Monday, March 26, 2012

Jayden and Good News

Hey, Merci here.  I grabbed the typing chair and keyboard while Jan is in the kitchen so I can share a funny video of Jayden.  Wonder what Jan would do if any of us slammed a door on her when one of us is in trouble.  Unfortunately, we don't have any doors to slam around here.  We have doors, it just wouldn't be possible to slam one.  Buddy and Sam have tried it.  Believe me, it doesn't work.  (Jan hangs laundry to dry on them so they don't even close.

This is very short, so enjoy it.

 If the video doesn't play, click here.

Last December the Houston Pittie Pack lost 5 members in a fire (Prayers for Houston Pittie Pack.)  It's been a painful and emotional road for the family - mom, dad, toddler and two surviving pitties.  Today they share some very exciting and happy news.  In case you haven't read it yet, we aren't going to spoil their surprise.  But you can read it in The Big Reveal.

Congratulations to all at the Houston Pittie Pack!  We're excited for you!  You really needed some good news.

Now go read their big news.  :)


  1. please don't let the cats see that video - they don't need ideas....

    love the pittie pack and glad they got good news....

    -the mom

  2. No, our human doesn't want us to see that video either, she watched it and now won't let us.

    Congrats to the Pittie Pack! That's wonderful news for them.

  3. Awww Jayden! LOL!! Sounds like you've heard it all before! LOL!

    Yay for the Pittie Pack! Take care

  4. Doors that don't close--it's our cat's dream come true. She hates closed doors. She wants your secret.

  5. Loveed thaat video and made us laugh.. So good to hear good news and I was so glad.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. I just read the news over at the pittie pack - I am so happy for them!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. P.S.: I know how to close doors - it's one of my only tricks!

  8. That was a cool video! But the news from the Pitie Pack was way cooler!

  9. Oh we need to keep that video a secret! Concats to the Pittie Pack! Something weird happened. I had to log back in with my PW and then Google said there was some suspicious activity (what me logging in with my PW) -- said it didn't recognize this computer (same one that we've had for at least 2 yrs) and they had to text me on my cell phone. They did and I logged back in. But sheesh how stupid.

  10. he shut the door??????!!! OMG!! No way!!!

  11. Bwhahahaha... I HAS gots to learn hows to da dat! Thanks furs showin' it but my mum don't thanks you...hehehehe.


  12. Some khanines are just too smart fur their own good!

    NOW, to teach Jayden to herd the evil khritters into that room and khlose the door!

    PeeEssWoo: We had guessed the pawesome news when they started to tease us!

  13. Very funny, Merci. Giving the critters here ideas, are you? Oh, I know you didn't mean it but really.... kitteh see, kitteh do. Even if it was a googie doin' it in the video.

    Very exciting news for the Huston Pittie Pack! Wonder if grandmom will be right?

  14. MOL! That mess is not bad compared to Princeton's, and he has no guilt! We is so excited fur the Pittie Pack!

  15. thank you so much for the kind words. you make our heart swell wiff the happiness. we send you extra special toots..tee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  16. Well Dog! I would slam a door too if I got fussed at like that. *sigh*

    I was very happy to hear the good news!

  17. Absolutely brilliant news for the Houston Pittie Pack!
    Great video!LOL
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  18. Now cats are the clever clogs that know how to open doors!!

    Good news for the Pittie Pack :)

  19. Hahaha. Jayden sure showed his mom! :)

    Thanks for the good news about the Houston Pittie Pack. We are so happy for them.

    And thank you so much for stopping by to wish the mom a happy birthday! We're sad to say we didn’t have a great turnout at the senior cat Sunday event, but this was the first time PAWS tried it. But they are going to keep on trying, because we know there are purrfect homes out there for these awesome older cats. And we'll give them lots of love until they find them


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