Friday, October 05, 2012

Momma Grace, Audace and Ruse Interview

The lovely Momma Grace and her two boys, Audace & Ruse are our special interview guests today on Mousebreath.  She is very sweet.  Her boys are ... well, boys - a bit fidgety and energetic but well-behaved.  (Momma would probably have cuffed them if they weren't.). We enjoyed spending time together and getting to know them a little better.

We hope you will stop by Mousebreath and read Grace, Audace & Ruse Chew the Fat .... Um, Kibble.

As you can see, we need a new FFF badge but we hate to remove Cotton.  She is still very much one of us.  But we will be adding Micah ... eventually.  He's still in hiding and Percy is still intimidating him just by being in the room or banging on the door.  Percy opened the door against the weights again today.  This time the gate was up so we know he didn't have any help from the woofies.  Maybe his nickname should be Mr. Muscles?

We hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I will read that one when I get home!

    p.s. Karen is sooooo cool!

  2. Percy pushed open a door with weights against it? Wow. Very, very impressive. I need to start working out.

  3. We're gonna go right now and check it out!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  4. BOL..."Mr. Muscles"!

    You guys have a nice weekend too!

  5. Yippee! We'll go over and check out that interview now! Maybe the new badge could include Cotton with a halo?

  6. I see the name Cotton! Cotton must be great, don't remove her :)
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Hi, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm ( visiting from the Pet Blogger Hop.

    Thanks for hosting! I'm having fun hopping around and saying hi.

    Anyway, it’s nice to "meet" you. I hope you can pop over to my blog and say hi sometime if you get the chance.

  8. Woof! Woof! Congrats on the interview. Precious COTTON will be remembered forever. Happy Blog HOP Saturday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. You GO, Mr Muscles Percy! I push heavy things too. Its all in the shoulder shove, right? ~ IZA

  10. Will go read the interview!

    cats of wildcat woods

  11. We're going over to read the interveiw right now!

  12. Angel Cotton is still in my Rainbow babies listing. She is loved, I can tell. Micah, you will have to face Percy and let him know that he is not the boss of you. (even if he is).

  13. We hope Cotton is having a nice time at Rainbow Bridge. We stopped by to wish you a happy Caturday and send you purrs. We haven't heard from you in a while!


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