Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sending Red Ball on Vacation

Cyndi:  What are you grumbling about, Marcus?

Marcus:  My ball.  My new red ball.  Or it was my new red ball when it arrived.  Jan took it outside to play catch with me right after it arrived and stopped after a couple of tosses.  I wasn't done playing!

Cyndi:  You're never done playing!

Marcus: I need my exercise!  She did say I could play with it by myself in the house but within two minutes she had taken it away and hasn't let me play with it since.  It's MY ball!

Cyndi:  And your teeth.  The ball was supposed to be hard but not rock solid hard.  That thing is so heavy and hard it could break your teeth and then what would you do about eating.  *holds up paw*  Never mind.  You'd just gum your food to death.

Marcus: It wasn't breaking my teeth when she took it away.

Cyndi:  Maybe not, but you were chewing up the ball and about to eat the pieces.  Rubber isn't good for you, even though you do have a cast iron stomach.

Marcus:  Most of it is still intact.

Cyndi:  It was supposed to be "virtually indestructible".  "Most of it is still intact" doesn't count.

Marcus:   It isn't fair.  It's my ball and instead of letting me play with it, she's sending it on a vacation.

Cyndi:  She's returning it to Amazon, just as soon as she figures out how she can get a label printed and get the ball in the mail. by Wednesday.  She didn't realize she can get back her money until she wrote a review of the prodict on Amazon.  The return time is almost up.

Marcus:  I'd rather have the ball.

Cyndi:  I think you can convince Jan to trade the ball for a treat.  Why don't you ask?

Marcus:  A peanut butter biscuit?

Cyndi:  Yes, there are still some peanut butter biscuits left.

Marcus:  Okay.  I'll go ask but if she wants to send my ball on vacation, I think I deserve a lot more than one!

This is the ball purchased that will hopefully be returned.  We were very disappointed with it!  (Well, Jan was, Marcus wasn't.)


  1. Hari OM
    MARCUS - how wonderfurs to see your handsome self again... and sorry to hear that the ball is being sent away. The thing is, Cyndi, the keyword in the phrasing was 'virtually'. Almost but not quite indestructible. That's the bit which made it "Most of it is still intact"! I am glad Jan was heard at the place-of-all-things-in-the-cloud and that there will be recompense. Still, no red ball is no red ball, right Marcus??? Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Dang, maybe a different and better red ball will show up soon!

  3. I have yet to find an indestructible squeaky ball!

  4. MOL Marcus that's hilarious, sorry about your ball dude! XOX

  5. Oh My Dog Marcus, you don't know your own toofy strength!! What a strong guy you are!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  6. Maybe a giant ball bearing would last you londer Mr. Toughy Chewer.

  7. I kinda ate my blueberry ball too so I know how these things happen BUT it should not happen during practice!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. dood....tell mom if her can get two a ups//fed ex//postal sub stationz kinda place; if her putz de ball in de box they shuld be abe bull ta print up de label for her.....sorree itz goin on vacationz ~~~~ try KONG !! ☺☺♥♥

  9. "indestructible", really ? They don't know you and your teeth, Marcus ! We hope Jan gets her money back, and that you'll get a stronger toy very soon. Purrs

  10. Marcus, you KNOW that rubber is not really good for ANY stomach, even such a cast-iron one as YOURS. And Amazon ought to send you something that works, not a ball that needs a permanent vacation.
    The idea!!! What nerve!!! Hey, but peanut butter biscuits? OH, boy, milk that one for all it's worth, haha. Love,

  11. Toys need a break now and then too or they fall apart ;)

  12. I wouldn't mind a vacation to The Amazon myself, Marcus! Any place south of the Equator would be great, this time of year...

  13. That is too bad about your ball.

  14. Hi Marcus! What?!? That ball has a hole and is no longer whole. It is deçeased!
    No wonder Jan wants to send it backk.
    Just think how great it will be to have a new one!

  15. Hi Everyfur and Jan too
    Thanks so very much for the support you gave all of us, Dad too, in Mr Buttons going to the Bridge. It is greatly appreciated
    We are also sending Jan lots of Purrs!
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  16. When Peep #1 knits us nipmice, she TRIES to make 'em indestructible but what can I say? Stuff happens. MOUSES!

  17. Marcus, it's just unfair isn't it...what with it being your ball after all. Cyndi, keep 'splainin' it to Marcus, there's a good girl.

  18. Looks like you need a new red ball.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Noodle and crew

  19. We're sorry the ball was a dud. That happens more offen than not with doggy toys. We think we oughtta develop our own doggy line. surely we can figger out a way to make a toy that can last more than a few minutes. Enjoy your treats. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  20. Sometimes, ya just need a more durable ball!

  21. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm maybe the manyoofaktchoorer duz not no wot indestruktibul meens!!! or maybe by virtchooally indestruktibul they ment that if yoo play wihth it virtchooally as in on the kompyooter it wil be indestruktibul on akkownt of yoo wil not akchooally be tutching it!!! ennyway i am glad that jan is gitting her green paypers bak for it!!! ok bye

  22. Orry that ball did not meet the tough standard needed to keep itself in a whole condition. Maybe you can be that company's tester in the future to make sure no false claims happen. That way you might get a new ball quite often:)


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