Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey, Merci here.  I hope I don't make our readers drool today but I want to tell you about the yummylicious and nutritious dog biscuits the 4 of us have been eating.  Yes, I know there are only 3 dogs on the Funny Farm but sometimes our feline siblings try to pretend they're canines.  Of course, we dogs never beg or steal their food or treats.

**Cotton, I will NOT turn into a pumpkin for telling a lie!**

Excuse me, where was I?  Oh, yes, I was about to tell you about the box we received last Friday from Baby Patches of  Nip & Bones.  As soon as Jan sliced through the tape, a tempting aroma brought Buddy, Sam and I running.  Percy ran too and tried to climb in the box. But Jan made us wait until she could take some photos.

Yes, she's talking to us - sort of! - since we fired her last week. But we're still banned from the computer till we work out the details.  So this will be a quick post while Jan showers.

1) Peanut butter & Pumpkin    2) Turkey & Sweet Potato    3) Salmon

We tried all 3 of the delish flavors.  Believe it or not, they are all made with wheat grass and other healthy ingredients.  According to Jan, they are.  We don't know anything about eating healthy.  But Jan has given us wheat grass in the past and she thinks it's great it comes in these biscuits. You can read the ingredients here.

Did we like them?  What do you think?  (Buddy lost hope we'd ever get one.)

Okay, we finally got one, but I don't trust Sam.

Uh-oh, have to chew faster.  Here comes Sam.

Well, he didn't get my biscuit, so he tried to finagle Buddy's next one.

While Jan lined up the bags to take photos, Sam grabbed a whole bag and tried to make off with it. 
Sam was caught red-pawed.  Or should I say, white-toothed, since he tried to carry it off in his mouth?

We don't have a photo but after 2 measly biscuits for each of us, Percy tried to steal a bag too and Jan gave him a biscuit.  A whole dog biscuit for a kitty only a fraction of our size.  That was so unfair.  We dogs should have had at least 2 more each, but Jan made us wait.  Sigh.  She's so stingy with treats.

Baby Patches, Chief Kit of Nip and Bones, sent us the treats so we could post a product review on their store site. They want reviewers to be honest, and they didn't ask us to do a post on it, so we're just telling you about our experience with the product because we think these are good dog biscuits, worthy of mention.  And eating.

And I can't resist tattling on Jan.

Yep, she lost another piece of clothing to the infamous Car Seat Ripper.  She took a hammer to the spring a couple months ago when she had to buy a new pair of jeans, but it popped up again.  Now the replacement jeans have not one but 2 holes in them. She grabbed these for our morning walk today and is so absent-minded she might put them back on for our late afternoon walk - and then forget to change before Bible study.  Should we remind her?


  1. Those biscuits sound pretty darned tasty, Merci. You're very smart to take that treat where your brothers can't "help" you eat it. That happens around here, too.

    That car seat sounds pretty ruthless. What a bummer that it snagged Jan's jeans again. We think those are perfect for Bible study ... because they are Hole-y. (Sorry, couldn't resist making the bad, but obvious pun). :)

    Have a great day, friends!

  2. Sounds like you've been having one yum of a good time!!!

  3. Merci, I do understand what you mean. But my trouble is with the cats. They just bump into me to grab MY treat. Even the tiny Tutu!
    Maybe you could ask Jan to use some duck tape to tape up that portion of the car seat ripper. Might save her next pair of jeans. :)


  4. Oh those treats!! They sound so delicious. I think you should have been able to have had MORE.

  5. Those treats certainly do sound yummy, but yes, you ought to have had more for sure.

    Gee, that's a vicious car seat. LOL!

  6. Paws up for your yummy biscuits!! Aww Sam, Merci and Buddy! You three look so adorable all lined up ready to cause havoc! LOL!

    Awww bad spring for making holes in Jan's jeans!! Take care

  7. Hehehehe, no don't remind hers. But don't hers I said dat eithers.

    Them biscuits looks yummy even if they is healthy.


  8. Those treats sure were yummilicious!
    Hmmm.... sorry about the jeans!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I'm drooling! Those biscuits look SO GOOD! I LOVE anything with peanut butter.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Those biskits sound yummy! We'd prolly eat them too and we're kittehz. Naw, we wouldn't remind her about her holy jeans. It is Bible study and all. What better place to wear holy clothes? MOL!

  11. I love biscuits!! Those look deliciousss! ;)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  12. Hmm, we might need to pretend to be doggies too!!

  13. Maybe if you guys all chipped in and got Jan a pad to put on the seat of her car - she would not rip out her Jeans and could spend more on treats for you guys.


  14. Those treats sound pawsitivly nommy!!! We think treats are fair game when you're a kitty.

    We're laffin' at Prancer Pie's comment about Jan's jeans!!
    The Florida Furkids

  15. About the Springs... Two words: "DUCT TAPE". Several layers. TBT says Duct tape solves evrything.

  16. Those biscuits sound tasty judging by the post! We don't really eat any biscuits cause mom is sort of picky but I guess I could ask her to seek peanut butter biscuit for us :)

    Autumn & Jasmine

  17. We love seeing our beautiful woofie friends; your biscuits sound good enough for kitties to eat too!!...Happy Friday the 13th and have a fun weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Those look like some really yummy cookies! I'm sorry about that pants fiasco. Those cars can be so sneaky sometimes!

  19. Boy, those look GREAT! I bet even kitties would like those! And the ebil cat seat slasher needs to be made to stay in the corner for at LEAST an hour! That was a serious offense!


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