Monday, October 29, 2012

Giveaway, Halloween and Suka

It's been a while since we've had a giveaway but we have one for our readers now. The book Paws to Reflect by Devon O'Day.  It contains 365 spiritual devotions for animal lovers.

Over the years, Jan has often said that God has used us or TWCB (Those Who Came Before) to teach and encourage her.  She used to write her own spiritual-related stories and we were often embarrassed by Miss Tattle Tail ... er Tale.  So Jan was pleased to receive a copy of this book a few weeks ago and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to give another copy away.  If you love animals and enjoy a daily devotional, you will enjoy this book.  If it doesn't interest you, perhaps you know someone it would.  And it would make a great Christmas or other occasion gift.

You can get a look into the book and read some sample devotions on Amacon com.   At Amazon, above the book on the left, click on "Click to Look Inside."

We HATE those "giveaways" where the blogger makes readers jump through hoops to enter, using raptocopter or whatever it is, so you have to leave a comment, like their facebook page, follow them on twitter and tweet about them, do a blog post, bake a souffle, buy a horse trailer, subscribe to their blog posts,  visit the shop and write an essay on which product you like best - you get the idea.  We don't have that kind of time.  Occasionally we might leave a comment, but that's it.

We think a giveaway should be just that, a giveaway.  So we are going to do one.  Of course, if you'd like to subscribe to our blog posts, follow us on twitter, do a blog post telling everyone how wonderful but humble we are, and bake us a tuna souffle or a salmon nip cake with real whipped cream icing, we will kiss your paws with joy.  But those are not requirements. 

If you would like to participate. just leave us a comment saying you'd like to win the book.  Be sure to leave some way we can contact you, such as a link to your own web blog or an email address, should you win.  Because of postal rates, since we will be mailing the book to the winner, we will need to restrict entries to the US only. 

You do not need to be a pet blogger to enter. This is open to anyone who would like a copy of Paws to Reflect devotions. 

Entries will be accepted through Saturday, November 3 at 11:59 PM EST.  The winner will be announced on Monday, November 5.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Halloween Real and Photoshopped contest entry (one vote for each).  Voting ends at midnight tonight.  So go by the Tabby Cat Club and cast your vote. (A reminder, if you voted Friday, please go back and re-vote.  The polls went berserk and kept dropping the votes, so voting had to be changed to comments and was extended this extra day.

Just yesterday, Suka's post was on his failing heart and already today he is gone.  Purrs and pawhugs to his grieving family, including his friend / sibling Porgy the parrot.  K will do a post tonight or tomorrow.  They are not in the storm's path but Khyra mentioned on Facebook K lost power right after letting her know about Suka.  You can leave a comment on Suka's Just Sayin' blog.

We think we covered everything.  Jan is exasperated.  She cut tree limbs over the weekend and we had winds last night that blew them every which way.  She had to fetch and carry, then beat them down with a rake to make them behave.  A while ago she found them all over the place again.  Some even blew across the yard and into our pen.  

So if you'll excuse us, Jan needs to get cracking on hanging a blanket over the window with the ac unit before those branches blow inside.  Okay, the leaks aren't quite that big but the wind blowing in is sure cold. And you know how klutzy she is, so we're going to have to go snoopervise.

The cold and wind are an annoyance to us, but we are concerned and praying for those northeast of us who are / will be getting hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Be safe!


  1. We hear woo on the hoops and rails and bells and whistles!

    It looks like a khool book!

    Maybe one of woo khanines khan suggest to one of the snakhks - I mean khats - fur Jan to use -

    We are so sad about Suka (originally Murray from MinnieSNOWda) - he was too young and went too khwikhkly - we've been blog pals almost from the start of it all -

    I do think one of the snakhks should fetch Jan's slippers and supper!

    Princess Rainkhloud Siberian Sponge

  2. That looks like a great book. We'd love to read it, so please do enter us in the drawing. Thanks!

    We'll go and stop by Suka's blog. So sad. :(

    Thank you also for your thoughts and prayers about Sandy. The winds are absolutely ferocious and scary.

  3. Please please take care Funny Farmers!!! The updates here in the UK about Sandy just gets scarier and scarier!! :-(

    Good luck with the giveaway, everyone!! Yay!

    Awwww we are sorry to hear about Suka. Purrs and hugs, take care

  4. That looks like a really nice book!
    Have fun with the give-away :)

    We are so sorry to hear about Suka.
    Going over there right now to send our purrs of comfort.

  5. We would love to win the book. But what do I do with this souffle? I guess I will put it in the horse trailer!

    That is very sad about Suka.

  6. Looks like a great read. We hope all those in the path of Sandy stay safe! Have a great day and good luck with all that wind.

  7. Oh no.....We're shocked to hear about Suka! We never realized this was happening so soon. We'll visit.

    We would love to have a chance to read the book. It sounds very inspiring!


  8. The lady said that the book looks like an interesting read, so I am entering for her. My email is:
    thekittiniboys AT blogspot DOT com.

    Sorry to hear about that dog Suka.

  9. We hurt for Suka's family and will go give our condolences...

    And we wish we'd known that some peeps feel so strongly against rafflecopter - eek! We had no idea.

  10. That looks like a great book!

    We were so sorry to hear about Suka, too :-(

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  11. A lot going on at your place. So sorry to hear that Suka has gone to the bridge. Thought are purrs with the family. Suka will be missed. Be careful witht he high winds and all. Really a terrible storm and affecting many.
    I would like to participate ii your give away. Sounds like a wonderful book.

  12. We think your Mom needs to wait for the winds to die down.

  13. We were sorry to hear about Suka. We know how hard it is to lose a furbaby so quickly.

    The books sounds pawsome! Please enter us!!!

    We're glad you're all safe!!

    The Florida Furkids

    pee ess - we're glad we didn't have to bake a souffle!

  14. We don't think our first comment posted, but if it did, please disregard the repeat.

    We would love to win the book; it looks really good! You can reach us at fureverywhere @ gmail . com

    Carmine and Milita

  15. Me and Da Boys, Fitz too, are new to the Blogosphere so have not seen that type of jumpy hoop. We would shake a paw and take a nap. That Said..

    WE WANT THE BOOK! YES! Our Pops can read it to us! YES!

    He has info on his Blog about Making Cat food AND NOW Treats! Healthy No-Corn or other cereal food and treats!

    My Blog has all kinds of stuff about our little clowder. We have a varied cross section of Rescue Kitties. Wow a good idea for a post to:

    Purrs to all!
    Timmy Tomcat

  16. Oh my goodness! We would like to win the book. It sounds very inspirational. But we can't bake a souffle, and we don't need a horse trailer. Can we just send you kitty hugs instead?

    Luf, Us


  17. Oh my we are just learning about Suka, how very sad. We will stop by Suka's blog after we leave here.

    The book sounds pawsome.

  18. So sorry to hear about Suki! We will stop by and leave our purrrs and prayers!! We would love a copy of the book!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,


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