Friday, October 26, 2012

CEO Clooney & Sec Neytiri Chat

We Funny Farmer Felines are pleased to have Clooney and Neytiri of Clonney's Num-Num Fund as our guests today for our Mousebreath interview.  If you want to know what secrets they divulged, go by and read their interview CEO Clooney, Secretary Neytiri & Assistant Duckie.  And then stop by their blog to say hello.

Oh, and we don't want to forget to remind you all that voting for the Tabby Cat Club Halloween contest will be available until midnight Sunday.  There are 2 categories - Real and Photoshopped.  One vote per category.  You had to be a TCC member to participate, but you don't have to be a TCC member to vote.  Voting polls are in the upper right sidebar.

Our Percy, Rusty & Micah weren't given computer time to participate so we were all thinking of doing our own Halloween post.  Last year we made Jan a bag lady.  This year we are thinking about making her a witch since she's not good about sharing the computer time.  But then she's the only one who around here that can pop the tops on the food cans, so we'll have to do some more thinking on that.

All of us Funny Farmers have a question.  Many of you are involved with either a no kill shelter or some form of rescue, so even though you don't live in the state of Georgia, you might know someone who does live here and is familiar with the specifics of rescue laws in the state of Georgia.  (An attorney familiar with this subject would be nice to ask but we don't know one and we have some questions.)

We don't mean just someone familiar with the laws on the Dept of Ag site.  Those laws are for all shelters in the state, but local shelters can add to them. We are interested in the specifics of legally pulling animals from any Georgia shelter.. We're not going to explain, but we hope if you can think of anyone, you'll let us know. There's a mailbox in the sidebar with our email address.

Have a good weekend!


  1. We are going right over to see the interview!

  2. purrhaps ewe can call de local humane society or aspca for sum advice or even de national level humane society//aspca ???

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end


  3. Just going to see the interview now …..

  4. We just got Sascha home but we'll read the interview in a bit.

  5. I know of two rescues that save kitties from Georgia ACCs - Kitten Associates and Winging Cat Rescue. They are both 501(c)3's, and I think that may be important in rescuing animals from shelters that are not in your state. Maybe you could ask Robin Olson, from Kitten Associates, or Barbara Lowe of Winging Cat Rescue how it works?

  6. we loves da innerview of Clooney and Neytiri.

    Mom's eye am getting better, but takes a looooong time to heal.

    And we hopes dat Micah and Percy will gets along furry soon!

    Purrz and Kitty Hugz
    Katie Kitty Too

  7. We are going right over to read the interview. Cloon is one of our favorite blogs. Wish they would start back blogging. Take care.

  8. Heading over!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  9. We are wonderin iffen you could make a costume fer Jan that makes her claws special to open catfood cans...

  10. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope yoo can find sumwun hoo can anser yore kwestchuns abowt the mithical land of georgia im afrayd i hav no ideeas on the matter!!! altho my menny adventchers hav tayken me all over the yoonivers i do not think i hav landed in georgia yet!!! ok bye

  11. We love Cloon and Neyteri. We'll go and check out the interview now. We know it'll be awesome, because you always do such a great job!

    We don't know anyone who knows about rescue laws in Georgia, but will ask around to see if anyone else does...



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