Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Popping Corn iWith Drizzle

Cyndi: I haven't napped in two hours and yet I can't get to sleep, Marcus.  You're a guy with stories.  Tell me a bedtime one, please.

Marcus:  Okay.  It was a semi-dark and overcast, and drizzly morning yesterday.  Jan was fixing our breakfast when she heard the faint but clear sound of popcorn popping.  She checked the microwave, even pulled the plug.  It wasn't the toaster; the coffeepot wasn't dripping, neither was the tea kettle.  It had to be the gas stove.  You know about a gas stove, Cyndi.  If it was leaking, it could go KABOOM!

Cyndi:  *leaps into air*  I asked for a bedtime story, not a nightmare!

Marcus:  Jan moved everything including the metal burners from the old stove and lifted the top.  Wow, was it crumby in there!  She stopped investigating to do some cleanup.

Cyndi:  Is she crazy?  She stopped searching for the source to clean under the stove top?  What if the popping corn had exploded?

Marcus:  You know how easily Jan is distracted.

She started pulling things away from the wall.  She rolled away the plastic drawers and then the microwave cart.

Cyndi:  Let me guess.  She grabbed a broom and started sweeping back there!

Marcus:  No.  She looked behind the cabinet and stove.  The area was dry and there was no sign of popping corn.

Cyndi:  I know!  Mama mouse was in the wall popping corn while her little ones watched mini TV.

Marcus:  Stop interrupting me.  You know if there were mice, all of you cats would have been back there trying to punch a hole in the wall.

Jan glanced out the window..  Raindrops were bouncing off the igloo doghouse near the window in time to the popping corn.  Relieved, she moved everything back where it belonged.

Cyndi:  And then she finished fixing our breakfast?

Marcus:  Not yet.  Jan got to wondering why that igloo had been near the house for several years but it had never popped corn before.  It wasn't the igloo.  She went back to the window, leaned closer for a better view, and  -  You'll have to excuse me.  I need to go pee. Must be all this talk about rain.

Cyndi:  Marcus, come back here!  You haven't finished your story.

Marcus:  I'm sorry.  Jan forgot to come right back to let me inside.  Where was I?  Oh, yes, Jan leaned closer for a better view and saw the plastic storage bin she had been using to haul leaves to the curb upside down beside the igloo and the raindrops falling from the roof onto it did sound like popping corn.  The mystery was solved.

While Jan had been dawdling, Rusty had calmly munched half of Merci's kibble.  Jan refilled Merci's bowl and finally served us all breakfast.

There, now you can go to sleep.

Cyndi:  How?  I'm wide awake after your bedtime story..

Marcus:  Would you like me to tell you another one?

Cyndi:  Are you kidding!


  1. Hey, Brother Simon runs and hides if the Mom makes popcorn, silly boy!

  2. Hari OM
    BOL... oh dear, this gave me flashbacks, Marcus. I can totally understand Jan's consternation... last year there was a constant 'drip drip drip' somewhere here. I turned the Hutch inside out trying to find 'the leak'; the taps were good, there was not water being kept anywhere, the fridge was good, the pipes of the washer were fine... could it be coming down that closed in chimney (which had yet to be fixed in the roofing fiasco)???

    No. It was the overflow pipe on the flats on the opposite side of the road - happened to be looking out the window at just the same time as someone over there stuck a bucket under it, or I would never have noticed. Not that that helped, just changed the tone of the drip. Council-owned cummunity housing... so I lived with that water torture for the best part of nine months!!!

    So Cyndi, you're right. More nightmare than bedtime dream story!!! But will done Marcus, you do tell 'em well. Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That was quite a mystery story!

  4. Jan and I do the same thing, Marcus...start a project then get sidetracked! And you should hear Manny eating up boxes 'round here...that's a heck of a noise!

  5. That's quite a bedtime story!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. guyz...whoa....what a mizz tree...we waz on de edge oh de chairz we iz knot spozed ta sit on....we iz buzzed happee nothin waz crazed with de appliancez stuffz.......thatz scaree biznezz ~ ☺☺♥♥

  7. Whew...what a pawsome story MArcus...we are assuming it was based on actual events. Our Mama is also very distracted by "shiny things"!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. Latte' runs and gets under the covers when the guns,,,,er, popcorn starts.

  9. O mi cod, a prophetic story, Your popping corn may not have been from a gas leak, but I smelled gas when I got home. got to get those covers for the burners. One was turned to the left giving out gas. Coulda killed us all! Maybe your cute story was a sign for us...

  10. That was a good bedtime story! I was riveted, wondering about that popcorn.

  11. Humans can be so scatter-brained! And the worst is when our meals get lost in that nonsense! ~Bear Cat

  12. I am glad the mystery was solved. Nothing worse than hearing unusual noises and not knowing where it is coming from.

  13. That was quite the mystery. I want some popcorn now.

  14. Man, that was a STORY with an unexpected ending. MY mom also starts cleaning when she gets an un-lovely surprise behind or under things and so on...shestops what she was doing and starts cleaning.

  15. That story will keep you up for awhile. We came by to wish Rusty a Happy Birthday!

  16. Distractions are the order of most days, here too. And then nothing gets done either:)
    Marcus you tell the best stories, but well maybe you should try singing a lullaby for your furblings if they cannot sleep.

  17. That's a fun bedtime story Marcus. We thinks we might have gone to sleep while you went outside to wee. :)

  18. Somehow, we are thinking there was ham-popcorn involved in there somehow.

  19. Great story!
    And we adore popcorn...

    Noodle and crew

  20. Ha ha. That was a great story you told, Marcus! But those mysteries do get the mind a-racing, right Cyndi?

  21. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i like a gud misteree but aaaiiiieeee late breakfast??? wot a horrifying plot twist!!! i am glad it all wurkd owt in the end espeshly for rusty hoo got to steel sum fud!!! ok bye

  22. It's always interesting how one thing turns into another with our distracted humans! Happy Sunday purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang!

  23. Great story. We don't want scary noises to happen to us anytime. Luckily the mystery was solved. Happy Respect Your Cat Day!!
    World of Animals


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