Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Foxy Surprise

MARCUS:  This is so totally unfair.  I should have been there.  Why wasn't I invited?  

RUSTY:  Invited where?  Were you going on a trip?

MERCI:  No, he's upset he wasn't with us Saturday evening when Buddy, Sam and I walked Jan.

MICAH:  He's always upset about not being invited along.  What was so special about Saturday?

SAM:  Jan decided to leave the sidewalk to walk along the mill fence.  We reached the end just as a fox came trotting through an open gate.  It must have been on its way to the woods across the street.

CYNDI:  A real fox?  So that's what Jan was talking about when she came home saying she'd seen a beautiful animal. What happened?  Did it chase you?  Were you scared?  

BUDDY:  It was only about 4 yards away from us.  We all stopped dead and stared at each other until Sam got nervous and started making strange noises.  Then the fox turned and trotted back toward the mill.  First a  coyote, now a fox.  We hope there is not a bear living in the woods. 

PERCY:  We have Pixel, a ferocious 10-week old pup impersonating a wild animal, for today's Sunday Smile.  Watch how he ruthlessly chases off the family cat from his bed.

RUSTY:  Have you been drinking?  I didn't see anything ferocious about that pup.

PERCY:  I hope you're happy.  You just ruined my introduction.  Why don't we let our friends watch the video and decide for themselves!

If the video doesn't play,click here.


  1. We see a family of fox run through our yard outside the fence very early in the morning. They do stop and look at us, but then run quickly to the woods.

    That cat was very patient with the silly pup - maybe he was enjoying the ride:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. You live in the middle of Wild Kingdom! Be careful!

    Your Pals,


  3. oooh a fox? we have those here too - and coyotes! In the CITY! (and vishus deerz too - do you have those?)

  4. Wow, what a lot of visitors y'all have! That video is adorable... and a very patient kitteh too.

  5. OMD FURST the Coyote NOW a FOX.... (Sarge has the BEAR to go with them) and we think you are LIVING on the WILD Side... WOW a REAL Fox that CLOSE to you... We would have PEED...

  6. Y'all sure are getting the wildlife! Oh, that video was sure cute!

  7. Goodness me must be the week for them guys! we have one least we don't have to worry about bears here..boy! that sure was one vicious pup hahhaha poor kitty :) loves Fozziemum xx

  8. We thought that was a cute cute video! Oh my a real live in the flesh FOX? That must've been very exciting!

  9. We don't like seeing wild animals on our walks. Y'all stay safe.

  10. Wow, a coyote, and now a fox? It sounds like what happens here. Too much building and destruction of the wild animals' habitats ... they don't have anywhere to go. :(

    Pixel is adorable! Not sure that cat has any intention of giving up that bed, though.


  11. Foxes are pretty. I will take a bear over a coyote any day :)

  12. We have many foxes here too ! Angel Loupi faced one or even two of them because they wanted to steal him his mouse. We hope you won't get other wild visitors ! Purrs

  13. OMC Weez luv da kitty. How adowable. Hmmm wish we had sumpawdy to dwag us wound da house like dat. MOL Y'all be safe and have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. Good thing you don't live where our uncle lives ...out west on a a city mind you...he sometimes sees bears! Oh MY!!

    We see an odd fox here, rarely though. Sometimes a coyote.
    Once we saw a huge snapping turtle, like a dinousaur it was that big...and a few dinner plate sized ones...those are mean enough. We prefer the bird wildlife:))
    Deer are far too plentiful here. Like magnets to vehicles and the deer always loose, as do the vehicles mostly too.
    Ask us how we know...sigh...

    1. And that kitty was so was watching that pup as if to say, you have to try harder, tee hee. Maybe one day they will be snugglers and furends!


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