and Jim!

SAM:  And when Jan came home from returning the mower, she found some goodies on the porch.  Someone was cleaning out their fridge because they wouldn't be home to eat the food in it and brought a big fresh salad with a few leftovers to Jan.  (We'd like to say "brought it to us" but Jan isn't big on sharing with us, not even spaghetti with sausage.) Thank you, Johnnie!

CYNDI:  All our blogging friends inspire us in one way or another, so we're having a problem singling any out.

MICAH:  I think you mean we're having a problem making a decision.  There are so many choices and we can't get a majority vote.

MARCUS:  There's nothing unusual about that.  Different personalities, different choices.  Personally, I think we should all vote for the ones who will bribe us with the most treats.  *waves paws*  Wait, wait, I'm just kidding!


  1. We are so glad your neighbors are being kind to you. That's especially impawtant right now. And the flowers were very pretty.

  2. We love those flowers also, and we need to start mowing our yard, right now we are fighting as to which one of us gets to us the rider and which one of us has to push it.
    stella rose

  3. Those daffies are lovely! Ours aren't up yet on account of there still bein' snow. But how ever did you manage to get 'em to come up on your side of the fence? They grow up there all on their own?


  4. Pretty daffodils, ours are a long way off. They are only 6 inches high. Your neighbors sound very nice.

  5. Your friends and neighbors sound very nice.

    Can we have them?

  6. What a lovely way to start the week! Our daffs will bloom in another 2 weeks. So late this year.

  7. We are so glad to see your post today! What lovely things to be have a grateful heart for -- they were lovely! Hope Jan is feeling better.

  8. Daffy Dills don't last long... butt they are MAGNIFICENT...

    OMD you have WONDERFUL furends and Neighbors...

  9. I was going to award you myself. xoxoxo

  10. I love my daffodils, but they don't last long. Of course, our daylilies only last one day, but we have lots of them!

  11. Beautiful daffodils. We are so happy that those people were so kind to your sweet mom. What wonderful neighbors and friends. We sure hope your mom is all healed up now from the fall and she is doing and feeling much better. Prayers that very soon the pain from missing sweet Cameron will be replaced with precious memories. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Those flowers sure are pretty! Hey, that's sometime we don't have...nice neighbors.

  13. We're glad you have nice neighbors. Those daffodils are beautiful ! And concatulations on your award ! Purrs

  14. Those were very awesome and inspiring!

  15. Love those daffodils, and what beautiful acts of kindness by your neighbors. What blessings!

    Hugs to you all, dear friends.

  16. Furry pretty daffodils! We won't see any of those here for a few weeks yet. Enjoy your spring weather before it gets too hot.

    You has some wonderful neighbours. We are glad some good things are's been a pretty tough few weeks.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  17. ConCats, yous all deserve da award. Yous all do so much fur evewypawdy in da blogosphere and weez sure in yous own community.Glad yous wuz able to get da dwyer workin' again, and dat wuz pawfully nice of sumpawdy to giv Jan sum noms. Have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  18. Congrats on your award!

    We love that you have such good caring neighbors!
    We may need to get the mower out of the shed really soon, its warm, we had sunnytimes and rain so now...tall grass is evfurrywhere!

    Its a 6 hour job least we are not in the hot humidity of summer...

  19. Great awardie, and we love the daffodils too.

  20. I love the daffodils and the inspirations. This was a great post to read--so uplifting. :)


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