Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hiz Honorz

MERCI: For the longest time we have been wanting to do some Funny Farmer interviews like the Funny Farmer Felines do on Mousebreath.

BUDDY: And it has finally happened. We just mentioned it to Murphy and Stanley ...

SAM: And the interview virtually wrote itself.

MARCUS: No, it did not write itself. I helped. And Hiz Honorz helped.

SAM:  Okay, so we all helped.  But it sounded funnier when it wrote itself.

FF:  Please introduce yourselves and your human.  And your cat, if you have one.

M: I am Murphy but mom calls me "Bug". I think that is short for Doodle Bug and Cuddle Bug. I am a mini-doodle and recently turned 3 years old. My mom is called mom but sometimes we hear dad call her Carol. She is a great mom. She is always telling me what a good boy I am. We do not have a cat cuz we bark at them (sorry Madi).

S: I am Stanley but sometimes mom calls me Sticks. She says that cuz my legs are so long, like long sticks. I am the same as Murphy cuz we were born at the same time. Well, I might have been a couple minutes ahead of him. We are litter mates but I am MUCH bigger than Murphy. Sometimes I think Murphy gets extra attention cuz everyone thinks he is younger. Anyway, my dad is called dad and other times we call him Pee Paw. Mom is always saying, "Go outside with your Pee Paw." Whenever we do training or walks or just stuffs, dad handles me and mom handles Murphy.

FF:  How did you come to live together? 

M: Me and Stanley have always been together. When I was 2 weeks old and on the very day my eyes opened for the furst time, our pawrents came to see us. Mom looked at me and said that very minute that I was her Murphy. So I always knew I would live with mom and dad.

S: But I did not know until I was 5 weeks old that I would go with Murphy furever. There was another brother and dad had to pick between me and my other brother. I REALLY wanted to stay with Murphy cuz he was always telling me how much fun it would be to live with our mom and dad. Besides, I am a little insecure if Murphy isn't around but I don't want him to know it.

FF:  You are Hiz Honors the Mayorz of Blogville, so you share the decisions and responsibilities of the office.  Do you pretty much think alike or are there some heated policy discussions around the office?

M: We think alike on many things but sometimes Stanley acts like a clown when we need to be serious about business. We think the same things are impawtent 'cept Stanley does NOT think that fetching is impawtent. Sometimes I have to bug Stanley to get him to wrestle. Oh, about our official pawsition . . . we reach a joint decision but I am usually the one who talks cuz I am more confident than Stanley. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easy.

S: I do not! It hurts my feelings that you would say such a thing about me! OK, we usually get along really well and are the BESTEST furends. Murphy makes good decisions and I usually go along with him. Murphy is level headed and sometimes I get kind of "wild with joy".

FF:  There were a few changes made when you took office.  A number of new positions were filled and some carried over from the prior administration.  Do you think Blogville has become a bit more cohesive with the larger cabinet?

M: Yes, we think that many bloggers are getting to know other bloggers because of their pawsitions on our cabinet. It is impawtent that everyone learns to work and play together.

S: Our biggest goal for our term as mayorz was to do things to help others stay in Blogville by having fun and connecting with the other blogs and bloggers.

FF:  As Mayorz, you have sponsored some popular events, such as the Mayorz Marathon.  Do you come up with these on your own or do you have a committee to help plan them? 

M: To be honest, when mom is in the shower these ideas pop in her head.

S: Then she gets out and yells, "Boys, come here, I had a thought!" So we discuss it and sometimes tweak it a bit and then before you know it we are off to a new adventure!

FF:  Do you have any advice for new residents of Blogville ... or even established residents?

M: My advice is to make your blog so it can be easily read. Use a font that is easy to see and post fairly often. Having fun is the most impawtent though.

S: My advice is to make sure you get to know those who visit your bloggy. With a larger following this is harder to do but it is impawtent to stop by and see others so you can learn about them too. Fun photos are nice too. Another thing is that they should not be scared to get involved with the adventures. If you aren't sure how to do something, just ask!

FF:  When you're not working, what kind of mischief do you prefer?

M: I prefer to fetch. I like to swim and a mud puddle is always nice but mostly I just like to fetch. Sometimes I like to act like a cat. I will stare at Stanley, then slowly creep up on him. It drives him crazy and he barks wildly when I do it.

S: I like to tear apart toys. Sometimes my pawrents call me "The Surgeon" cuz I am really skilled in squeaker removals. I really like to eat. I can hear dad peel a banana from a block away BOL! I also appreciate a good mud puddle and like to cool my belly off in the pool. But I really don't understand Murphy's obsession with fetching.

FF:  How long have you been blogging and what made you begin?

M: I have been blogging since I was born. Mom started when we were 3 weeks and then when we came to live with our pawrents at 7 weeks of age me and Stanley took it over.

S: Same here. I think the reason we started blogging was that we wanted to share our joy with others. Mom said she was so in love with us, even before we came here to live, that it had to be shared or she might pop. We'd hate for our mom to pop. No good can come from that.

FF:  If your mom were to describe what makes you special, what do you think she would say?

M: Mom would say that it is my gentleness. I like to cuddle and mom knows I will be gentle with every hooman or doggie I meet. Maybe not with kitties or birdies, but fur sure hoomans and doggies. I am very loving and like to cuddle.

S: Mom would say it is my joy. She and dad say I am dripping in joy. I think I am dripping from my water dish but I don't see joy flowing from my furs but I am still happy all the time. Actually, I manifest my every emotion. I am also very loving but I keep forgetting that hoomans don't want me to jump and claw them to give them a hug.

Thank you for interviewing us. We would like all the citizens of Blogville to know that we are trying to do our bestest job as their mayorz. And of course our door is always open!

FF:  Thank you, Yuz Honorz Murphy and Stanley.   We appreciate you taking the time to address your constitutionists ... uh, constituents?  You know, the citizens of Blogville.


  1. Regardless of WHO helped, it was a great interview...

  2. Great interview of two great dogs!

  3. What a lovely interview, we could actually feel their moms love for them coming through each and every word....thank you for doing it....stella rose

  4. Very informative interview. Being kinda new here to Blogville we learned new things about our mayors! Thank you.

  5. Those guys are such a hoot!

  6. What a GRAND Interview with OUR DOODS... We remember them from the VERY FURST... even before they had their Pee Paw... build their DOODLE Club House...

  7. That was a fabulous interview!!!!

  8. Wow...what a great interview!!!! That Murphy and Stanley are very cool doodz!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo

  9. guys.....grate interviews troo lee....it wuz nice ta lurn bout de mayorz....may bee ewe dawgs could startz a column over thiz way called dawg breath ???

    { phew.....guys...eat a mint flavor milk bone ore sum thin !!! ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

  10. So funny! These guys are really great together. I'm glad that they got to be in a forever home together. Pawsome interview.
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

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    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. Thank you for interviewing us. It was a privilege and honor!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Wow, That was a fun interview! Now we know some more all about them...which we needed to:))

  16. That was an awesome interview! We learned a lot of new stuff about Murphy and Stanley today! They surely make great Mayorz!


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