Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tucker and Caboodle Ranch

Hey, Cameron here.  We finally figured out why Buddy was testing his pipes the other day.  He was practicing for a duet with Tucker.  

Tucker likes to sing and play the piano several times a day.  We are of the unanimous opinion Tucker could use a few more piano lessons.  His vocals, though, are perfect - great rhythm, good vocal range and clear enunciation.  :)

If the video doesn't play click here.

Many of you have heard of the recent raid on Caboodle Ranch which used to have a reputation for being clean and well-run.  It is sad and scary to read such accounts because it tells us that those who are working hardest to make a difference for animals are being targeted for prosecution and destruction, not just by those who oppose animal rescue efforts but by alleged animal rescuers and protectors.  We disagree with PETA, their agenda and their methods! 

Stop by the Caboodle Ranch blog and read Caboodle's side -  the top two post.

On the other hand, Craig is being accused of being a hoarder, even though the cats had a 30-acre property to roam.  How did the numbers grow to 700?  There were reports prior to this that neighbors were shooting cats on Caboodle property. 

In Georgia, a rescue must be a non profit registered with the state.  They are subject to the same state regulations and unexpected inspections as any other shelter. We assume it is the same in Florida, so we wonder how this could happen to Caboodle Ranch or any other rescue.  If conditions were as bad as written about, where were the safeguards and / or the inspectors?  . 

We are reserving judgment on this subject, but we have questions.  Many questions.  And we wonder which rescue will be targeted next?


  1. Tucker made us laugh! What a sweetie.
    As for Caboodle Ranch, we were really excited to know such a sanctuary existed so were really shocked when we saw the video of supposedly "abuse" of the cats in their care and didn't know what to think. Thank you for your post and the link. Now our hearts are broken for Craig and the cats, whose fates are now unknown. We have never liked PETA and now we don't like them even more. Shame on you, PETA.

  2. I am sorry, but I have to disagree with you about Caboodle Ranch. Even though we are NO fans of PETA here, there were lots of complaints behind the scenes about the way that Craig Grant was running the place, and when it was raided, the conditions were deplorable - there was much more evidence than just what PETA gave, and the photos of the cats taken from the Ranch are heartbreaking. There are many different rescue groups involved for caring for the cats taken from Caboodle (NONE of them PETA, thankfully) and numerous vets and volunteers are working around the clock to help them. Take a look at this Facebook page about Caboodle Ranch, and you will see that people have been disturbed by what they have found there for several years now: Caboodle Ranch looked heavenly on the outside, but there was a lot going on that was just the opposite.

  3. We heard about the situation at Caboodle Ranch but we aren't sure what exactly is going on. We just hope that the kitties there can be helped.

  4. Jan
    The local rescue we work with in Jacksonville had direct knowledge of the rescue of those cats from Caboodle ranch. She said that most of the cats were in horrific condition and most probably won't make it. I too wondered if the ASPCA had not over stepped and I still don't know. But I believe that Craig was overwhelmed by the numbers of cats he had. I am sure that there are more than one angle to this story and I am positive he did not need to be arrested. It is just sad for the animals.

  5. We loved Tucker's performance. He is one very talented woofie.

  6. Tucker's singing made my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon sing!

  7. I am NOT a PETA fan!!!

    Loved the piano playing and the song
    was just heart stopping...

  8. Look, I know PETA has a bad rep, but I am afraid that many people who love animals are siding against them any time they do anything at all, even when they do something good. Don't be an agent for animal harm because you don't like some of the things PETA does.

    I too have contacts with people who are involved in this effort, and it was bad.

    Unfortunately, the laws in most states are so lax that there have to been horrific conditions in order to prosecute these folks.

  9. Wow, that Poodle needs some serious music lessons.

  10. We're eagerly awaiting Tucker's first CD release!

  11. Tucker is such a sweetie!!

    Thanks for your mention of Caboodle Ranch. It shocked us to find out that the little buildings put up by Craig were demolished. There was no need of that! One thing we can't stand is over-reaction made even more deadly by not having all the facts. And shooting the cats? Using them for what sounded like target practice? It's so heartbreaking and I'm so sorry all of this happened, that intentions so very good turned out so badly for man and animal alike.

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  12. Tucker is so talented!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  13. Wow, just listen to Tucker go! :)

    We, too, don't know exactly what all went down at Caboodle Ranch, but we are so, so sad that there are cats that are suffering so. We are purring and praying that they will be treated with love and care.

    Hugs to you all!

  14. We aren't there so we can't judge. But we do know enough to stay out of cat rescue politics! Meow from all of us...

  15. Thanks for bringing to light the situation at Caboodle. And thank you to those who've commented to include additional information.

    It sounds like a very difficult situation.

    Cameron and Tucker seem like a great pair. Love the video.

  16. Interesting how the news always twists the facts. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I don't know the reality of what's behind Caboodle Ranch, though I do recall reading about them some years ago, haven't kept up on news.

    Whatever is going on, the welfare of the cats is or ought to be everyone's priority. Paws crossed for them.


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